Tuesday, January 27, 2015


thankful this week...,
For clean teeth 

For funny faces 

an upcoming bi
ble program graduation for 12 homeless people 

For holidays & no school 

For fun hands on activities 

For pet fish 

Frozen on ice date! 

For an awesome sitter to keep little man happy back at the ranch :) 
For relationships that grow 
For books that guide 

Monday, January 19, 2015


Happy Monday!!
Thankful this week...
*that I got a call back about serving in the community!

*that other sisters in Christ were able to  get together & take a deep breath & regroup together. Mommy hood is no joke! Beautiful to be encouraged.

*that we got invited to a special friends house for a yummy supper

*that Hudson learned how to kiss!! ( This is very exciting, because we are a very kissy family, and whenever we give him kisses he would either A: Headbut us or B: look away. Break my heart and give me a concussion! So now he listens, looks and "kisses". So so so sweet!)

*for our normally "keep to himself" semi grouchy neighbor, saying Hi and passing along some kind words. It totally made me smile inside and out & the words about "by your deeds they shall know HIM" popped in my mind... it takes little acts of random kindness and soon anyone's grouchy shell will crack!

*for finding a Valentine bag packed in the Valentine box ( wow, I was organized last year!) scored a new shirt, endless washi tapes and crafts! Must have hit up Targets 90% off sale! So thankful to have remembered to open that box right about now ;)

*that I got a call for an interview on Wednesday. 1st grade long term sub in our son's district. Would be completely ideal. The Lord knows and He will give me help ... Please pray for me next Wednesday. And if they pass on me, please pray that I will have grace and determination to keep learning the IL state standards and glorify God in it all...

*for the Online Bible Study book "Keep It Shut" arriving earlier than expected! (Proverbs 31 ministry has more details on their website!) I began reading it this week, and the one liner that captured my attention was this "I can hear you" Love God.... Boom... Powerful fact. A fact I have known all along, yet lately I have really needed a reminder in this area in the tone of my voice and patience level of handling sibling squabbles.

*that the patriots won sunday night & are headed to glendale for the Super Bowl!!!!

* for learning new healthy cooking tips. Best football snack: dip orange slices halfway in melted "enjoy life" brand choc chips... Then roll in ground almond & organic unsweetened coconut. Re fridge. Then ... Enjoy & devour ;)


Monday, January 12, 2015


Thankful this week
 For a cute uncle & cousin picture :)
 For peace & sibling love in the freezing snowy temps

 For new shades

For our motivation wall - the struggle is real folks!! Dairy & sugar cravings attack endlessly! This wall helps :)

For my 
beauty & her book

For parental inspiration 

For tasty healthy soda alternatives 

For a special friend sending me some #fiercein15 love 

For my mom
Joining in to witness the pats
 win their playoff game!!

 For my bestie  - my motto is "the couple that cheers together.... Stays together" :) xo
For the PS3 eye- allows movement and fun interactive gaming 😊🙌

Monday, January 5, 2015

Ringing in the New Year... 2015's 1st Multitude Monday...

Happy New Year!

My friend, and the 3 Musketeers {Dusty Myself & Matty}, and some other Instagrammers, love the #: #FIERCEIN15.... I loved this definition of fierce:"of a feeling, emotion, or action- showing a heartfelt and powerful intensity".... We hope to be fierce in all areas - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, etc.... We are excited to embrace this new year with reflections on the past year and years, and determination to be an overcomer when challenges come our way. I hope you will be your own version of Fierce... and embrace #Fiercein15 as well. XO

If you are new to the blog- WELCOME!! As a way to enjoy each moment and honor God through it all- I blog each Monday about 10 things I have been thankful for during the past week. #annvoskamp (She authored 1,000 gifts, a gratitude journal, which inspired me). A few weeks ago I reached my 1,000 Gifts, but I really enjoy sharing my thoughts & then having them here on the computer to print out for our kids, or for our family.  This is a u reminder as I see God's kindness - even in the mundane mommy moments, and through those epic fails too. God is always good. No matter what. Circumstances do not change His faithfulness. He is our only constant. Love that. Love Him. Love you!

Thankful this week for:

*My brother turning the big 3-5!

*Watching Unbroken as a double date ... in a new to us theater... with amazing food service and recliners

*war veterans- that movie really shook me up and made me appreciate their sacrifice on a greater level.

*a low key NYE. I reread my 2014 blog post, and it was about leaving a NYE bash with a puking Hudson. This year- thankfully it was different. All kiddos were healthy and Hudsie was in bed at 7.

*thankful that NYC celebrated NY at 11pm. That was the longest I could stretch my eyes open til! That ball! That crowd! Its on my bucket list!

*Youtube... best place to find out how to release a skunk...without getting sprayed... yup we were thrilled to see the trap door of the squirrel trap down on Sunday morning... only to see a BLACK AND WHITE creature in there!! Oh boy!

*getting a massive bag of amazing quality hand me downs for Harrison.

*google images... I am now just discovering that I can type in any verse, and many amazing designs pop up! Etsy - no longer need you baby.

*Whole 30 eating plan & Lara Bars.... today is day 5 of no refined sugar, dairy or grains. We have survived and continually slay the SUGAR DRAGON! Struggle is real folks! Hi my name is Alison and I was a sugar addict. Completely. Today I have been sober...5 days... WOOT WOOT....

*for the fresh pages of my 2015 pink journal, and the daily scripture activity challenge.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Personal challenge & encouraging verse of 2015

Galatians 6:9

Praying that God uses me & our family in mighty ways in 2015.
What's your key verse this year?