Friday, November 30, 2012

"Jesus Calling" Encouragement

As my dear hubby left our family yesterday for a long weekend get away to be filled with scriptural teaching, good friendship time & yummy food of course, my mind instantly thinks of all that can go wrong as I am single with 2 kids. Why does my brain instantly turn to negatives and worrying? So thankful that the Lord brought Matt to New York safely yesterday, and He kept us safe last night, despite my intense fear of being alone at night J Today, the devotional book Jesus Calling had the PERFECT encouragement. “Remember that you are en route to Heaven…and let your problems fade in light of Eternity”. Beautiful. So True. Now to make those words real and live it will be my challenge today, especially tonight (but thankful for a slumber party for Harrison to maybe ease my worries?! A couple 7-9 yr boys can protect the house and me and Hannah right!? J Pray for us while Matt is away! Tuesday is the happy reunion day J

Monday, November 26, 2012

Multitude Monday part 2

So I really slacked off since my 1st Multitude Monday...but getting back on track a couple months later is better than never right?! If you have never read 1000 Gifts, by Ann Voskamp- DO! It's a must read, and I'm not even finished yet ... it will change your life and cause you to live a life of gratitude in ALL every Monday - 10 thankful "things"-

11. Thankful that Harrison stepped in water...  in his room today, and we were all home to see a big crack in his fish tank! It could have happened during our Christmas Break when we are going away. Oh what a stinky mess that would have been!! It was already stinky AND messy today- the day OF- can't imagine if left un touched for 2 weeks. EWW!!!

12. Thankful that we have an unused bath tub to dump all 15-20 fishies in while we fix his tank :) They have never swam so much :) Harrison and Hannah are in awe of our "massive fish tank" We are secretly wondering if Hannah will try to jump in there with them. We don't put it past her. She is obsessed with both water and fish and going potty "all by herself". Soooo we shall see.

13. Praising the Lord that we have an opportunity to show our kids how to share and give as we have an Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box Filling Party at our home! Harrison is excited to get and give his presents away to needy kiddos. Pictures will come in mid Dec :)
14. Our baby boy is 22 weeks today... 18 weeks til arrival date! We can't wait to meet him!
15.Thankful for our sweet son who left us a love note and candy corn under our pillow last night
16. Yes another mushy praise for our Harrison :) But he did awesome in school today and got to "clip up" so he chose Orange Cinnamon Rolls and a Grinch Family movie date. ( We LOVE when he gets good behavior days, not only because he SHOULD excel as a teacher's kid- HELLO!!! but because we get yummy fun treats to eat too! :))
17. Thankful that the Lord is speaking to us in many ways- about our lives for Him and paths He wants us to go down.
18. Thankful for healthy Hannah- as this is her.. Friday morning post Turkey meal, woke up puking...then to a shower which is her FAVE activity- just to fall DEAD ASLEEP instantly for 2 hours...on the couch with us making our normal noise. but this is her AFTER her long strange nap- 
19. Dunkin Donut Christmas Ornaments are out! Yep- we bought them both :)
20. Christmas Break countdown is officially on... School is out on Dec 21- for 2 weeks. CAN NOT WAIT for FLORIDA and MIMI and SEAVIEW!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas is coming!

Christmas Lights are on... we have a mantel to hang our stockings on this year :) Harrison's fish are feeling the spirit too with fun Grinch Fish rocks. XO


Thanksgiving was a wonderful day with yummy food, good friends and loving family.

Enjoy a few pictures :)