Monday, August 21, 2017


Happy Anniversary to Us!
13 years and counting on many many more!

Thankful this week for God helping Matt through a heart scare. Waking up one morning to him in severe pain is not the best way to begin the day.... yes I may be tough love and not dramatic over hurts and bumps and bruises, but heart issues are like - stop pronto and get it figured it out...
Matt is not as urgent, but did go to ER eventually :) And I might have lost my emotions when someone at work asked my how my day was going... which then allowed me a "get out of work free card" for the afternoon, to be all together in the ER room :)

Thankful that his incident was not heart related, but sternum related. Still unsure as to the cause? But we are thankful he is okay, and that insurance was still active from IL, and our copay was 0! Wahooooo!

 Love how he is taking a selfie, with a No Selfie sign posted behind him ;) Oops!!

Thankful for Pizza Hut, the favorite local pizza joint! Costco is our next fave, but it's a little too far to be called local.

Thankful for an easy Open House! Unlike our IL Curriculum Nights, Open House is an informal meet and greet. No presentation needed, just smile and be nice - even to all the siblings who tried to fit in the teepee  ;)

Thankful for the 2 street commute, and that sunset view after Open House. We love our proximity to school. We are praying that our landlord ( the pastor at a church 2 houses down), and good friend of Matt, will allow us to rent it for the school year. The purpose of the house is to be a place for the Church's school admin to stay, but as of now, that position is vacant, and although it appealed to Matt, he is going in a different direction for work. But the proximity to work is ideal for our Community Outreach ideas. The space in the house is perfectly laid out as well. As soon as we hear a yay or nay, we will outfit it in Hebert style! It may be harder on momma to be in limbo with other people's furniture than I thought! And our Target purchases, are just sitting in the boxes, waiting to jump out and deco!

Thankful that Matt began training for subbing here. The sub salary is significantly more than we were used to, and the flexibility is amazing. We were so thankful how much my Principal has helped Matt get into the right training group etc and provided a letter of rec. Such a blessing! Training for subbing here is 5 full days and he was charged a fee! This sort of extensive training is new to us, and we are excited for the opportunities ahead! Even cooler is the anticipated Student Teaching he can do here at my school, in January! 

Thankful for beachy shops with fun signs. 

 Thankful for KoOlina... the resort area that I just love. I love the tourist crowd, since I still feel like a tourist, not a local, and I love the comforts of the "known". Everything from KoOlina has a flare of familiarity, since that was our vacay hang out, and many days the feeling of being isolated is a tad much! Hannah loved her 1st Macaroon!
 In hopes of getting our kids on a more Eat In lifestyle ( since it's super hot in the house - supper time often calls for something SUPER low key i.e no oven or we eat out)  But the menu she created seems low key and with items we can cook with ease :) I especially am excited for Saturday's :)

When the siblings are not getting along the finest, getting them involved in jobs works well for us all! Harrison loved washing our car ( seems like this will be a great go- to activity!) and Hannah loves swiffering!

Thankful for technology. Thankful for my fam who sends many texts and many pics - making the many miles seem short!

Thankful to have a friend at church who owns a sushi spot!
We went to visit & she treated us to literally SO MUCH sushi. We left feeling  beyond grateful to be part of God's family. The love she had for us and for our kids was immense. Our language barrier is strong, but the love barrier is none. She is a true Auntie to us here and we are so thankful!

Her friend works or owns a yogurt spot in the mall, and she insisted our kids go with her to get treated. Hudson napped the entire supper 
( insert all the hooray hands here, as he isn't big on raw fish ;))

Thankful for the ocean. Thankful for how many hymns and verses we know that reference the ocean or sea... in the form of waves, or the sounds of mighty waters... and when we stand by the waves, or sit by the beach, we can have a minute or 2 of devotional thoughts before someone is yelling Mooooom ;)

Jeremiah 5:22
'Do you not fear Me?' declares the LORD 'Do you not tremble in My presence? For I have placed the sand as a boundary for the sea, An eternal decree, so it cannot cross over it. Though the waves toss, yet they cannot prevail; Though they roar, yet they cannot cross over it. 

Thankful for our long weekend. Friday was a state holiday here for Statehood Day.

 The colors of this bag just said :Take a picture:
 Reason 200 why we love KoOlina's Lagoons.... no waves, so Hannah can boogey board in safety ;) She is very cautious with the water, which we love, but are excited for her to experience a little deeper water
  Our clouds looks so puffy!
 I might have made the kids walk a mile to the Aulani snack shop-
 1- we needed to workout 2- they wanted food, so it felt like a Two- For - One :)
 We met Ray- of Ray's World Famous Shaved Ice... outside of 4 Seasons... Hannah was impressed and even jogged home after! Get it girl! 

 After Saturday's training for Matt, we drove to Waikiki for the Zoo's twilight tour, We loved the rainbow that my phone barely captured!  We ended up skipping the zoo, and getting our anniversary dinner early, at Cheesecake Factory. This place always delivers the BEST experience!

 Hudson loves his nap ... clearly even

more than food!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Thankful this week......

 for a great week 1 of new norms and new routines.
My heart is especially proud of Harrison.... he has the killer week, but so far so good.
 He goes at 7:45. and ends at 2:15, but the coaches make the football team have a study hall until practice at 4:30. Then they practice until 6:30. Although we are learning that island time is a little off Hebert time, and 6:30, means 6:50 ;/
We love that Harrison has acclimated so well. He is such a strong, happy, friendly boy and my momma heart wondered if any of those amazing characteristics would come undone during a big move.... so far... so good! We are a minority in our area, which brings zero issues so far. We have heard some strange stories, but by God's grace we are protected and have been only welcomed and loved on by our community. Harrison is lovingly called "Chicago" and "White Chocolate" by all his team mates :) Names could be worse, right? So we will rejoice at those choices ;) :)

that we braved the line at Dunkin & enjoyed some delish iced coffees and donuts!

for another fun Saturday in Waikiki. This time we went to a different side of the beach where the waves gave our boogey boards a good ride! It was so fun! Resetting on the weekends is just what we need!

my team at work is just fab. In every single way. So totally loving the vibe here!
my class is just so cute. these kids are adorbs in every way and the parent support is there too! so crazy thankful.

not super thankful for the heat and stickiness that is always around right now- it is totally different when we can vacay and live in shorts and swim gear, but when you get dressed in "real" clothes and try for a semi frizz-less hair do, but to no avail. day after day, it gets semi annoying! But trying to embrace that and just go with some surfer chic looking waves instead of curls and straight dos

for significant work being done on the new Hall's parking lot! Cement should be poured Saturday, and then the process of moving whatever has been stored inside the Hall building out, and then move in! It sounds so easy, but we are noticing things are never as easy as they sound ;) #adultlife

thankful for Raid  #antsgoaway!

thankful for our friends out here who seem like family. It is still an adjustment having no family around- some days when I had family around I did not appreciate them like I should have, and yes that phrase :distance makes the heart grow fonder: is so applicable. We are looking forward to hearing when our fam is booking tickets to see us :) In the mean time, allowing other friends from the Hall here to be like family is not as easy for me... Matt can embrace new-ness in great easy strides, but maybe the private, reserved side of me just holds me back from it...

thankful for the amount of time we have together. in all honesty- i may complain about this certain mornings when i want to work early and get stuff done but have 2 littles in tow with me slowing down my work. BUT truth of it is... work is JUST work... and even when it seems like it's number 1... it really isn't. The precious kiddos that God blessed us with are... and I need to glue that reminder everywhere I look :)

Fun Memories.....

Celebrating Matt's Birthday with Keith and Kate

And yes. Our long hot days, make for GREAT sleepers!!


 That sky!! That car!!

 Fresh Ahi Poke is just too good.

 Icees for days!

 ( 1st Day of 2nd Grade and PreK)

 (First day of 7th grade!)

 THIS TEEPEE is everything. 

 Cutest class eating pops.

 Dad sightings are frequent!!

 My amazingly fun and creative team!!

 The best hiker I ever did know :)

 That view!! And he says he's scared of heights! 
 When our weekends start on Friday at 3pm across the street at the beach, we knew it'd be a great one! 

 since the only 3 fishies we caught were the Reef Triggerfish, we had to throw them back, as they are the state fish

 Waikiki surfer girl!

 The only Dunkin on the Island... for now!

 So excited!!!!

 Tired. Sunburnt. But hugs and smiles for dayzzzz

 new boxers for this 100% potty trained dude. 
Hooray Hudsie!!!

 Just a boy and a book and oh yeah, his shark gun :)

 These two. Too much. All the time. XO