Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunshine, surrender & celebrations

Happy Monday!

Thankful for safe flights to & from AZ

Thankful for the care bear blankey.... made with love by my Gramma Jean Frey for Harrison ..years ago... it was rediscovered recently & it has special :Go to sleep now: powers :)

Thankful that I was able to actually follow through with my "intentional packing" idea. I know my hubby gets uber stressed when I pack a suitcase each, so that we are THAT circus in the airport with 5 massive bags, a stroller, a car seat, oodles of carryon junk & a partridge in a pear tree..... not this time baby! Just 2 small carryon size bags were checked!  That's how we roll when we can live in swim gear the whole vacay :)

Thankful for toy cars, squeezeable applesauces, fruit snacks & Ipads Hudson's fave app right now is "Peek a Boo Barn" {What's in your travel bag? What are your kid's fave apps?}

*Packing tip- frozen liquids can go thru security! Because, as the kind TSA agent told this inquiring mama "explosives cant freeze"... so that allowed us to bring a couple extra sippy cups and bottles- frozen-(to thaw, i used the sink in the restroom post security, to ensure our littles had things to sip at take off)... as our amazing airline is milk-less ;(

Thankful to know that God has called us to surrender the warmth, perfect sunny days, amazing hiking trails, close friends and family, Filibertos Drive thru, and the other endless loves we have in AZ, to serve Him here. It has taken nearly 2 years for us to truly accept & appreciate this stage of life here in the midwest, and this past week while we were tanning & swimming & stuffing ourselves with my mother in laws amazing snacks and meals, we decided that for us, it has been a very real surrender. A sacrifice. Maybe not understandable by some, but to us, we ached to stay there... literally...stomach pains to stay.  Then there's the BUT...  But ...God has other plans and we know that with ZERO shadow of a doubt... and we have very much appreciated His plan over the past 2 years- it has stretched us, we are out of our comfort zone .. out of our want zone... out of our happy weather zone (for 9 of 12 months ;))...we know God's plan is for our best (Romans 8:28) & we know that AZ is not in those plans for now.. and to surrender all to Him is far better than a  tan and tummy full of breakfast burritos.
           **John 3:30** He must increase... I must decrease...

Thankful for birthday love!

Thankful for Matt's graduation to be totally official. We booked our trip to AZ for graduation, yet funny story- he decided a day out and about (at the zoo and in the sun) was a way better option than walking in the ceremony. We all rejoiced & totally agreed with that decision!

Thankful for encouraging cards in the mail. Snail mail love is extra special.

Thankful that Harrison was able to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing the National Anthem with his school's choir, at the White Sox game!

Thankful for hearing that our friend's daughter trusted Christ!