Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Thankful that my dad celebrated another birthday in Heaven. Monday 10.20 was his special day.
Because I want my kids to know what an amazing man my dad was - we visit the grave often- sometimes once a week - death is real. Our kids know this. It's not a sad time at the grave. Death of a christian is not sad. We miss him more than words can even tell... but, we are SO happy for where he is! We are so happy we have hope and can not wait for the reunion day! {Could be today!?} Normally it's a time that I run out and water flowers, water the grave from all the animal poop, and then Harrison & I can share Papa memories with Hannah. I find it very peaceful..in the middle of the quiet forest preserve. The colors dance all around us. The leaves this time of year are just amazing. We brought a pumpkin for papa.

Thankful that during Coach Pat's time of loss, we can give him food & then snuck Life in too!! There was a personalized bible for him along with the physical food :). Pray for him.

Thankful for Harrison having a great playoff day on Saturday. They won their 1st game with 16 seconds left!!{Disclaimer, I was that mom on the sidelines battling bees of course, and 2 kids who were SO over football! So I was secretly VERY excited that they were losing- that meant we got to go home right away! Then those 16 seconds that changed our whole day :) Harrison was beaming of course, which made the next 5 hours worth it :) We had to stay for 5 more hours. Yes that seems small to some, but to those moms out there, it's pretty much an eternity! Nap time finally happened at 430 that day. At least it happened :) }

Thankful for football to be over and for us to have our "normal" schedule back

Thankful for school pictures

Thankful for Hannah's love love LOVE of school

Thankful for my Aunt Jackie

Thankful for BIBLES

Thankful for tulle & my hot glue gun {2 out of 4 - yes I dress up too-Halloween Costumes : Homemade this year!}

Thankful for powerful reminders from Psalms that " The Lord is my light & Salvation, whom shall I fear" and for the power in "seeking His face".

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Monday, October 20, 2014


950-Thankful for trust.
951-Thankful for grace & forgiveness.
952-Thankful for Hudson rocking the growth charts during his 18 month well check
953-Thankful to see all his big back molars during his screams at shot time. He almost has ALL his teeth! How did that happen so painlessly!? Superman!
954-Thankful for Harrison's choir performance in Harvest Fest. {I love that my "all boy" son, is all heart too. Singing one day a week, art another, football the others... feels like the perfect blend. Harrison you are aweome. #bestolderbrother}
955-Thankful for Franks Hot Sauce. Creative twist this week: Buffalo Salmon (chunk it up.. add bleu cheese and ranch/jalepeno dressing. Wrap in lettuce w/avacado slices)
956-Thankful for w.i.d.e open doors at PGM
957-Thankful for prayer warriors. Continue to bring the Johnson family before the Throne.
958- Thankful for a fun concession stand afternoon {Each family has to commit to working 5 hours to help out the football organization. If our littles hadnt woke up back at the ranch, I would have loved to stay all night. It was a blast!! Disclaimer, you don't want to know how we make concession food haha!!}
959- Thankful for my hunny supporting his coworkers kid's fundraiser- scoring us a Pumpkin Buttercream Yankee Candle. Delish.
960- Thankful for a new week. Fresh start. Happy hearts. Hoping for less "world rocking" things in our own personal worlds this week. Praying for you- my fab reader- that your week will be amazing & that you will enjoy each moment of each day.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Prayer Warriors Unite

Dear Friends,
Harrison's football coach, Pat Johnson, has suffered a HUGE loss. His dear wife Sandy, who was 30, passed away Monday. We got news of this sad event yesterday, and are in shock. They have 4 youngs kids. We never met Sandy, but can only imagine she was a wonderful mom and wife. We ask that you will pray for Coach Pat. Pray for his 4 kids: Logan, Noah, Lilly & Seth. Can not imagine what life will look like for them all right now especially... Mommies normally take care of the Halloween costumes, and the parties and the holidays- on top of all the other life things that go with having 4 kids and a hubby... oh what sad sad sad time. Please please pray. Pray for peace for the football team as they see their coach go through hard time. Pray that from this loss, God can be glorified and that Coach Pat can become a believer.

Love you all,

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


what a week!
Thankful for cute sayings from Hannah that just make me shake my head & laugh. Example: we are watering the mums at dads grave & she sees a massive tomb. "That's huge! It must be Gods".
Thankful for harrisons awesome grades on some big tests
Thankful for a great marathon Sunday in the city
Thankful for a great encouraging supper date with our friend also in the city (we love the city!!!)
Thankful for 34 boxes for operation christmas child -  stuffed w loot & love by a few friends from church
Thankful for a warm rainy fall day - the perfect snuggle date!
Thankful for the mountain of laundry folded...sorted & put away ( this is a small miracle!!)
Thankful for my new perfume : rosa botanica by Balenciaga
Thankful for my brother
Thankful for my iPhone - I've been reminded that technology is a blessing & many people go without ~although the new updates are not too amazing
thankful for our awesome sitter who took our 2 littles overnight


Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Thankful for a front row...first spot by door parking space... on a rainy grocery day

Thankful for my mom and ray who put our kids activities primo & cheer them on in rain sun or wind!

Thankful for Harrison's leadership skills and questioning. He was able to talk with his coach, without any parental coaching, and got his position changed. Thankful that Harrison made a touchdown in this new position & that we found our camera battery- so we busted out the good ole Canon for some :real: pictures (He is #93, in the end zone! He had just scored!)🏉


Thankful for uncle Dusty who's a great preschool fundraiser supporter! VW of orland  we love you

Thankful for my hunny who came home early Friday so we all could have a dolphin tale 2 date.

Thankful for Tom & Ruth Hoy
Thankful for discovering & uncovering new truths in John 2.

Thankful that potatoes were on serious sale! Our turn at feeding the flock at church..so we bought Fried chicken & cooked buffalo style potatoes(Pintrest gets full credit. Yum & EZ!)

Thankful for a delicious meal, with great friends for both us and our kids.