Friday, August 16, 2013


Today is Friday. Can I get a Hallelujah!? 
This week, all our days were blurred & semi-chaotic. However sitting here, as our little 4 1/2 month Hudson is coo-ing and rolling around, and Hannah naps, and Harrison reads, I can take a deep breath and remember that these precious ones are Gifts from Above. After reading my cousin's blog about a friend with cancer, I just have to reflect on the blessings we have- of HEALTH and SMILES. Despite the strong wills that need conquered, and the clutter that is never ending during a move, and the diapers and the dishes and the laundry.... we are SO blessed. We have each other. We have loud laughs and shrieks during Nerf Wars. We have tickle fights. We have hide and seek time. But of course way bigger and better ....We have a Heavenly Father who loves us beyond our knowledge. So as I type I am encouraging myself to keep smiling...keep trekkin'(because at 5pm it is date time with Sushi & Movie, thanks to our awesome sitter Lexi!!) and to be thankful in ALL circumstances.

Kiddo Update:
Hudson had his 4 month apt today. 16 pounds, 27 inches. Seems heavier to me, but that's what the scale says :) He almost stayed tear free during shots. But then lost it at the 4th one. This mama almost lost it too. Seeing the sad scrunched up face kills me every vaccination.

Hannah's silly self told the Dr today during her well check, that she is a good eater, but she doesn't like vegetables. She likes pink food and chicken nuggets. Thankful for her honesty. Pray for us as we continue the *fun* task of introducing other foods :)

Harrison has completed one Unit already, for History & Geography. I am loving this pacing and the fact he can learn at his own timing. He is a motivated, self starter, and diligent and Im soo thankful! He is also Mr Social- so we are literally counting down the days until Homeschool groups can be joined in IL, and we get out and about with others, often...or else school districts here we come ;)

Our drive away date is either this Thursday or Friday. All our stuff goes to storage on Tuesday. We are excited for the learning opportunities and fam time on our road trip! I read this awesome Blog-  - So now I have some great ideas/games/behavior incentives/prizes to help make the 26 hour ride a blast!! Now how do I make the potty breaks few and far between!?! :) xo

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