Friday, November 30, 2012

"Jesus Calling" Encouragement

As my dear hubby left our family yesterday for a long weekend get away to be filled with scriptural teaching, good friendship time & yummy food of course, my mind instantly thinks of all that can go wrong as I am single with 2 kids. Why does my brain instantly turn to negatives and worrying? So thankful that the Lord brought Matt to New York safely yesterday, and He kept us safe last night, despite my intense fear of being alone at night J Today, the devotional book Jesus Calling had the PERFECT encouragement. “Remember that you are en route to Heaven…and let your problems fade in light of Eternity”. Beautiful. So True. Now to make those words real and live it will be my challenge today, especially tonight (but thankful for a slumber party for Harrison to maybe ease my worries?! A couple 7-9 yr boys can protect the house and me and Hannah right!? J Pray for us while Matt is away! Tuesday is the happy reunion day J

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