Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Washington Wrap Up

With our big guy at Anvil Bible Camp, we had the week with the littles to explore Seattle and just enjoy Summer! Thank you Hale fam for putting up with our antics so long! It was such a great trip! We are looking forward to next year already! 😍🙏

Matt's 1st stop was the Seattle Union Mission!

The three amigos and the cutest dog.
 Thankful for this gem of a picture sent to me this week! (My dad and baby Dusty)

Happy 4th!
Thankful for my hubs who went along with the ride to a local parade. That is my jam .
We watched the :children's parade: and since the kiddos had enough candy, and it was hot, we left before the real parade.
Pikes Place here we come!

 Thankful for DJ and Dawn DeFreece who host the believers at their lake! This is our 2nd year attending and we actually stayed til the fireworks! #nopartypoopershere
Thankful for the sweet dad of our new friend Eliza, who boated with Hannah.

Thankful for Hannah's heart of adventure. She didn't want a swim suit because "eww that lake is so dirty". But she got soaked in her dress and loved every minute in that "dirty lake". She even got mud on her hair and while I cringed inside for her, she was totally ok with it!?!
 Then there's this guy.
Bless Dawn's heart. Her huge huge patient heart.
She knows about Hudson and how he needs a little extra attention.
She gave him a kayak lesson in a minute and thought he was good to go. Matt did too. Clearly I was panicked, what's new. That P word has plagued me lately, and I need to let it go! #workinprogress

The life vest made it all better. But still.

 Hannah had no dry clothes #momfail, but she rocked Matt's T Shirt as a dress just fine ;)
 Meanwhile... in Anvil Camp... big H is LOVING IT....

 Yes that Harr with his hands in the air.
Praise hands all day errday.
 Chapel service was daily & also his highlight.
Thank you Anvil! 🙏😍
 Thankful for hand me downs from Tessa! Mini Boden and Gap for dayz. Thanks Kath!!
 Thankful for our WA grandparents, Andy and Virginia Hale, who we asked to adopt us basically.
Love them on all levels.

 FriYAy! Harrison comes off the ferry tomorrow! Can.not.wait!
Vancouver, here we come!

 Mall Sushi! Aunty, yours is way better. 😍 Who puts tomatoes on their sushi!?! So gross.

 You had me at Timbits. #YUM

 The Canada Day donut is so fun. But it was filled. Who eats filled donuts!? #notmypickyprincess #sigh
Thankful for kind workers that day that catered to her grossed out self.
 And this,
Yum. Although this was for Matt, I am all for sweet not savory. EXCEPT.... that night .... we had Buffalo Chicken Poutine. That. was. incredible.
 Thankful for the coolest mall ever, with the prettiest background for a random photo!
 MomFail...no swim suits... and this pool had a slide!?
Thankful for the good Canadian pricing at Justice!

 Thankful the whole swarm of school choir kids finaaally left the pool.
 #mommabearabouttoattack #stopsplashingmybaby #iknowiknowweareatapool

Vancouver in a morning

 Thankful for the time and patience Matt shares with Hudson.
Dad duties are taken for granted nearly every day but real life with Hudson has us all just on our toes. Especially in public.
And eating noodles, without scraping his fork on the plate was of utmost priority. If he could, he would eat with his hands, at every meal.

The Ferry is approaching!

 All Smiles!

 He was talking story for ever! Then it was silent. Harrison!?! Oh. That's Why. #camptired
 Thankful for Manda Panda.
Love you girl!
Thank you for keeping eyes on our special guy all week & for all the encouraging you did for the staff there!!
 harrison and james
 Corbin and Harrison and Sienna

Post Canada Supper had us at Teddys.
PopRocks and Cookies Shake. YUM.

Sunday night at Clearview!
Kazen crew joined our fun!
 Lois Lamb! Love how she knew my mom and knows my mom now. I love hearing stories from the past! Her heart is huge and we were so blessed to see her and her hubby on their 1st Sunday in WA!
 Hales Heberts and Kazens invade MOD pizza! Yum and Fun!
 Future couple.
Hudson and Myla.
So incredibly cute.
 Our last snooze in Woodinville,
Hudson has the best sleepy poses.
 On the Road!
Breakfast of champs!
 Of course she is out 1st! Best car sleeper...ever.

 How do we survive in a sedan, packed with stuff and humans?
Fruit by the foot in massive amounts, black iced tea and lots of jamz.

Love this song!

Our newest fave artist is City Alight. 
All my sin was so contagious
All my failing so outrageous
Says the Saviour, "I will pay this!"
Praise the Saviour, Jesus

I was lost once, full of hate then
If He left us who could blame him?
Says the Saviour, "I will claim them!"
Praise the Saviour, Jesus

Such a freedom! Who could earn this?
Who could pay for this forgiveness?
Says the Saviour, "It is finished!"
Praise the Saviour, Jesus

Praise the Saviour, praise the King
This our song, our song shall be!
Praise the Saviour, praise the King
This our song, our song shall be!
Praise the Saviour, praise the King
This our song, our song shall be!
Praise the Saviour, praise the King

Now, the Treasure of my whole life
I will stand soon by Your own side
Says the Saviour, "Welcome home child!"
Praise the Saviour, Jesus
Praise the Saviour, Jesus

just about 1,000 miles left until IL!
Bring it baby! Let's go! Ready to resettle!