Saturday, August 24, 2013

Off to St Louis

Thankful that yesterday, despite the super flat, boring scenery drive, we did have some stinky beef farms to awaken our noses, plenty of potty breaks to keep us awake & active, an awesome Indy Pace Car speedy dude in front of us most of the way, who we paced just perfectly and our truck who we lovingly call Clifford the Big Red  :)  We arrived safely last evening in Oklahoma City to a fun hotel who uses Bath & Body True Blue Spa shampoos/conditioner/face stuff etc (I love trying new samples in hotels :)), enjoyed a real meal & lots of pool time & then Thursday night football!
Today's destination is St Louis...7 hours until our hotel... we lost 2 hours, from Arizona time, but the kids are doing fine sleep wise...especially thankful that Hudson is such a great sleeper on the road. A happy baby has a very contagious effect. :)
Thank you for praying

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