Monday, March 12, 2018


Thankful for a safe week

Thankful for friends that took on the love does mentality. We have one car and one motorcycle, and although it normally works great for us, when the motorcycle dude is sick, and I am the taxi driver, using one car for everyone, everywhere, its  hard. Getting Matt to and from different hospitals was exactly how we needed help one day, and our friends stepped up to help us. Although our island is small, traffic is large, and for him to battle traffic for Matt was really helpful, allowing kids to keep their routines the same. And meal prep came, which Lord knows the kids needed or else it would be Captain Crunch 3 days straight (although that does seem pretty delish).

Thankful that Matt is now on the mend, and has moved past jello & broth to real food.

Thankful for the real care and love of our family of God to pray for us, to text us and to encourage us.  We felt the love and it really carried us through that chaos.

Thankful for a successful fellowship Friday!

Thankful that our tickets for the Gospel meetings in Okanogan are bought! June...hurry up, it has been 3 years since we all were there as a whole family for the whole time & to say I am excited is a total understatement!

Thankful for getting in on the essential oil kick. The orange scent is being diffused currently as I type from my classroom.

Thankful for 4 work days until spring break !

Thankful for kick starting our bible reading plan. Truth be told I have had a hard time creating bible reading time. I always seem to find time to grab a self help book like Sacred Marriage or Love Does, but scripture searching is my last go to... Matt shared a great link

I printed it and was instantly overwhelmed. But then when I take it in chunks, it's way more manageable. I have been able to read 5 chapters a day, and I enjoy that it's from all different books in the bible each day. I hope you enjoy it too if you need a good consistent approach.

 Harrison was such a trooper. He wanted to stay with Matt, as he is learning about Heart Attacks in Health and he thought for sure Matt was having symptoms. He got more than he bargained for and stayed there for 4 hours!

 Sleepytime. Lately I have been obsessed with this guy sleeping. The older 2 fall asleep within minutes. They are always exhausted & never complain with the 8pm bedtime. Hudson, with a nap at school. is still wide eyed and adorable one on one. But.... we have been training him to sleep then anyways, thanks to the great audio bible, which they all love to listen to. Max MacClean's voice is very soothing, and we all need scripture to be the last thing we hear before bed... so thankful this is the groove!

Fellowship Friday March Edition!
Kicked off with a surprise pizza drop from my friend and janitor!
 Look at these kids!! Loved the low key sack supper style picnic.

Kroc was just what we all needed Saturday! Although hubs was too weak to work out, and needed to chill, it was much needed Vit D time for him, as he watched the littles splash and play, so I could jam out a bit at the gym.
 Hannah was done swimming, it was breezy, so she was chilly, so here is her happy place.
 and here is our place ;) Happily driving around, while everyone naps, and we can jam out to new gospel songs! Matt found a bunch of new to us songs, while he was sick & it was fun to have a mini worship service together.
Check out {The Mylon Hayes Family What a Day That will be and Blackwood Brothers Quartet ;If that isn't love:}
We drove to find some gold at the end of the rainbow. Mission accomplished. The apple fritters were what Matt was dying to try! Poor guy needed sustenance!
Jello and broth were getting old at this point ;)

This. All the hearts. He went unprompted, to write his name. Normally he will not do "unpreffered" tasks without an "If Then Statement". If you write your name, then you can have 10 minutes of games" etc. But Saturday, he was all about it? And it's legible. And it was independent. All big things for this guy.

Sunday Smiles!
 Adore how much Hannah loves babies! Calius was adorable as usual, and let Hannah watch him for a few during morning service- until he kept swiping all the hymn books and bibles off the table...

 Thankful for Jim & Sue treating us all to Tacos for Sunday Lunch!

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Monday, March 5, 2018


Live from Hampton Inn... it's Multitude Monday!

Thankful for a hero of a hubby. In reality when I heard Matt yell, I thought it was to very harshly scold a kiddo of ours, and since he isn't normally that harsh I came to the living room extra fast, only to hear him say "they're fighting". Since our across the street neighbors do that bi-weekly, it was no big deal. Until he said "no, its not them, it another guy punching a girl". Harrison grabbed our Cop flashlight, I called 911. Matt ran outside. All we heard was the girl screaming, then the guy yelling explicits at Matt. The kids, who decided to peer at the sight from our front window,  were ushered back to bed.
 The guy did stop his beating, and turned on Matt, but thankfully he only verbally threatened and then went away. Matt said he saw him pulling the girl too as they left.
 The biggest bummer? The little one. On their bike. That saw and heard all of it. The reality that this kind of behavior is most likely their norm and for the home she is raised in. That. That is the heart breaker.
Initially I was all for the cops to come - and for my hero to NOT be outside, but in reflection once my heart stopped beating out of my hoody.... how can we preach freedom just an hour earlier at our gospel service, and yet when we see someone so chained in sin and horror we just move on with our normal routines? No, 10000 times no. Thankful for Matt's heart in wanting peace and justice, and for living so close to the police station. Since 5 cops came, searched area and found nothing, we were unsettled. And every little breeze we were in wonder if the guy was ready for his Matt brawl.Although Matt's adrenaline was in full effect, and the cops knew we would be calling if we needed them, our kids.... their safety is of utmost, obvi- so hooray for a spontaneous pack up and leave time!
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Thankful for my school & the amazing support. No sub. no sub plans. No problem.

Thankful for the kids witnessing God's love. In all this ... our prayer is that our kids fight for the broken and befriend the friendless.
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Thankful for endless hot hot water, fresh clean beds to jump on, and time for free breakfast & snuggles. Hotel life is nice!

Thankful for a fun Dr Seuss week!

Thankful for Harrison's soccer team and fun games! We love that the games are weekdays! 

Thankful for Phil's visit! He was the EASIEST guest ever .  He ate on his own most nights so my cooking skills were never in question ;) Phew!!
The kids loved having him around especially when he bought them gifts from the Dole Plantation ;)

Thankful for the new games at the gym's game room! So fun!

Thankful for Hudson's "Happy Nerfday" Birthday coming up in t-minus 22 days! And for Mimi and Grandpa Ray coming for Nerfday fun  & our week at KoOlina!
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Thankful for Fellowship Friday THIS week! Hoping for a fun Spring Fling! I might have invited my whole class... truth is 9-0% of the kids wont give the invites to their guardians, but if they did, and all 22 came, we will be ready! Cant wait!

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