Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Thankful this week....

that as of today.... we have....  school days left
{ it's absurd how late we go!! But, come September I will be rejoicing that we start late}

for enjoying my family all week

for a social media hiatus

for a sunny spring break

for workouts with my hunny

for birthday love

for being able to work with Miss Julie as she coached and played with Hudson during Speech sessions.

that my inlaw's got me a ... stun gun... true story... it's in my work bag, just hope that
1- I never have to use it and 2- if I do have to use it, that I use it effectively 3- that I never use it on my students ;)

for Matt being an encourager

for mail that brings many smiles

for birthday freebies
 {thank you Nothing Bundt Cakes, Dunkin and Sephora, Cinnabon's freebie looked gross oddly enough :)}

5 Guys Selfie

1st Softball practice - they have matching gloves
 Matching cleats with BFF Hannah K.
 Lemon Bundlet... ahhmazing
 Pink packages tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things... xo Auntie Jack!

Big H in pitcher mode

Monday, April 18, 2016

Birthday week 🎂💖

Thankful for Spring Break!

Thankful that it's my birthday week!

Thankful that my dad was an awesome school project helper, and that Big H has his Papa's excitement of getting things done  and done "just like the directions said" and let's his mom totally help out, because I could hardly contain myself.
Love the creativity of his teacher's assignment.
Love Harrison's enthusiasm to dress in character tomorrow too during presentation.

Check out the our "Pop Star" Louis Armstrong - requirement: make an as realistic as possible soda pop bottle figure

-Empty out a Sprite bottle.
-Spray paint.
-Paint styrafoam ball as a head
-Trace hands of nearest sibling
-Paint...Cut...Tape and bust out the glitter for the Trumpet!

Thankful for answered prayer. God is not a God of confusion, and I love when prayers are directly answered and we now a certain path.

Thankful for wise words.

 Pray specifically for this area of 8.6 miles... the distance in between my school and PGM.... we have sick relationships at both locations, thank you Lord, and want to continue to build these relationships as we show them God's goodness in practical ways... The in -between stretch of streets are anything but safe... for the most part...so we aren't sure how to make anything work, but we know God has it all figured out and so we just need to pray and wait and watch Him work...

 Thankful for a sunny Saturday full of family, sticky faces and baseball!
Baseball/Softball opening day parade. The town shuts down. All the families line the streets. All the teams get decked out. Candy flies through the air, and everyone is happy :) Its so so so fun and I love that Hannah can be part of it this year! Her love of poster making and parade walking is SO contagious. Her enormous smile when she got to keep the candy she didn't throw, was super priceless!

 Thankful that our 1st baseball game went well! Harrison pitched great, thanks to some over eager batters swinging at ANYTHING ;) and he made sick catches to get some pretty big outs. Wahooo

{How Hudson stayed occupied for all 9 innings, minus a donut and hug date with Uncle Dusty and Auntie Mila}

 {Pretzel picnic! Love baseball season! Love seeing friends from past seasons.}

 Thankful for spring temps, smiles and sunsets.

 Thankful for Hannah tagging along with me on her day off.

 Thankful to have finally hung up this adorable lit up H! Thanks mom!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Spring Break Arizona Style *2016*

            Blue Skies, Sun burns, Burritos, Sushi galore & lots of friend and family time

 Early morning hike

 Our FAVE place ever.


 Lifetime in Tempe!

 Look at this stud!! All pinked out 
(on an awesome side note, could be weird if you hate feet talk, he and I share shoe sizes and those sperrys are men's but even girl sperry's look like guys,,,, so my vote is that we share them )


 Report card treat date!

 Yes he is stuffing that adorable face.

 Drooling right!!?? I know, I was too.

 Watermelon and Ipad... she is set

 Lifetime's pool 
{Was our hangout for literally all 10 years of summers we lived there!!}

 Matt's amazing mom & our niece Gracie & Hannah

 Hannah is such a little love with Hudsie!



 fro yo date!


 Cubs v Diamondbacks! Thanks to Matt's generous Dad!! Boy only date! Woot Woot!
                                                                          Aubry Hebert VanderHart date :)
Waiting to board!!! Coming home!!

Thankful for the Lord watching over them the whole time they were away, but mostly for peace on the plane! Both flights were amazing & Matt couldn't believe what great travelers they were.... YAY!
Now for our next trip west... WA!!! June 22 can't come fast enough :)