Monday, May 21, 2018


Thankful that this is the May Day performance week! I am dying to see all the students dance and perform, especially Hannah & Hudson! I am also kinda dreading the dancing in front of the whole school gig that teachers do... sigh... but I do want to learn how to hula. so here we go!

Thankful for friends visiting this week & next week! May is just a blur, and it may be a blessing. The more distracted we are, maybe the less  of an emotional roller coaster mess I'll be?!

Thankful for beautiful beach days.  The sand might have scorched our feet, but the water was crystal clear and oh so refreshing.

Thankful for encouraging verses.  Deeply moved, Jesus touched their eyes. They had their sight back that very instant. Matthew 20:34, MSG. 
- Impressed by the Lord's compassion and instant reaction of love to the needy. 

Thankful for  morning walks, with the rays of sun shining down, and good tunes.

Thankful for a new to me read- A Man Called Oliver, the story of Oliver Smith. It was so inspiring to read his journals and see the many seeds he planted and lives he touched with the Good News & to see so many familiar names!

Thankful for this cuddle bug. Hudson is a trip. He is exhausting on so many levels and the worlds best little dude on so many levels. He has been waking up around 4am, walking to the couch and falling deep asleep and extra hard to wake up. When he does wake up, he is usually really happy. On Sunday morning, he said "I disappeared in the night and went to Hollywood". He has Alvin and the Chimpunks on his brain ;)
We are thankful that although the power went out at the mall during his hair cut, the scare of the almost pitch black store must have really helped him sit still so the hair ladies could surround him in flash lights and one cordless buzzer and finish what they began.  What a night! Thankful that Aunty closed the sushi spot that night extra early ( since it doesn't lock without power, she wanted us to pray for it, so there we stood in a huddle, praying that no one would steal from her as we left it unlocked and unmanned for 2 hours, the Lord heard and protected), and we all went to CPK! It was my 1st time in many years & their buffalo cauliflower is DA So good & we will pretend it wasn't deep fried ;)

 Thankful for the new to us ice cream store and thankful for the memories. I love trying new sweet places. Matt always wonders about my love of sweets he would venture to the savory foods every single time... and all I can say is that when you eat something sweet for those moments together, there is usually peace and quiet and happiness.... so I bring some of my childhood memories to our family... Ice cream was a family memory that always brought joy during our childhood- whether it was Friendly's, Socs, Richardson's, Russos or TCBY, we just loved the blend of sweet treats and happy togetherness. 
The ice cream spot we tried was trendy and not Hannah's vision. no sprinkles or gummy bears, but the flavors were unique and homemade. Yum.
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And then ... there's this guy.
Oh Harrison. He is so handsome and so fun to be around! He is so smart & so sassy, which is a new to him trait! He is basically a teen, although his official bday isnt until June 23. But his attitude is fierce, praying for redirection with it ASAP, and his love of 7-11 is also fierce. He is in the middle of loving life hard, boogey boarding with the locals, focusing on his hair, keeping his grades at the top, yet wanting nothing to do with his siblings & lots of back talk.... I get it... it's hard ... but  hoping  we all can be more like Wesley in Princess Bride... and always answer.... as... you... wish... ;)

  Looks like a balanced lunch to me 🙈

Monday, May 14, 2018


Thankful for fun friends visiting!
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Thankful that Matt successfully completed his Student Teaching! Masters of Ed is now done and he is ready for the exam to be certified!

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Thankful for a week dedicated to making all the teachers feel extra special! We love teacher appreciation week!

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The Sweet Hale Fam, with Gabby Alonso, and Aunty ♥

Super Hero Friday!

 Love my sweet students! 

 Harrison played hooky Friday and got to enjoy the hike and the fun in the sun with the girls and Matt

 Running into our friend, the surf pro, was pretty special!

 Jut fixing Matt's guitar

 Thankful that our friends so kindly shared their North Shore home with us during the weekend. The sunsets. The proximity to the beach. The fellowship. So good. On so many levels.

 The duo ready to cheer on Harrison at the soccer tournament
 Go Big H!
 He's like Harrison, I love you, but really? This is how I have to spend my Saturday morning? ;)
 Saturday lunch! Get down with yo bad self, Jenny's Shrimp! The best shrimp yet! Spicy and oh so many!
 In our drive around, we saw a cupcake truck. All by itself. So of course, my cupcake heart kicked in, and we needed to stop. Forget the cupcakes, the lady in front of us got the Unicorn Shake, which had us oohing and ahhing... and worth every single buck ( it was $18) and worth every single calorie. Although it was hammered by 4 of us, no doubt it exceeded every sugar limit everywhere for the year.

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All sugared up and oh so happy that our friends were getting surf lessons!!
Amanda & Gabby

 Auntie Jack, the sea glass palm tree is for you :)

 Goofing around at a new to us shaved ice place!

Happy Mothers Day ! Pizza date 

 The Hales had a hotel for the night, so we booked an adjoining room and partied there too! Such fun to be married to a spontaneous social butterfly! Our life is always spiced up & always blessed by other's fellowship! Such a great Mother's Day!
 Tons of wind. Tons of sun. Empty pool. Best day ever.
 Playin' hooky! And we were beyond impressed by their crazy amazing breakfast buffet! Embassy Suites you are our new fave. So good.
 After we checked out, and sent Kathy and Tessa back home to WA ( insert all the tears, they are so fun!!), the big kids and the girls and I got to fry beach side. Oh so good. We also said farewell to Mr Swan. We left him at KoOlina for some other cute kid to enjoy.... the bittersweetness of leaving... all the stuff gets left too... and although I love to purge, declutter and move on... it's a little harder leaving the island ways.... trying to brace myself for having to actually have our kids dressed in the summer... sigh... beach bum life is fo realz amazing....
Gabby & Hannah