Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Multitude Monday of 2013... a day late :)

Its New Year's Eve!
Where did 2013 go?
I hope  that you will enjoy tonight and have a great New Years Day tomorrow, and enjoy many blessings in 2014. Maybe this will be your year to begin a gratitude journal :)

Thankful this week for....

Friends to ice skate with

Celebrating Dustin's 34 Birthday together!(Pic below are our dinner date out & cake at home)

Thankful for a warm no jacket day!

Thankful to be able to share love with others on Christmas Eve! It was BRUTALLY cold, too cold for many homeless to be out, but we passed out hot chocolate to the few we found & people waiting for the bus :)

Thankful for this little happy peanut. He is such a drooly snugglebug & we eat him up every day!!
Thankful to be  inspired by Youversion, to choose one verse for 2014 and have that be a focus verse. My verse is
Matthew 25:40 (GW) |  “The king will answer them, ‘I can guarantee this truth: Whatever you did for one of my brothers or sisters, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did for me.’
Thankful this week for Chase fraud protection! We were hacked! My card was used (excessively!?!?! :)) at Target during the bad time- and my debit card was compromised. Some trucker used 494.65 in Nebraska at Pilot!! Chase texted me...then called me... then refunded the money in 12 hours. I called Pilot & talked to the manager and she found the pump # who used my card! Maybe this can help them crack the case :) I love the detective stuff (Especially since our moolah is safe & sound)
Thankful for Amazon & their great customer service & easy returns
 Here is our 2013 Christmas Card in case I missed your family. Please email your address, and we can add you to our list for next year :) :)

Have a wonderful New Years Eve!!!
And a fabulous start to 2014!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Xmas Eve: Opened their PJs and were ready to Facetime with Memere & Pepere & Uncle Mark :)

 Us on facetime :)

Xmas Morning!


Italian Xmas Dinner- our gift to Mom, a catered no work no fuss meal and it was delish AND we have leftovers. Amazing.

 Arent our twins cute? Cant tell them apart ;)

Always goofin' around. Such fun!

 Meal time is so special. Having Uncle Dustin home was such a joy! Hannah & Hudson were napping too, extra special joy :)

Yay for Harrison's teacher! I love love love this gift he made there!

 The best way to relax, ipad, jammy pants, no cares, all joy, = HANNAH, she beats to her very own, independent adorable drum :)

 Our beautiful domino trains. Matt smoked us.

 Us :) :) :)

 Cutie pie! 9 months old in 2 days. Almost walking (What!? So early right??) And eating real food in very small amounts. (This mama is a little paranoid about choking, but he loves cinnamon rolls, crackers, applesauce & avacado - perfect balanced diet! HA!)

 SO glad to be together!!!XOXO

The Hebert's Tree & loot ( We did a seperate room for their stuff & had a private celebration just us and them on Facetime - next best thing to being there!)

Love looking at our friends and family each day!

Santa's little buddy :) Hudson's 1st Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's sooo close to Christmas!

500-510! Multitude Monday strikes again during the happiest time of the year!
500- Thankful for....The sparkle of the lights..
501-...the joy of the kids as they watch their stockings fill up each day
502- & the road rage that crazy people show! It makes me laugh sometimes, because everyone knows driving by the mall or by big stores will be slow - so you would hope they'd all take extra patience pills that morning, but no such luck. This time of year is a great time to be a good example of Christ's joy & patience. (Not saying I model that perfectly AT ALL, but I do the best I can :))
503- Family movies from my dad's old school camcorder  transformed on DVDs from Costco- so so cool to relive memories from 1991!! So special to see lots of family members on there that are in Heaven now.
504- Early Christmas presents from my hunny! My love language is not gifts, but one early gift was Crossfit type sessions at Lifetime- I start Friday !!:)
505-Nap time. Now that Harrison is in school, coordinating Hannah & Hudson to nap from 12-3 is simply beautiful! I really cherish the down time- although putting Hannah to bed could my highlight. I tell her one made up story each day, and she always asks if the princess in the story is her- which it is of course- and she smiles and closes her eyes, and I can envision her dreaming about some prince (probably daddy) as she sleeps.
506- Harrison is home for 2 weeks! Matt is off for 1 of those weeks! I am off school for those 2 weeks too! So party it up over here!
507-a new Pandora station- Opera Trance- best of both for a great workout beat
508- a tulle dress for me for Xmas dinner! (Thanks Jules :))
509-Sugar cookies & messy frosting dates with the kiddos
510- Xmas dinner ordered...no cooking...going Italian... and dessert will be fresh cannoli & lots of my mom's cookies and my fave- strawberry rhubarb Pie! Can. Not. Wait.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Merry Moments Captured & Multitudes: 490-500

1/2 way through the 1,000 Gift Challenge!

490- Thankful this week that we got home safely on Wednesday & that we are homebound here for a while. Matt's job is an office job, so he is no longer here at home with us, come January, (SAD!!) which means we are not super flexible like we were before, but great benefits & pay.
491- Watching Harrison & Hannah hug and exchange goodbyes today. They have been pretty much attached at the hip since we moved and homeschooled, so watching Harrison hug her and tell her he loved her, and listening to Hannah say I'll be brave, Harrison, was so sweet.
492- Walking with Harrison....to school! Today is his 1st day. We met his teacher - who I loved immediately- which is SUCH a blessing, as I tend to be a tad critical :) We did a bunch of enrollment stuff Friday, which allowed me to see the office staff and Principal in action, and for the hour I was there, I was impressed. Way different from our massive school in AZ. This is PreK-5th grade only. With 3-4 sections of each grade. His class has 19 kids in it. Very happy with that under 20 number. Almost unheard of in public schools!
493- Visit 2 to my dreaded place...the Dentist... to finish my root canal.
494- Neon wrapping paper & neon decorations! I am so over the red and green colors :)
495- Christmas cards and pictures of family and friends in the mail each day. I love hearing the mail truck!
496- Uplifting & encouraging & successful activities at the Nursing Home.
497- the smell of a real Christmas tree
498- everything covered in snow
499- rosey cheeks
500- Hannah recognizing her letters! She saw my shirt today and was like Hey I have that letter in my name! (H). So fun to see the gears cranking away in her brain.

 the tree!

The coolest Musical steps ever at the Museum of Science in Boston (Her magnifying glass was her most prized accessory that day)

Anita & Hannah


Is this my child!? All smiles around a zillion bees?!

8 1/2 months

Butterfly exhibit
Great morning memories with my aunt & uncle in MA

Movie time on great-grammy hill's couch

Another special aunt & Harrison having too much fun playing darts
 Getting closer to IL!
 1st day of 3rd grade:Public School: - 12/16/13

So awesome that we can walk to school! For some reason it's Harrison's dream. Glad that dream could come true ;)

Very special to have Uncle Dustin around for special days like today


Gingerbread Night at the Nursing Home

 Sarah & Harrison