Monday, June 30, 2014

780-790 & Photo Memory Overload!

Happy Monday from Palos Park IL

780- Thankful for an awesome last week of gospel meetings & Jose telling us about his Salvation. Such a blessing to see another answer to prayer.

781- Thankful for another awesome plane ride... thanks to southwest's unassigned seating. Here is the Hebert Survival Guide to trips: Snacks and Electronics :) Hudson was able to have the middle seat again on the ride back, and as soon as lift off happened Hannah was out!  Hudson was still excited for his new surroundings, although it was amazingly different than our AZ plane ride when I spent forever in the bathroom with him ;/... he  played and snuggled for 2 hours, then napped the other 2 hours. His fave activity is to dump things out and carefully put things back in. We had a box of bandaids for him to play with ( Princess themed of course, thanks to Hannah :)). He loves to "read" books especially the Touch & Feel kind. He loves snacks. So I found a cool tower snack container at Walmart and he loved pouring some of his yogurt bites out, and eating some and putting some back in ...over and over again. His fave movie is the The Lorax. Who wouldn't be captivated by an adorable massive mustached creature!? ;)

782- Thankful to find out how to lock the home button on our phones and i-devices. In case you mom's need to know, go to Settings, then Accessibility, then Guided Access. Turn it on. When you are in an app that your child loves, hit the home button 3 times quickly, and it will turn Guided Access on. Hudson's initial reaction to his awesome apps is to hit the home button - but it won't change the app unless it is hit 3 times consecutively and a passcode is typed in. Thank you pintrest for the tutorial :)

783- Thankful to have had an encouraging 2 weeks with Tom & Ruth Hoy. They are a very special couple & the Lord has used them in big ways. Pray that He will continue to bless and use them for Him.
(This is post-baptism. Mark is on the left Tom is on the right praying. Since the baptism was at a pool, post baptism time was a pool party. Pretty amazing :))

784- Thankful for a random box of free books that arrived before we left, and today I opened the 1st one- Out of The Comfort Zone : Grace Vision Action: by George Verwer. It looks like it's from the 80's, but I have appreciated the message so far. " Enemies of grace: legalism, expectations, traditionalism, control, demands, manipulation, negativism, comparison, perfectionism, competition, pettiness, criticism,pride, fear, resentment, bitterness, gossip,fleshly effort, guilt...and so many more,,, grace killers- ALL!" And with an honest heart it's super sad that I have many grace killers in my own life- so that's my focus today and this week- to get rid of  them!

785- Thankful for besties in other states: Harrison & Adrien

786- Thankful for family time. Today Matt is back at work, stuck in crazy traffic, and although we are loving being home, there was much joy in the simple times in WA, and we are in serious dad withdrawal today.

787- Thankful for special grandparents for our kiddos. Hearing testimonies in WA - and hearing how people grew up almost makes me shudder- the sadness & heart break before they found the Lord is truly unreal. I took our upbringing for granted! Until I became a parent. I am VERY thankful for how my parents acted as grandparents and how Matt's parents act too. It is special how they treat our children & how they want to pour God's love into our kids... & I take it for granted, but seeing and hearing things these past 2 weeks made me simply say W.O.W... we have many blessings.

788- Thankful for a continuation of Harrison's 9th Birthday!
789- Thankful for fun inspirational quotes
790- Salted caramel homemade fudge ( Disclaimer this photo makes it look disgusto- but it was TOTALLY not :))

i {love} photo memories! enjoy!

(Beach day with Stacie & Kids - she is a photographer, so yay for some "real" photos!)

Another FUN day at Wolter & Tina's!

(Below: Day drives to Winthrop & Republic, WA)

(Below: Our last day! Left camp in Okanogan at 7am Saturday, drove to Leavenworth ( an adorable touristy town), ate, shopped, then off to Lake Stevens to meet up with bestie Quinn Kazen at his birthday party, then airport, then H.O.M.E! The Lord protected us & we arrived in our beds at 2 am Sunday :))



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WA Week 2 & Photo Updates

Hi Friends :)
Happy Tuesday from Okanogan WA. Our time here is drawing to a close, but we still have 4 busy days ahead & plan to live it up as much as we can :)

770-I am thankful that... wifi is a rarity - the detoxing from the normal one click away mail and text service has done us good!

771-Thankful for the gift of now- "Turn off your phone. Be still. Be present — and you get the gift of now." ( Ann Voskamp, Holy Experience)

772-Thankful to be here for a baptism of a new believer

773-thankful for the awesome VBS stories skits and crafts last week. Last year's theme was Moses, this year's theme was Country Fair, and farm stories like Cain & Able, the Prodigal son etc. The prodigal son, acted out, was so so touching. Not sure I have ever cried reading the story!? But when it's acted out in real life, in front of you, it is SO moving & So amazing that WE were like that son! Yet, in our sin filth, which is way worse than his pig filth, we were hugged by our Father and lovingly welcomed to an eternal family. Wow!! ( To read more about that story from the Bible,, Luke 15)  

As the deer pants for water.... Our 1st Hannah road sign ever! Plus Hill!? Too cool.
Yard Saler's Paradise!
Last Day of VBS!
 Story of Joseph
Oma Tina & Sadie Marie

774-thankful that Hudson's bites are healing- I still secretly wondered if he got a fast dose of chicken pox, as the welts were pretty severe, but they are healing and our nurse friends here say they were "just" bites.

775-thankful that we have a 9 year old son!! Yesterday Harrison officially turned 9! We enjoyed recalling the exacts of his birth - there is something very special about the 1st born & Harrison is a dream boy. We are thankful he is saved & helps Matt come up with analogies for preaching. We pray that he will continue to be a good balance of a sensitive strong leader boy for Christ. We love that he is ALL boy, is super athletic, has a great voice and loves to belt all sorts of songs! He is a great helper, huge helper actually! He has brought much joy & yesterday June 23rd was very special!

776-thankful for my mom who bought pizza for the Christians so we could have a pizza party celebration here in rural Okanogan
Yay for Pizza Hut!
Pizza party after meeting

777-thankful for answered prayers. we have been hearing about an unsaved son and husband- and at supper last night we prayed he would come. We opened our trailer door before meeting & guess who was playing ball with the kids!? NICK! It is really really special when you can see a direct answer in front of you, to prayer. I love it! I hope it encourages you my reader friends, to pray without ceasing.

778- thankful for 2 dollar a pound cherries ( we are in complete cherry obsession over here, although we learned a few tough lessons that they are not super friendly when eaten in bulk;) especially for Hudbud!

779- thankful for selfless Christian friends who truly love us like family & gave us a key to their house all week for us to use wifi, do laundry and for kids to play with tons of inside space.

780- thankful for awesome inlaws who encourage us .... pretty much non stop!

 Hudsie snuggles are RARE so this is very special ;)

Stacie & Jakob , Kasey Auriel & Adrien


Quadding at Wolter's

 Dad time is soo special :)

 There's a black bunny literally right in front of him! He got to pet it many times, crazy right!? Wild bunnies! Too fun! He named it Chocolate Milk

 Hannah & Izabella