Monday, June 18, 2018

washington week 2

from cooler temps to thunder storms, to few 'squitos to a saved soul, restful nights and grandparent arrivals, this week was a record breaker. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’—

thankful for the generosity of a couple believers to treat the teen group to DQ each night.
During summer... it seems safest keeping the kids always busy - especially the teen crew. There is much to be said in scripture about idleness
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, so when the teens stay past the teen time & supper (5-7pm), for meeting and then DQ (730-10), it feels like success.
Success that they have been safe with us for nearly 5 hours of their day.
Pray for us to truly love the teens.

 Thankful for Faith, Reuben and Lois's granddaughter, who bonded well with Hannah! They are pretty cute & creative! ๐Ÿ’•
 Thankful for Emily, an amazingly strong wife and momma and obvi awesome cook! That PB dessert was too good! ๐Ÿ˜‹
 Thankful for these teens that come out each night.
Thankful for the lessons ready for them.

 Thankful for Walmart being just a mile or two away and the LEGO selection. Bribery works like a charm in our fam, insert all the judgements here, go ahead ;). but if you want a peaceful RV life, sometimes LEGO bribes for naps & a toyless meeting are a must .
Hudson has been carefully attentive ( some nights) to the preaching, and after one night of his insane Batman book distractions, I said nope, no more books in that bag. Just a snack, water & bible will come to the tent. He did great on Friday. Here's to a full week of that. (insert another bribe)
He is grasping truth ( that God is the best man in the universe, he is better than star wars, and when asked why he is the best, it's because he made us. Good points bud! I love that he knows that Jesus died, but when he heard that Jesus is alive, he was incredulous. That is impossible he says. I know bud, I know.)
 #withGodallthingsarepossible. So when I see some lightbulbs flickering, I pray that God will keep illuminating His word & that there will be a sale on Legos ;)

Thankful for friends that drive crazy hours to be carpool buddies.
Brady Matt & Doug took a roadtrip early Tuesday morning to get our car that had arrived from HNL.
 Drew and Jut met them for lunch!

 This small town library is our fave hangout. ever. From the STEM toys to the movies, to the free printable pages we can print, to the friends we see there. All the feels.
This build your own plane is amazing. I added all the toys from here to Amazon teaching cart for 2018-2019 :)

 daily naps.

 Meet Kirjah. Beautiful name for a beautiful girl, who is an INSANELY good but CRAZY tight braider ( yes I cried during the braid and no I hope she didnt see it).
And somehow this filter takes my cheeks and double chin out. All the love for that!

 Thankful for the guy who leads our adventures. We can't stay still . Oroville, the cherry town, on the border, was calling our name! Not only did we chat with the border dude about crossing paperwork, but we stopped in a mini museum, met the owner of the farm and vineyard & ate an amazing greek pizza!

 Brady, the hardest working, patient and kind guy- that welcomes our kiddos help! Bless his heart! He is painting new tent posts, and Harrison got in on some of the fun.

 The aftermath of tight braids was super wavy nearly permed craziness. The deer filter made it all better.

One of the new to me books courtesy of the library is

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each page has some good take aways.

thankful for storms that make beautiful clouds, prettier rainbows & clean up the dust!
 thankful for this guy! Reuben!
 DQ Date - post Friday night Gospel.

 Because I am an ambivert {am·bi·vert
  1. a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.}
, and love being with people and being alone, I choose to skip the DQ time and hang solo with Hudson. It gives me the perfect regroup time away from the crowd and I get to see what this guy's mind is all about! When he isn't obsessing over LEGOS, he is all in with his cars!

thankful for the small town vibes. the city council did their once a year event this saturday. the library had their book sale, bouncy slide was bounced on, bees left us alone & we all left happy!

 While Matt & Hannah drove to Spokane to pick up the Hebert's, we adventured to one of our faves, Winthrop!
It was the perfect day, a little rain and whole lotta puffy clouds. Lots of parking, leather shops that spoke ray's language, and a new to me coffee shop! ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  They arrived! They stopped in at the Grand Coulee Dam and then drove to us!

Reunited. Hotel pool party is where it was at... until the chaos of the echo-y room drove us bonkers๐Ÿ˜†

 Taking over the breakfast nook for our Subway supps!❤
 It has been almost 3 years since we all had been together! ❤


 Hannah is loving the hotel life with Memere, Pepere and Gracie!
 We love love love hearing June's testimony!
He shared it at the hall and at a homeless outreach that same afternoon.

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