Monday, April 16, 2018

4. 16. 18


That's the week in a nutshell- with a few joyful moments for sure- but strangely those are overshadowed sometimes with the harder moments.

This week we found clarity to solidify plans to move back to the mainland. The paper that had been sitting on my desk for a month, to submit my separation of service was signed. We will be separated in miles but not in heart. Ma'ili family will hold a huge place in our hearts.
More of that in a May blog post.
June 4-  WA - is our next step- can not wait to get our glamping on in the new to me RV that the Hoys so sweetly share & to see those sweet sweet Okanogan saints... and ...and.. and the list goes on....
 (prayers for the Tent Meetings with Matt and Tom, and the week of VBS and Teen work are super needed and appreciated!), Lord willing & then onward east to IL.
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This week we lost a dear believer in WA. She was entirely too young, but she is rejoicing in Heaven. That seems to be the only consolation right now and yes that IS amazing and perfect, but so hard to understand and fathom on so many levels.

This week we heard some heart breaking news that seemed to leave us gasping for air and just forced us to pray for the body of Christ. When one falls, we all feel the effect. We hurt together. We bear each other's burdens. It made us wake up yet again to understand how broken we all are and the need to build each other up in many different ways.

I have teared up at all the wrong times this week, I wish that I could do better with not internalizing issues when we hear about them. Matt and I have this issue together. We hear, we bear and we can't let go and leave it at the Cross. Our hearts just ache and ache some more.

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Thankful that we have each other.

Thankful that our 1st real middle school "thing" of "girl issues" was minimal. It might have made me spit my coffee out one morning.... but Harrison bless his too big for his britches heart, asked a girl out. Nonchalantly told Hannah. Hannah, bless her little sister status heart of always tattling, brought it up.

Thankfully coffee wasn't flowing fast yet and my normally over reactive self was calm. Praise Jesus. It's week 2 of this and it's over. The girl's older sister tattled on her, and her parents said Nope.
Thank you Lord.
Now I feel slightly more ready for the next issue.... The Legos of parenthood... step by step brick building 101...

Thankful for Hudson overcoming some of his behavioral issues and being recognized with the "Citizenship Award" for 3rd quarter in PreK.

Thankful for seeing Hannah channel her determination in positive ways, such as mastering deeper swimming in the ocean and trying and trying to climb higher each day on the slippery aqua rock wall.

Thankful for Hannah's all girl personality when it comes to makeup. I love that Sephora gives free mini makeovers. Normally Hannah loves doing her own thing- but this time she wanted "it done". So she suggested mermaid or unicorn colors- and amazingly enough of course Sephora has a Unicorn makeup section... and the rainbow brush made it to my birthday wish list. Can't even.

Thankful for Auntie treating us to Pieology. Normally we pop in to eat sushi on Friday's with Matt serving us- but Auntie wanted the kids to be happy :) So pizza it was. She is over the top with our kids and we love love love it.

Thankful for cloudy weekend days and movie marathons, all together. It seems crazy that we can even be inside- when we live here in such beauty- but the home time is essential for us all to regroup and refresh.

Thankful for getting ready for this Friday's April Edition of Fellowship Friday. Invited my class again and their older siblings, as well as some of Hannah's classmates. Excited to see who comes & how we do with some Earth Day ideas! Dirt and worms seems like a perfect and easy dessert.... but the earth day glitter slime has me on mixed emotions...

 Auntie and Hannah. 

 He was o.u.t.

 Kiddos all joining Uncle Keith's lesson

 Unreal beauty.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Thankful that we made it through the week! The rainy days bring both good and bad... we love how green everything is but we don't like that our clothes won't line dry!

Wednesdays and Fridays are the designated Starbucks or 7-11 before school days, and this pic of the dynamic duo was post 7-11. We love Fridays for no uniforms too. It adds a fun flare to the end of the week.

Thankful for these tasty treats.

Thankful for no afterschool sports for Harrison this quarter. Our "normal" fun and carefree afternoons resume. It has really helped us all with sanity this week.

Thankful for these masks, as scary as they made us look! They are volcanic ash masks apparently ( good marketing target!), and they are done, when your face is covered in bubbles! It is SO much fun having a daughter!
 Thankful for fun friends who host creative parties!

Thankful for our Sunday lunch time at GyuKaku. We were driving to it and saw Auntie, and as we happily beeped and waved she might have had a heart attack ;), and then followed us to the place! In her true servant heart she cooked all our meat for us, except the kids' meat. They were overjoyed to grill their own food! We tried heart and liver and with the sweet spicy dips, it tasted like steak!
We are now obsessed with this grill place & the lunch price is so reasonable. Hooray!

When you live on a literal island, we have to pretend that we are surrounded by believers. So thankful for online sermons, that make us feel like we're at conferences. These older sermons, seem really time appropriate.
Thankful for our Monday nights. Its the only free weeknight we have as a whole fam jam, and we love love love Kroc-ing, hanging out & grilling! It helps the week start strong.... and we all need that boost

 Thankful for Hannah's determination. She passed the swim test and is such a fish! She is now trying to master the aqua rock wall!! It's intense and oh so slippery, but she will get it eventually!

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Monday, April 2, 2018


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Thankful that April is here! 22 days until my big 3-5!

Thankful that we had an amazing week at KoOlina!

Thankful that my mom and Ray made it home safely, after a fun in the sun, relaxing
( yes they were able to actually sit at the "Reflection Pool- Quiet Please" all day while we were at school!)

Thankful for new blessings in the form of 2 new books!
Restless by Jennie Allen & Searching for Spring by Christine Hoover

Thankful for friends that visit and make sure to have dinner together and share lots of fun family history and lots of encouragement. To be a part of God's family has endless blessings. Seriously so good.

Thankful for the dose of reality that we took with grace. Moving out of KoOlina, to our area, took a little wind out of my sail, but we were refreshed by the week there, and we know all good things do sadly come to an end.
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Thankful that we are in the 4th Qtr at school, meaning just about 40 school days left of this year!

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Thankful for a  beautiful Easter weekend.
 A friend recommended this book    Image result for the garden the curtain the cross  & Hannah really enjoyed learning some good truths with it.

We also enjoyed having visitors from Malaysia and Australia on Sunday which helped our little gathering's service to be pretty perfect.

Thankful for this hymn

and for the "a-ha" moment I had on Sunday. I have been feeling quite discontent lately- and it seems ironic to have those feelings while living in basically earthly paradise... however they come... and I wonder why... why won't different activity here make us feel content? Should we ever feel content? I know Paul says to be content.... but I feel like we should always be wanting more... more of the right and true and holy things that God wants us to be about.... and not to settle for anything less  than eternal views.....
Like CS Lewis saidImage result for cw lewis quotes

 and then singing those words, that most def got me teary,
(Verse 4) 
Soon Thou wilt come again,
Jesus, my Lord!
I shall be happy then,
Jesus, my Lord!
Then, Thine own face I see;
Then I shall like Thee be;
Then evermore with Thee, 

Jesus, my Lord!

Thankful for a delish lunch, our kids who don't eat , make for cheap dates, and the Easter Bunny was extra chill & always around our table.

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