Monday, August 26, 2013

Multitude Monday from Illinois :)

Today's Multitrude Monday reflection could take us too 1,000 ...but I will keep it to just 10 blessings :)
330-So thankful for our safe 1800 mile journey!
331- Thankful for priceline! We scored great rooms for pennies!
332- Thankful for awesome friends in AZ that have stayed in touch and have been such an encouragement. Makes the many miles seem invisible.
333- Thankful for an awesome chauffeur who drove our red chariot the many miles to IL. He avoided all the speed traps and there were... MANY :)
334- Thankful for delish Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza
335-Thankful for my mom's yard sale habit- we have an abundance of everything...desks..paper/pens/books/toys etc, in an abundance of rooms so we can and school simultaneously all throughout the house.
336-Thankful that we have a Lifetime 10 minutes away!
337-Thankful that Hudson has adapted to his new space and slept awesome!
338-Thankful that we can take over as many closets and dressers as we need. :) Watch out :)
339- Thankful for the awesome Assembly here in New Lennox!
340- Thankful for Matt's flexible job & Harrison's flexible curriculum. Our dream of being on a real life adventure is HAPPENING! What an amazing reality. We are embracing each moment of each day & thankful for your prayers along the way.

Update:) We brought the AZ temps with us. Today is hot and humid, with temps in the high 90s. Perfect swimming weather. My mom's pool is now happily occupied with two cute Hebert fish! Hannah will be in swim lessons soon, so we are excited to see her growth in the months ahead.. so thankful for the awesome Puddlejumpers life jacket thingie! Hudson is thrilled at the many different rooms he gets to roll around in! There is soo much space here compared to the car seat that he was trapped in for many miles. Pictures will come :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off to St Louis

Thankful that yesterday, despite the super flat, boring scenery drive, we did have some stinky beef farms to awaken our noses, plenty of potty breaks to keep us awake & active, an awesome Indy Pace Car speedy dude in front of us most of the way, who we paced just perfectly and our truck who we lovingly call Clifford the Big Red  :)  We arrived safely last evening in Oklahoma City to a fun hotel who uses Bath & Body True Blue Spa shampoos/conditioner/face stuff etc (I love trying new samples in hotels :)), enjoyed a real meal & lots of pool time & then Thursday night football!
Today's destination is St Louis...7 hours until our hotel... we lost 2 hours, from Arizona time, but the kids are doing fine sleep wise...especially thankful that Hudson is such a great sleeper on the road. A happy baby has a very contagious effect. :)
Thank you for praying

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Journey begins

With our suburban s back filled to the max...we prayerfully embraced the road :) the kids...what awesomekids!! IPads and DVD players and surprise gifts made the trip a VErY happy one...Ohh yeah the WinCo selection of bulk foods too like nuts...trail mix...candies and dried fruit really helped too ! Hudson did great in his carseat and enjoyed his new friend that he found in his mirror :) we got to Albuquerque last evening and walked in to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. Love the doubletree!
Dunkin is 3.77 miles from us and after we stock pile some caffeine we are on the road for another 500+miles ...with Oklahoma City waiting for us :)
Thank you for praying with us and for us!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

9 years

9 years ago...on a BEAUTIFULLY sunny, hot Chicago day, with picture perfect cotton ball clouds, the string quartet was strumming Vivaldi's Spring as I walked down the aisle to meet my handsome best friend- the one who would endure a navy wool suit in the heat of August because his wedding planner wife needed that special look :)  What a unique adventure we have been on during these 9 years. SO thankful that marriage is "for better for worse and for keeps" (Family Life Radio). 
As we embark on yet another chapter of our lives together, this phrase from a note (at the bottom of my cabinet- knew I kept it for a good reason!) hits the mark perfectly: "Live Simply. Care Deeply. Love Generously."

The best cake ever! Isn't cake tasting such a fun part of wedding planning!? :)


My Brother & I

One big happy fam!

My girls in bubblegum pink silk shangtung. Ohh loved that my mom can sew!! She rocked them!


Mr & Mrs Matthew Hebert! Aug 21 2004

(Departure is now set for tomorrow at noon! Your prayers are really needed and super appreciated.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Few Farewell Memories

We were so blessed to have made so many great friends here in Arizona. A piece of our hearts will stay here- and we may become snowbirds :)  Our good friends hosted a bash for us on Saturday, Aug 17...the photos are just a glimpse into the wonderful evening spent together. You can't taste the delish food via internet. But the food was catered in and was scrumptious!!(Photos courtesy of Enoch :))
Pepere with Hudson

Mark in a Matt Sandwhich

Two awesome grandmas! Michelle with Makayla, Memere with Hudson

 Our special cake that my mother in law got in Neon!

Dad & Hannah

Brae & his cars
Feeding time




Emma and Joann

Byron & Julie




 Frances-Alli-Betty & Baby Makayla

Jess & Cade

Zachary & Harrison's fave Sunday School Teacher Miss Rhema!

Singing time


Reji & Lissy

Greatest In-laws ever!
Jenn & Sarah


Hostesses with the Mostest!

Caleb & Patricia

Tummy time

Sunday lunch with special friends
 Some of us and some of the Feinberg's :)

 Hannah's bestie Emma & her fam :)

 Us :)

Friday, August 16, 2013


Today is Friday. Can I get a Hallelujah!? 
This week, all our days were blurred & semi-chaotic. However sitting here, as our little 4 1/2 month Hudson is coo-ing and rolling around, and Hannah naps, and Harrison reads, I can take a deep breath and remember that these precious ones are Gifts from Above. After reading my cousin's blog about a friend with cancer, I just have to reflect on the blessings we have- of HEALTH and SMILES. Despite the strong wills that need conquered, and the clutter that is never ending during a move, and the diapers and the dishes and the laundry.... we are SO blessed. We have each other. We have loud laughs and shrieks during Nerf Wars. We have tickle fights. We have hide and seek time. But of course way bigger and better ....We have a Heavenly Father who loves us beyond our knowledge. So as I type I am encouraging myself to keep smiling...keep trekkin'(because at 5pm it is date time with Sushi & Movie, thanks to our awesome sitter Lexi!!) and to be thankful in ALL circumstances.

Kiddo Update:
Hudson had his 4 month apt today. 16 pounds, 27 inches. Seems heavier to me, but that's what the scale says :) He almost stayed tear free during shots. But then lost it at the 4th one. This mama almost lost it too. Seeing the sad scrunched up face kills me every vaccination.

Hannah's silly self told the Dr today during her well check, that she is a good eater, but she doesn't like vegetables. She likes pink food and chicken nuggets. Thankful for her honesty. Pray for us as we continue the *fun* task of introducing other foods :)

Harrison has completed one Unit already, for History & Geography. I am loving this pacing and the fact he can learn at his own timing. He is a motivated, self starter, and diligent and Im soo thankful! He is also Mr Social- so we are literally counting down the days until Homeschool groups can be joined in IL, and we get out and about with others, often...or else school districts here we come ;)

Our drive away date is either this Thursday or Friday. All our stuff goes to storage on Tuesday. We are excited for the learning opportunities and fam time on our road trip! I read this awesome Blog-  - So now I have some great ideas/games/behavior incentives/prizes to help make the 26 hour ride a blast!! Now how do I make the potty breaks few and far between!?! :) xo

Monday, August 12, 2013


Is it Monday already!?
Super thankful to be a stay at home mama for now, but super miss the social-ness of an "outside the home" job.

Thankful for...
310- Hudson's new Bumbo!! Compliments of great friends Joe & Rach!!
311- Craigslist! Scored 24 Rubbermaid plastic tubs for our move for SUPER cheap, (Goal is to be all packed up in plastic tubs instead of boxes :))
312- This fab article from my good friend Jules: a must read!-
313- Sleepovers
314- family strolls at sunset
315- Harrison's patience and flexibility as we adjust to homeschool stuff
316- Hannah's ability to make us crack up while she is being disciplined.
317- Hudson is back to normal sleep patterns & is trying solid foods like squash...peas & applesauce. So far the bottle is still the fave at 6-8oz a feeding. Cant wait for his 4 month stats on Friday.
318- Rejoined at Lifetime!! This also is pretty AWESOME!! if you have never heard of this amazing gym or never been- visit : You will want to sign up:) I may be really excited because I now get a 2 hour mommy break EVERY day :) And yes, Saturday we enjoyed a date time at the pool because our kiddos were in such good hands at daycare. (But if you live outside the regions of the facilities- here is a great at home workout, that I am planning to try today!
319-bacon & all things Paleo! (Yes we are home and that means back on track to no carbs except certain fruits...and no dairy (boohoo))
320- WinCo... amazing grocery place out here- bulk food section is where we fell in love. Bulk Cashews are 11.99 a pound at Frys & 5.98 a pound at WinCo! Score!

Enjoy your Monday with a multitude of blessings! XO

Hannah : 3, Hudson: 4 1/2 months, Harrison: 8

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School has begun

Homeschool day 1 has begun! SO SO SO different  than the "norm" and from what we are used to- Harrison was done with Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science & History in 2 hours! So fab! So quiet though- we miss our old buddies at recess and I miss my team at school....but we are excited to have a move is approaching the end of this month :)
We plan to travel to the Midwest, spend time with my mom in Chicago & visit some friends in Ohio/Michigan/Iowa, then to make our new home sweet home in WA ... in Dec :) Stay tuned along our journey! Be a prayer warrior for this new chapter of our lives that God has opened!
 3rd Grader


Loving the curriculum

The post school fort. And someone is napping under there :)