Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Xmas Eve: Opened their PJs and were ready to Facetime with Memere & Pepere & Uncle Mark :)

 Us on facetime :)

Xmas Morning!


Italian Xmas Dinner- our gift to Mom, a catered no work no fuss meal and it was delish AND we have leftovers. Amazing.

 Arent our twins cute? Cant tell them apart ;)

Always goofin' around. Such fun!

 Meal time is so special. Having Uncle Dustin home was such a joy! Hannah & Hudson were napping too, extra special joy :)

Yay for Harrison's teacher! I love love love this gift he made there!

 The best way to relax, ipad, jammy pants, no cares, all joy, = HANNAH, she beats to her very own, independent adorable drum :)

 Our beautiful domino trains. Matt smoked us.

 Us :) :) :)

 Cutie pie! 9 months old in 2 days. Almost walking (What!? So early right??) And eating real food in very small amounts. (This mama is a little paranoid about choking, but he loves cinnamon rolls, crackers, applesauce & avacado - perfect balanced diet! HA!)

 SO glad to be together!!!XOXO

The Hebert's Tree & loot ( We did a seperate room for their stuff & had a private celebration just us and them on Facetime - next best thing to being there!)

Love looking at our friends and family each day!

Santa's little buddy :) Hudson's 1st Christmas

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