Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thankful Thursday 7.6.17

Thankful for this{ new to me  }version of the Bible.... I read a section each night to the kids, we have struggled with a summer bedtime schedule ... but we are getting in our groove and have found that after tubs/showers,  snuggling on their make shift camp site (bedroom floor with blankets pillows and sleeping bags) & reading a section of this Bible, is not only calming & peaceful & creates a great pathway to sleep- but also super enlightening- this version of the bible uses passages that can be seen as parallel to each other- one night it was a Genesis, Psalms and John section. Loved it! Love seeing connections in new ways, and love that the last words our kids hear from their noisy polluted day are words of Truth from the Word. ❤

Thankful for the one hour a day where we all either nap or read or color. ❤
(Hudson extends that to a 3 hour nap- this guy loves his sleep, and we all rejoice ;))

Thankful for my math manipulatives that serve as attack worms :) Those measuring worms are on Amazon & are amazingly fun and too cute. ❤

Thankful for Matt who loves spending time with our kiddos.... I think I take this for granted & expect that to be the case... until we see families where the dad is totally M.I.A & even though physically present- every other part is in another place... and my heart gets pricked ... 1- that we are blessed and 2- that I need to make sure Matt knows how thankful I am that he is so intentional about making our kids numero uno. ❤

Thankful for impromptu car port dinner dates. ❤

Thankful for finishing the book "Love Lives Here" by Maria Goff.
Her husband Bob Goff is a great writer and one of my faves that he authors  is "Love Does". Both are must reads.

My favorite take away

Thankful for mud pies and sunny skies๐Ÿ˜Ž

Thankful for summer's bounty of strawberries! ๐Ÿ˜‹

 Thankful for summer movie fun with Mimi! ❤

Thankful for our Iowa friends who came to visit. How cool was it, that while Matt was touring with them, he was called to do an impromptu gospel sermon, as the planned preacher hadn't showed up. ❤

 Brian and Braden enjoying our fave China town hot spot Joy Yee❤

 Thankful for Water Balloons... somehow somewhere balloon genuises united to create self sealing, ready in 60 seconds water balloons... and we couldnt be happier... why does throwing a water packed colorful balloon bring so much fun? Loooove it.  ❤
{FYI Costco of course beats any other prices for the quantity}

Thankful that Matt captured our intensity.๐Ÿ˜‚ Those Aliens got blasted!

 Thankful for friends that travel around to different states & somehow we finally are just a small drive away!
How fun to love on these adorable Aubry kiddos... and to meet and squeeze Mr May May ( Mason). Hannah was obsessed and it was pretty sweet.❤


Thank you Ann Voskamp for yet another encouraging post. ❤

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