Monday, August 26, 2013

Multitude Monday from Illinois :)

Today's Multitrude Monday reflection could take us too 1,000 ...but I will keep it to just 10 blessings :)
330-So thankful for our safe 1800 mile journey!
331- Thankful for priceline! We scored great rooms for pennies!
332- Thankful for awesome friends in AZ that have stayed in touch and have been such an encouragement. Makes the many miles seem invisible.
333- Thankful for an awesome chauffeur who drove our red chariot the many miles to IL. He avoided all the speed traps and there were... MANY :)
334- Thankful for delish Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza
335-Thankful for my mom's yard sale habit- we have an abundance of everything...desks..paper/pens/books/toys etc, in an abundance of rooms so we can and school simultaneously all throughout the house.
336-Thankful that we have a Lifetime 10 minutes away!
337-Thankful that Hudson has adapted to his new space and slept awesome!
338-Thankful that we can take over as many closets and dressers as we need. :) Watch out :)
339- Thankful for the awesome Assembly here in New Lennox!
340- Thankful for Matt's flexible job & Harrison's flexible curriculum. Our dream of being on a real life adventure is HAPPENING! What an amazing reality. We are embracing each moment of each day & thankful for your prayers along the way.

Update:) We brought the AZ temps with us. Today is hot and humid, with temps in the high 90s. Perfect swimming weather. My mom's pool is now happily occupied with two cute Hebert fish! Hannah will be in swim lessons soon, so we are excited to see her growth in the months ahead.. so thankful for the awesome Puddlejumpers life jacket thingie! Hudson is thrilled at the many different rooms he gets to roll around in! There is soo much space here compared to the car seat that he was trapped in for many miles. Pictures will come :)

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  1. Glad you had a good trip and arrived safely! Missing your family!