Monday, March 30, 2015


thankful this week that:
Nordstrom rack saved the day with their amazing dress assortment

We were encouraged as we gathered with other christians in a rural little town in iowa

Harrison was uber brave & got 2 teeth pulled & a filling filled at 8 am on a Monday.... #fiercein15 #lovethisboy

For singing during road trips

A writing taste test lesson that went over awesomely for my class

I'm on spring break this week!

A coworker at dustys work who got in a nasty wreck & currently is in the hospital w/ a fractured apine, is open to hearing gods good news

Matts off friday for good friday & big H begins his spring break

hannah loved her horse riding lesson. 5 more weeks to go! The excitement is pretty overwhelming

Hudson turned 2 & so far has shown "terrific twos" behavior!! Keep it up cutie ;)
Sleepy travelers :) 

Uncle al & aunt Gloria took good care of us :) 

 This is how hudson spent ministry meeting ;)

Hotel fun!!

Hannah at preschool :) 

 Cereal fun!!! {each student chose their fave cereal for an opinion essay assignment. I thought on Friday, after a 2 week writers workshop time, a cereal party was needed on the due date :):) yum!!!}

Love these two snuggle bugs!!

Horse fun!! 

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