Friday, March 27, 2015

Hudson Frederick is 2!

Our littlest guy is 2 today.
Hudson Frederick

This special dude was named after Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China, who reached over 18,000 with the gospel during his 51 years there! What a powerful follower of the Cross.
J Hudson Taylor 1865.jpgNew do for the new 2s!

 We loved that Hudson was another H name, and so we knew if our baby was a boy- Hudson was the 1st name.

Matt & I agreed, after Harrison was born, that all middle names should give my Hill side credit, as at the time it seemed like our Hill lineage may not be carried out ;) So Harrison is Harrison Allen after my dad... Hannah is Hannah Reese Connie {Connie after my mom} and so that left Maxwell after Dustin, or Frederick after my grampa... Hudson Maxwell sounded adorable but Hudson Frederick sounded noble and dignified, and it just stuck! I love that all my positive memories{trips to get candy or go to "china", special birthday surprises and the best of all was I got to be my grandpa's own hair comber during many family events :)} of my grandpa come flooding back almost daily- as we call Hudson, Hudson Frederick- like it's one name.

So once we knew our baby was a boy... we had his name ready...

I am so excited to write that although it has surely been a blur some days, I have been here and in the moment with almost every milestone of Hudson's life! Because I worked right outta the gate - with both Harrison & Hannah I wasn't the 1st to see them do many of their special things, and at the time, I was totally okay with it! Our daily norms were different and that was okay & perfect. But now that I have been at home with Hudson, for most of the days... it has been so exciting to be with him on his 1st steps, his first "words", his 1st fits, his 1st trials of foods, his 1st hospital stay, his 1st surgery etc...
These past 2 years have been such a wonderful adventure.

Hudson Frederick - your 1-2 yr old write up- I hope someday you will read this blog post :)
You crack us up with your silly smile. You try charming us with that smile to get out of obeying. {It works sometimes:)} You love playing on your own. You are not a fan of Hannah imposing on your car race track. You are very determined. You will let others know how you feel. We love how you kiss us and sometimes lick us in the process. We love that you cuddle and hug. You love to show us your own made up sign language. {We show him the sign for I Love You, and he does it in an upside down version}
You are not truly talking in our language yet, but you are most surely  talking in your own language. You make lots of sounds and point at things. You love all toys with wheels, especially Hannah's pink jogger doll stroller and her tea cart. You love music. You love movies. You love to play tag. You love wrestling with us. You are brave. You endured 2 hospital stays so far, with many smiles! You have flown a few times- to Arizona & to Hawaii ( 9 hours!). You can sit still during church for 1.5 hours, but a second longer. You love all snack foods and will eat most of the foods we offer.
You are very special. You are our 3rd child... you are our 2nd son... but our one & only Hudson Frederick. We pray big prayers for you. God is watching you. God has you under his wings.
You are loved.
 Love you so deep that the ocean is jealous. {PINTREST credit for that adorable quote}

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