Monday, July 10, 2017


Thankful for fam jam time.
Hill- Hebert Summer Birthday Celebration at Mimi's Casa
{Harrison Mila Hannah and Matt}

 We loved the trick candles!

 What a trooper this love is... stung by a wasp... went through her long sleeve suit, and left the biggest welt ever... not the best birthday present... but google's medicine idea of meat rub and vinegar to draw the venom out. worked like a charm!

We loved our ice cream cake choices... Hannah's was strawberry ice cream with white cake, thanks Baskin, and the other's was DQ Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard cake... delish...

Enjoying every detail of this great Grace book.

 This night. All the hearts. {Might have used a cool insta filter on the above pic. #totallytan}

Super thankful that my boss saved his Friday night for us.
Super thankful that our sitter could come over last minute to watch our pumpkins.
Super thankful that we not only ate amazing food, Fogo you nailed it yet again, but got to know him on a "non school" level.
Super thankful that Doc will be flying to NY for a retreat at Colombia University in Harlem during the 2nd week of meetings. We are prayerful that he will connect with Matt each evening in Jersey!

Thankful for Hudson's snuggly nap before Sarah and Matt's wedding! Harrison was my sitter, so we reeally needed one of the 2 to be asleep before I left :) And Hooray!! He stayed asleep the whole time I was gone! Thank you Lord!

 This wedding.. Just perfect. The weather was amazing. The setting was divine. The musicians were right on point. And then in walked the family ... Ruth if you are reading this, you looked AHMAZING!
My fave part was their heart felt vows... forget the traditionalism.. they made it unique and very special... just. beautiful.

 This dress was the best outdoor wedding dress- courtesy of NY and Co... I have loved my dresses this season from them, they are long enough, and cover the right places ;) and when on sale, are pretty reasonable... was missing a date on my arm, but hey this is a perfect Hawaii dress too, so it'll reappear ...
My date was here... doing what God has put on his heart. Thank you Midland Park GH for making him feel so very welcome!

 This is Matt and Muhammad. Muhammad was a PGM-er. He was a Muslim convert, who by Gods' grace got on his feet again and moved from IL to NJ. He owns an ice cream truck now and plans to bring it to the meetings each night!  It blew my mind. Like literally. God's timing and God's grace is just too intensely amazing!!
 Thankful to be here this summer to attend one of our favorite VBS's! Harrison is too old to attend, to melt my heart, he is an aid with the PreK 3 year olds. I stay too to be Hudson's one on one helper, and after today, seeing Ms Erin with 17, 4 year olds, I was very glad I stayed :) Its the longest 3 hours ever, but the best 3 hours too. Their VBS coordinator gets every detail nailed just right and makes it super fun!!

Countdown to Hannah's 7th : 12 days!
Countdown to seeing Matt : 14 days!
Countdown to Hawaii : 15 days!

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