Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Multitude Monday... a day late!

Thankful to visit with some Hawaii friends this weekend!

And thankful for the believers at Livingston for taking such great care of our main man! 

Thankful for a great week at VBS

Thankful for fun evening outings. Glow Night at Pump it Up,  basically the best workout for kids ever, and there were like 10 kids total. It was amazing!

Thankful that Matt is surrounded by awesome guys in Jersey!
 Matt & Micheal ( President Phil's - from PGM son, in front of Dave's gorgeous Historic mansion)

 Another amazing late night city tour by the one and only Mel! He is so legit and has the best sense of adventure. Of course, 1st stop was the Food truck! Yum!

 Dave, Matt and Micheal tour Columbia University and churches

Thankful for Costco- guys their customer service surpasses every other store, even Target ;) We were impressed... and our fave take away from there this week was the mermaid blanket.
Thankful for Matt's flawless planning of the car transport guy... here Hudsie and I are, getting the last wash in IL! 
 Shiny and ready for the truck!

 Thank you Brandt's for hosting swim days- a great way for us momma's to fellowship and our kiddos to as well... we finally made it to one... and so thankful Harrison and Tanner got a cute pic... last pic of the two of them until we get Tanner out to visit ;) Tanner is such a blessing to Harrison- not only do we benefit from his amazing hand me downs, but he is such a positive role model for Big H.
 After a day at the pool, snuggling with trail mix is Hudsie's jam.
 Thank you Grub Hub for making Sushi delivery so crazy convenient! Yes, this was amazing, and yes there are edible gold specks in it!

Thankful for Etsy...Melody at "SimplieGirlieDesign"... created a custom shirt for our Mermaid lover, and rushed it here beyond fast.... and Hannah was happily surprised...

Thankful for Dusty who is sharing his car with us all week, so that we can still do adventures without our own wheels. 
I tried to venture into the city.... but alas, the Lord intervened and said No Sugar overload at Dylans Candy bar ;)  Happy Nappers woke up to us in the city, parked at a local  grocery store to grab candy there instead ;) Hey ... whatever works right? :) Then, we went to  our happy place... Roosevelt Collection... this is our fave movie theater area... and we love the small park... we were happily surprised to see the new to us Koi Fish pond there! 

Thankful for Harrison's attention to detail. I love that he is picky. I love that he has a strong mind and knows what he wants.  This applies specifically to his hair this week.... I wouldn't have thought he would care so much about his do... but he does... and after a few attempts, the lady got it just right :)

Thankful for this cute crew!

Thank you weather for giving us a sunny start to Hannah's 7th birthday week! Thank you Lifetime for hooking us up with a full week guest pass, so we can enjoy this amazing place for free.... such a crazy cool blessing!

Countdown: Hannah's Birthday: 4 days .... Matt's arrival 6 days.... Hawaii take off... 7 days
Enjoyed today's daily proverb... here are few good take aways...