Monday, May 30, 2016

Marriage Matters 5.30.16

This week I am especially  thankful for our marriage... it may be because I have begun the deep breathing and positive self talks  & reciting verses that remind me The Lord is my shepherd and my protector etc... each second - as I prepare to say goodbye to Matt and Harrison and Hannah this coming Sunday, Lord Willing.... each trip apart is hard...
this one seems easier due to the insane busy-ness that the end of my school year will bring, mixed with the fact that I get to keep little Hudbud here too.. so I'm not allll alone for 2 weeks.. and the fact that once we fly to WA to meet up with my crew on June 22, we will be together in an RV ( itty bitty living space) and then road trippin' for a month +... soooo i'm assuming we'll catch up on lost time then :)

But lately I've had to work really hard on my part of our marriage... & it's been on my heart to share some reality... so here it goes and I hope it encourages you my dear reader friend :)

I'm thankful that 1st- we have a common love of God.
I seriously have NO idea how couples have a healthy, happy marriage without God being involved. In a BIG way.

I'm thankful that Matt is patient... endlessly patient with me...and the kids.
I'm thankful for our team work attitude.
I'm thankful that we are on the same page with raising our kiddos.
I'm thankful that we share alot of the same goals and I love his dedication to those goals.
I'm thankful that he is super social and meets new people.
{He met another stay at home dad this week and oddly enough he is the chef in their family too & now maybe they can start a support group ;)}

Those positives being said... I am also thankful for the squabbles and the times where I literally just shake my head and move on. Those times where I am super frustrated but by God's amazing grace, learned to "keep it shut".
I am thankful for  those harder times only because they always make me turn Heavenward & keep taking the "me" out of  me!
(This link will take you to a listing of speakers from 2008, and once you find Paul Thiessen's "Selfless Discipleship" sermon, you need to take the time to listen. It's a game changer.)

This year of role shifting, where I work and Matt is at home, has been a huge blessing... but also a huge challenge. Matt has been spoken to by how HARD being a full time parent is. He is so much more understanding than before ( although he has always been a great hands on dad), he gets the day to day annoyances now. {Those times I would call him and just vent... and he would wonder if I was losing my mind... because our kids would "never" be like that.... ohhh now he sees :)}

He also shares in the joys that the parent who stays home does- like the big smiles after an award show, or the talks to and from school, or the silly selfies while waiting together... and I have had to really ask God to give me peace as I miss out on those memories.

Thankfully Matt is also the chef for our family & rocks our meals on a nightly basis even with his gospel nights too. It's pretty cool & delicious :).Satan doesn't think so. His darts fly... and hit hard... whether it's with my own insecurities, or by other people's influence, or by just getting annoyed with each other... hard times come.

But ... I love that word...

 But... we keep at it... we keep working to be the best US we can be.... we don't give up... we don't let the annoyances and the unmet expectations and the daily failures get to our hearts... it's tempting... really tempting... but God is good in all those times & makes us truly come out of each hard spell, in a stronger more unified way. My dad loved how Matt & I had a good "reset" button. I love that too. :)

{I hope if you are reading this and wondering about the time, the energy, the everything it takes to keep at it in your marriage... I totally am not claiming to have all the answers or any answers that fit your situation... but I can tell you- it IS worth it. It IS exhausting. It IS work. It IS God honoring and beautiful & normally a ton of fun.}

Thankful for this guy. So he won an Academy Award for "Best Book turned into a Movie". He and I loved working on his book report. 
(Gold glitter paper and chocolate chip paper background, was so fun!) 
He wanted to win really badly. We prepped him on the unlikeliness of that, seeing there are five 5th grade classes, all with hopeful kiddos also wanting to win... and there were only 20 award categories... we also couldn't make this event .. but yay for Mimi...who recorded his winning speech!!
"I'd like to thank my mom, my teacher and the author. My mom for helping me with this project. My teacher for giving me the assignment and the author, well if he didn't write this book I couldn't do my assignment". 
Seriously. You had me at " hey mom it's Tuesday and my assignment's due tomorrow". :) 
Here's to many more projects together in eek... Middle School! 

Thankful for Kindergarten's creative ABC end of year countdown. Letter U was Unbirthday Day, where summer birthday's got recognized!

Thankful for bonding time during Hudson's speech therapy. 

Thankful for trash day! 

Thankful for the "cheese" face 

                                                      Thankful for this encouragement.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Thankful that prayers keep getting answered...and I act surprised when I hear it... ... but I should just be like... "yeah and?!"
We know we have a powerful, holy, amazing Father who hears and answers... and when He does... we just rejoice and smile...and keep praying!! Thank you reader friends for praying with us! Keep praying. :)
This is week 3 of someone coming up to Matt & Kerwin after a service letting them know that they have trusted Christ. We pray for salvation. It happens. Each week. And I guarantee, it happens way more too just they aren't all vocal about it. It is SO SO SO SO SO encouraging.

But please know I keep things real...
Real Talk to you Mom' can relate- Dad's away doing God's plan- normally I love it... and normally I am super excited for that plan...but the nights of being a single momma get extra nuts when out of nowhere some "magic crazy dust" gets sprinkled on our house and the kids act like they're aliens.... who are they? Where did they come from and how in the world am I supposed to handle them... in public!? At a Thursday night baseball game... when the whines begin and the case of  the gimmees is too much.. and Hudson, bless his sweet little heart keeps saying "mom, mom, mom, mom, mom" until I finalllllly answer him for the 1 millioneth time....
I just wonder... really Lord... this is what you want for us? You think I can handle these kids like this? After handling 24 extreme cases all day??
And then I see the picture with Heavenly glasses... ahh.... the perspective changes...souls are saved...relationships strengthened...and the lost lonely guys at PGM get brought into a Heavenly family... and my little crazy wacko kid problems seem minuscule... and I just smile as I know God, as the Father looking at me as His crazy wacko kid, smiles too and I pray that more patience gets sprinkled on me. :)

Thankful for more answered prayers....
We have prayed that we could find a way to begin a city gathering or share our Hall with the city friends, and boom. Again the Lord answers. A PGM Bible student and his fiance have come for 3 Sundays now, and see the biblical truths of why we do what we do & want to be apart of our gathering in the near future.

Thankful this week that summer plans are shaping up. Initially it sounded completely insane, but now it sounds completely insane and amazing! WA--->NJ Driving!! We are excited for the sites along the way and the family memories that will be made. {Prayers so very appreciated!!}

Thankful for some Vitamin D this weekend! Loving the 80s!!

Thankful for Anne's cookie donation, making our subtraction lesson WAY more fun :)

 Thankful for Marshalls. Love their prices on cool clothes. Love that Harrison has fun style.

Thankful that although it's a busy whirlwind routine, having Matt drop off our kids each day at school is such a blessing. 

 Thankful that Uncle Dusty and Auntie Milla came to the kid's "Special Person" day and hung out with both kiddos :)

Thankful for a dad/son quad date.

 While the big boys played, Momma and Hannah had a park date

Thankful for 7-11 Shark Week Fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Thankful for kids who love on each other.

Thankful for friends who send texts and quotes at just the right time XO Rach!

Thankful for our gym who has healthy lunch options for our kiddos so Daddy can kill a workout & get kids fed before school starts

(Yes, gross, he is totally sweaty, but hey looks like he got a workout too!)

Thankful for spring sports & our awesome coaches.

Thankful that my hunny can be fun and flexible and snuggle his mother in law ... in public...

 Thankful for this passage in scripture that encourages

Thankful that this amazing meal was waiting for me after a 2 hour doctor visit ( smoked pork that had zero sugary sauce- just amazing taste from being smoked alllll day!!) 

Thankful for my hubby. Not getting all mushy here - but the truth is, I've got a great mAn 
with a big heart & a beast mode chef inside him! His fire for the lord & for our family is impressive & enjoyed. 

Thankful for strong meds that kicked strep throat away! 

Thankful for 99 cent iced coffee and iced tea time at Dunkin every afternoon.

Thankful for Harrison being Harrison. He had his end of year band concert and he was told to dress up as his favorite movie/rock band character. He picks Batman. Everyone else picked like rockers and stuff... and then there is our trumpeter wearing a batman mask. Love his authenticity. Love his bravery. Love his determination. I cannot even believe his countdown til 6th grade is happening!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Thankful today for leaning hard on God during our life. Any situation... the goods.. the crazy... knowing God hears is so encouraging. Keep praying for Jane... today is her birthday (May 10th)

 Thankful for a fun wedding weekend!
 Thankful for safety... as we drove and for our kids that we left  back at home.
 Thankful for Beccy giving us the kick in the pants we needed to 1- go to the wedding kidless and 2-  ride with  them :)
Thankful for so many memories made!

Trio of sisters (Sherri Cindy Beccy)

 Meanwhile back at the ranch.... Susanna was having makeovers, baking cookies, having movie marathons and having fun with our trio
Thankful for Susanna's patience and care.

Love this fam!! Dave and Jeannie Netti and the coolest cousins ever... Abby and Nate (best dancers ever!) and Kurt & Cindy

Post wedding fun! Taking down the amazing decorations.... Paul getting his pull ups in. 

Happy Birthday to Beccy! 

Morning after the wedding- cleaning up the barn together- what a great way to hear about family memories.. loved it!! (Sherri and Frankie)

 Thankful for my mom and Matt's mom!

 Thankful for our school's positive motivation for attendance... DLo came!
 They're getting ready to dance a bit before dismissal :)