Tuesday, January 16, 2018


This week was hard. Hard to adjust to island life, oddly enough.
Hard to adjust to routines (which we normally crave) & hard to stay afloat amidst family sickness. Then when I feel like we are way in over our heads... I see pictures of others that are having a no doubt way harder time... so it forces me to appreciate our seemingly minor trials, get out of the pit of self pity, and pray hard for the illnesses, chemo, surgeries etc of family and friends to go smoothly.

We knew change would create a little ripple in our Hebert home, but we are thankful that week 1 is DONE & minus a few yawns & lots of tea tree oil, we survived!

{Disclaimer, I don't like to take my kids to Urgent Care.... and since we don't have our fave pediatrics here like we did in IL... I try to do as many home remedies as I can.... one common healer seems to be Tea Tree Oil... and the bonus? It smells oh so good.}

15 weeks left of Student teaching for Matt, but who's counting? Thankful that the 3rd grade team here at school has embraced him so well ( who wouldn't? he's a dream co-teacher ;)). We are thankful that since he can not work a day job, Auntie T who owns the sushi spot at the mall has graciously hired him for 4 week nights a week. Yes it makes our days super long, but we couldn't ask for a better boss with a bigger heart. Her conversation is on Biblical matters  99.9 percent of the time, the other percent revolves around sashimi and avocado, also pretty cool convo ;)

We are thankful that although Hannah was out 4.5 days out of 5 this week, her fever is gone and her fever blisters that covered her nose and chin, are healing.
We are learning a few key lessons. One- beauty is always within. This slight facial malformation for an entire week has made Hannah very self conscious. It has lended itself to great conversations about what true beauty is.
Another lesson is that in time, things heal. Yes we are referring mainly to her fever blisters, but it hit me about life things too. And the healing process is not pretty. Her face has gone from small blister, to bigger, redder, scabbier and now getting better. So when we heal in other areas- that process is a process and we need to have patience & grace with ourselves and others during that ugly looking but essentially beautiful time period.

And I love working at my kid's school. Hudson had a fever Tuesday. I got a call on my lunch break, and was able to console him ( he thought he was getting shots).

Harrison, like normal, has adjusted to the 1st school like a pro. He loves his teachers ( we all do!), and his class mates are legit. Flag football begins Tuesday, and he is looking forward to playing,

Koko has thrived outside all week! He has his bed outside our front door, and every day we find him snuggled in here. (We have not seen any lizards in or around our yard ( maybe he is eating them or scaring them away at least!) Yes we still feed him, but he needs to his litter biz on his own! Hudson now loves him, since there is a strong screen door in between :)

Thankful oh so thankful that the Missile Threat was false. I think we expected it to be false as we moved extra slowly?  The real danger from that text seemed surreal- and the panic still has yet to sink in... watching the news and seeing how other's responded showed us we have much to learn as far as emergency prep.... And apparently we would have had only 12-15 minutes to survive- so all the prep and worry would be for naught if it was real. Here's to using that threat as a way to have a deeper appreciation for each moment of each day. Each day is a gift & too often I take them for granted.

A few fun memories from the week in pictures:

 Matt took both boys to church solo Sunday. Hudson is the best napper.
 The guys after the luncheon post church,

 Trying to let Vit D do it's thang on this sweet girl.


 Matt & Harr hiked & captured a few great shots.

Meanwhile, this guy couldn't stay awake long enough to chug that milk! He must be really sick!

Day 4: her face is healing!
 Koolina afternoons = perfect

 Weekend Beach Time

 Our 1st authentic Acai bowl! Oh .so.good.

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

* 2018 *

Thankful that during our wonderful wintery trip we had the luxury of borrowing Dusty's car ... yes he works for Kia but still drives a VW and this car had an automatic starter which is pure genius for those blustery cold mornings!  With our own vehicle.. we explored our fave places... and loved every single second. So very thankful.
                                                       ↠ PGM Night 2- Tuesday 1-2-18
Dinner date with Doc, my amazing principal from Wadsworth 1st tho...
Not pictured are all the hearts ... It was so awesome to connect together but then he was totally up for PGM with us too... we have been praying for his salvation since we met 2 years ago... but even more so after we moved... it was a huge heaven hug that he joined us for the service.... he sat with the kiddos and I and read the words to the 3 beautiful hymns- of course 1st hymn was "Victory in Jesus" and guys please pray for him to have this victory please??!

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                                  {See my Highlights on Insta for the Hannah Doc and I selfie }
 Yes it was freezing. {But that one time your 12 year old wants a pic together- you race outta the car at the red light, run up the steps, grab a few pics and race back down before the creepy stranger tries to talk to you}

 And back home again.... Mimi has the best layouts for sleeping our crew... and always had the fridge stocked with juices... Hudson got the queen mattress to himself and clearly loves it.

                                             ↠Wednesday 1-3-18 How is this our last full day here!!??? 😢
1st stop : breakfast date with my bestie Kinder teacher friend Ms Williams Bey.... Mariano's has the BEST Croissant Donuts in case you needed to break any NY Resolutions already

 Then we toured the city in the daylight....we love that place... love the people... love the stories... love the buildings... love the history.... love the hubbub..... love our memories....
 love love love love... so we needed a video of our blossoming Trump impersonator.... somehow Harrison has developed the Trump voice and persona & it's a crack up!
Love that boys all in personality and his bravery to try new things with gusto!

 Then there is break my heart Hannah
( And yes Matt's name is My Hunnybuns in my phone because.... well....  that is exactly who he is 💘)
Her text tho. I think we all Amen-ed her. We get you girl 200%. 😭💕

Of course the drive by of IRI happened
 And Joyyee slushees

 Such a fun treat to have Eric and his new amazingly sweet wife Debbie stop by on their way south! Debbie has 21 grandkids and that grandma love just oozes out of her. What a doll.

Our last supper in IL was well spent with The Hodgson Fam!
Harrison has the desserts under Nerf gun protection- beware ;)

although tears were shed at the door minutes before we departed and we truly questioned our path.. we have full confidence that "He who began a work in us will continue it"... and with that determination to work for Him and stay focused on Eternity.... and somehow plant seeds for His kingdom in Oahu.. we got on those flights.... 

 And God knew how much we needed ZERO stress from the minute we entered those airport doors... and made those scales miraculously reach 50.0 .... no way that was true... not with the extra Christmas loot... BUT we know God went before us .. and then the zero wait at security... and the seats together on an earlier flight... that was sold out... and the dream seats for any momma of kids- next to the bathroom- no it wasn't the freshest smelling 6 hours- but it was super easy for the kids to do their thang- and we GOT HOME SAFELY... all the rejoicing hands here....

2018 we got you baby.... Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever Hebrews 13:8- and with this constant- we embrace the change again- the Student teaching for Matty & the closer school for big H.... because God has provided for our every need and shown his faithfulness we can press on knowing He will always provide protect and strengthen our family ... quite possibly in ways that we don't understand at all- and in ways that blow our minds... we are ready to embrace all He has for us... and ask for you to pray alongside our family.... Prayers for the student teaching journey for Matt... Prayers for our family that are in AZ and in IL... Prayers that we can reach our Oahu community with the love of our loving Heavenly Father.

 SEA Layover- just long enough for some delish pizza!

Hawaii welcomed us with 80 degrees and peaceful waves... Operation Get that Tan Back has begun!

 The Drive in to North Shore is always peaceful & pretty- especially when we have sleeping littles
 The drive out was  not that peaceful. We had to leave our fave burger joint due to bees everywhere- we might have been that circus freaking out.... but we left with maybe an ounce of dignity praying the people there were all tourists & never see us again ;).
The bee fear is real and so we took our tribe to the zero wait Cheesecake Factory which was enclosed and bee free! 
 The kids each got to pick a piece of Cheesecake... thankfully neither was Matt or I's fave- so they got most of it to themselves at home, during a new season of our family's fave Live PD show!

And one of my all time favorite parts of coming home from vacay is.... the piled up mail!! And THANK YOU to all our friends and fam who sent us such beautiful cards.
These will be up year round or until a wind storm comes through ;) We will look at you, love you and pray for you across the crazy amount of miles.

And if you plan to come to Oahu, I know a good place to eat with a super cute waitress and cashier - the food is wooden and calorie free ;)

Ohhhh... also.... our guest room is officially de-Koko-ed. He did a GREAT job surviving while we were away- but we really need to start this year off with our whole house available - that 3rd room as only a cat room is just not ideal.... so he has begun his outdoor chapter... and has survived night one... and we loveeee having that 2nd bathroom and 3rd bedroom & Harrison loves chasing him around our yard. #everyoneshappy

Enjoy the new year and all the new blessings that will come with it!
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If you have time for a new read- highly recommend Becoming Mom Strong
( not only is the cover neon an sparkly, the message hits super close to home & so so good) Image result for becoming mom strong