Monday, April 6, 2015


1190- thankful this week for billy graham ....

His old sermons were broadcast this week & wow, what a wonderful Godly man!
One sermon was preached right outdide of the lords tomb! It was awesome to see the tomb - or supposed tomb... I loved the image in my mind as I reflected on what it must have besn like for Mary to come & see the grave open & empty!

1191-So thankful Christ died because of love for me

1192-Thankful he arose & is alive

1193-Thankful that our family was together on Sunday ... Each picture taken with my brother is another gentle hug from God. He knew our family would be reunited. In illinois. In 2014. Even during the darkest days. All glory to Him.

1194-Thankful to enjoy sunny days while kids run free & squeal with happy energy

1195-Thankful that the return part of our AZ trip has been bought... I kept holding off for the same 72 dollar one way fare to reappear- but no such luck! 17 days til take off!!

1196- Thankful that when I signed up for an email list, I got 2 weeks free tanning. Silly maybe to be that excited, but tanning is not a need on our budget....but kinda is... ;) I'm wearing a white dress in 2 weeks & I'm almost as pasty as the dress!! Yay for freebies- now I'll hopefully be a tad darker & have a good bronze base for AZ!! {seeing God provide such a simple thing really makes me smile. He is in on literally every detail}

1197- thankful to live near such a fun city!! Got our city fix by driving downtown & drooling as we drove past the chocolate easter bunny @dylans candy bar

1198- thankful that hudson didn't know he missed an easter egg hunt {yay for mega napper!} & that my kids didn't care about using random tubs/boxes instead of their cutesie PB kids personalized baskets which are stored away :/. {can you tell I missed the cutesie baskets?!?!}

1199- thankful for jimmy johns unwhich - pricey/ but gave us ideas for a healthy lunch option :)

1200- thankful that the awesome admin team, where I'm subbing, gave the green light for Big H to come to work with me this week (he is on break & his love language is most def quality time) plus he has a major reading project to do ;) gotta love homework on break!


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