Sunday, April 28, 2013

24 years!

Today is a very special day... it is my Spiritual Birthday... I have had a personal relationship with the Lord for 24 years today!
I realized my need of salvation many miles away from here - back in Saugus MA during Gospel Meetings with Jon Procopio & Jim Smith & was spoken to by the simple truths in Acts 16- about Paul/Silas and the Philippian Jailer- and realized I was a sinner ready for Hell- although just 4 days past my 6th birthday, I knew I did bad things and bad things couldnt go to Heaven - so something had to be done. The Lord Jesus did it all!! for me!! "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be Saved!". Acts 16:31.
It is simply amazing but also scary that I have had His grace for 24 years- and what have I done for Him? May you also be challenged today to make each day count.

 Sneak Peek :) From the door... Hannah's bed


Harrison's side
*Stay Tuned* :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thankful - 190-200!!

191- Thankful this week for..... my awesome team at work! We seriously had a blast all week working on our 1st grade performance - BUGZ. See pic :)  SO fun!
192- I turned 3-0 and was super spoiled by sooo many.Thank you!! XO My hubby completely rocks :)
193- Hudson has slept the past 2 night for 4-5 hr chunks. We are LOVING it! Sleep training is coming in just 1 week. ( Note to self: Must read the book so I have some clue! :))
194- "42" ( Free movie night thanks to our awesome PTSO!!). This movie was so well done, and eye opening. May we all appreciate each other - no matter the color of our skin - but that we all are children of the King!
195- Giftcards!!
196- Harrison scored...f*o*u*r.. touchdowns last night- the last one was an interception with 10 seconds left!!! Seriously, this mama was so so so so proud :) Although he knows if he scored nada, but tried his best, that is equally amazing ;)
197- Colored bubbles. Ever tried them? Crayola makes them and they are COOL. Use outside only as the bubble juice is MESSY- but pink bubbles!!?? Where were they at our wedding? They would have added SUCH a fun touch!
198- Hydrengeas.
199- Free Iced Coffee Coupon
200- matter the crazy weeks and days we have, and like you mama's know, the days are CRAZY and now our nights are too sometimes ... knowing we can have eternal rest soon is bliss. Seeing our Saviour & Streets of Gold! Amazing Grace.
Enjoy His Grace today and through the weekend...which is my 201st thing- LOVE weekends!

 My sweet Fireflies!! (They all had glitter booties, which were soo sparkly and fun) Love these kiddos!

Pinkified Kiddies & Screaming baby! XO


Harrison is Student of the Month!


Proud Grandmas!



Michael's 15% off coupon!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Multitude Monday 181-190 :)

HaPpY MoNdAy!

181- Mimi is here! Having an extra set of loving hands = AMAZING!
182- Spray paint. Random - yes, but the amount of random junk that now looks FUN is too cool!! Sunshine yellow & Bright orange were the colors of choice to accent the new "shared spaces" room for H & H.
183- Gray Stripes!! Hannah's pink princess room is TOTALLY transformed. The walls are done. Cream on 3 walls... BIG gray stripes on the 4th wall :)  :Creek Bend: by Behr to be exact is the stripe color :)
(Pic to come as the bedding and accents and decor go up :))
184- Baby Makayla is here!! Yay for Matt & Jess! What a blessing to have another healthy baby around.
185- 23 days left of work- but who's counting!
186- Jump Street! Such a FUN way for the kids to get out there energy aka and be super tired for bed :)
187- Awesome neighbors.
188- Safety of all our friends and family in Boston. Something I totally take for granted each day. What a wake up! These blessings of safety and normalcy are BLESSINGS that I need to be reminded to appreciate and thank God for each day.
189- Harrison rocked his standarized state tests last week! 3 busy days for him and early bedtimes for him too.
190- Hudson snuggles at 10pm..12am...2am...430am..6am :) No sleep for Mama last night BUT I know that soon these sleepless nights will be over, and he will be 7 in a flash like Harrison is, and will be too old for soo many despite the zombie feeling and the AHH I WANT MY SLEEP mentality, I will choose to enjoy each feeding and whiny time... for now :) 6 weeks = sleep training! watch out! :)

What blessings have you recieved last week? I hope you all enjoy the upcoming week and JUST in case you were wondering... there are just 2..t.w.o ... days until I am OLD!! the big 3-0 is on Wednesday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my birthday lol, but the fact of getting to the big 3-0 is for SURE a little daunting. I think I will need LOTS of retail therapy to help me overcome this :) :)

Hudson. 3 1/2 weeks ( We are lovin' his double chin :))

Big kiddos on a date with Dad so Mom & Mimi could paint :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Multitude Monday... a few days... EARLY! What!?! :) :)

Sooo this week we have oodles to be thankful for... and yes it's a couple days early, but with work coming back up next week, its now or never :)

( Disclaimer :)---Want to share, as only an encouragement for others.. Please only read it that way :) )
171- Giving. When you give, it ALWAYS comes back as a blessing to you. We learned how awesome God is.. YET AGAIN!! We had the ability to share fellowship, yet we are NOT budgeters, and just DID IT without even thinking of how big things like rent and bills would get paid... but we gave. Mail came two days later. With the EXACT amount of what we gave..from TOTALLY unexpected sources! The Lord will bless you too, if you are a cheerful giver! if you give to His people!! So try it :)
172- Children. Truly they are a heritage from the Lord. Some days we need to play "Sleepy Lions" like ALL day because we can not handle another random story from our dear Harrison or more "why" questions from sweet Hannah :), BUT when we have our fun,loud wrestle matches, it is seriously PRICELESS and I want to bottle every minute of the yells and screams of joy!! It is also reliving childhood for me too :) My dad and brother were awesome wrestlers, and who says girls arent tough!? :) I held my own and ohhhh does Hannah too!!
173- Sleep!!! Hudson is sleeping MUCH longer, totally on me the whole night all snuggled, but only feeding ONE time from 11-6! Seriously I am one SANE mama and lovin' it for now. Pray he can transistion to crib same way...someday ;)
174- Friends!
175- Food Fellowship so Matt doesnt have to slave in the kitchen or me- GASP- cook!? Whats that!?
176- Sensitive Formula! Saved our little gassy dude!
177- Matching clothes for our kids!! Love love love that Carters and Polo and I guess everyone else, has family matching looks. Pic will come :)
178- Yard Sale Finds!
179- Peace in our hearts about big changes.
180-Chevron. Bright & Colorful. Always brings a smile to my face. Wait until you see the kids shared room after my creative mama tackles... cheery and unisex all at once = amazing!!! :) :)

Take a moment to reflect on God's mercies to you this week! How Great is the God we Adore!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Multitude Monday- 160-170

So in Ann Voskamp's book, I am just at the section where she reached her goal- of writing 1,000 "gifts" or blessings in her gratitude journal. What a wonderfully powerful inspiration!

My gifts this week....
160- Hannah belting out Jesus Loves Me at very random times, in the car, at Target, at the supper table, random and loud...but beautiful to hear the sounds of hymns coming from children.
161- Hudson sleeping for 3 hour chunks last night. It just happened ONE night, but maybe just maybe it can happen some more soon! (The Dr said we need to wait til 6-8 weeks until we begin BabyWise- the healthy sleep habit solution....sooo the countdown is ON! :))
162- An awesome uplifting weekend conference...although not in my native tongue, witnessing a baptism is always uplifting, and chatting with missionaries is awesome!
163- Kid to Kid. That store is amazing. Sit and Stand Stroller was my awesome find for today.
164- Milk bubbles in cups, the kids treat after they eat their supper. The simple joys.
165- Costco. Since I have been on Maternity Leave that has been our hang out- it is a dangerous hang out however! Hannah scored a new water table and we L.O.V.E their meats and produce!
166- Popcornopolis's Naked Popcorn. I am not a fan. However, seeing our kids and my sweety munch on this very healthy snack instead of the junk-o-la that used to linger in our house = Success!!
167- Pre Baby Weight is back! Now to shed the Hannah pounds and get back to the "normal" me again :)
168- Harrisons new Lego Eagle is made! He is so smart and patient to deal with Legos. All those pieces and directions make Mama's head spin!
169- Mimi coming soon! Many crafty plans are in order for her! Stay tuned! Redecorating 2 rooms is also on her agenda. Yay for Mimi!
170- Health. We continue to hear about people and children who need our prayers for their health- and it makes me feel almost guilty to have such healthy happy kiddos. Praise the Lord!

May you also take a minute today to reflect back on your week - and see the great things which God has done for you.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pic Updates

 Our perfect baby Hudson.

 Best big sis!

 Father Son Date for D-Backs Opening Night!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Multitude Monday...a day late :)

Thankful this week for...
154 my DryBar appt! If you havent heard or been- google, its an amazing hair experience and came at the PERFECT time.
 155 awesome neighbors who brought us a delish lemon pie!
156 encouraging verses that remind how that we aren't parenting alone- God is right along side us :)  "For the Lord giveth wisdom, out of His mouth cometh knowledge" - Proverbs 2: 6
157 healthy kiddos! Hudson rocked his 1st Dr appt- already 8pounds 10 ounces at 5 days.
158 family & friends who make the transition of a new baby easier with encouraging  texts, emails, phone calls, food & adorable gifts
159 one on one Hannah time during Hudson's long naps.
160 a fabulous sub who is taking care of "my" 24 little 1st grade friends while I am home

The Lord has blessed us! Make sure to be thankful for the big and little blessings in your lives too! XOXO