Monday, September 10, 2012

Multitude Monday...thankful!

After being inspired by "one thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp, I am going to list my multitudes of blessings each Monday...
1. NFL is back! Go Patriots!
2. Hannah went to bed at 6:45, peaceful, cute, and blowing kisses the whole way til I left the room.
3. Harrison aced yet another spelling test with an A++!
4. Manic Monday at Circle K meant .99 cent Harvest Spice large coffee!
5. A wonderful dad and husband
6. No puking with this pregnancy...the nausea is intense, but not a single puke time! Seriously thankful!
7. A great job that I adore going to each day.
8. Family who loves unwaveringly.
9. A sweetly pie niece.
10. Pumpkin cupcake candle burning in a clean house.

Stay tuned for more ramblings!
And hopefully I can get a fun and cute blog background/font going on!