Monday, July 27, 2015


Ok, so I upload all these pictures,  my heart is so happy - I love love love looking back at pictures and reliving fun days! I also love love love all things birthday!! What kid at heart doesn't ;)
  So I am thankful on this Monday for.....

 1) Learning:

I learned a few things during party number 10 for Big H and number 5 for Hannah.... one, really decorations are just for me... the birthday kiddos do not care at all... and I'm sure all the guests don't either... games & food are pretty important.. but deco?!  They all get TRASHED anyways... sigh... so 10 years of parties later, I think I may turn minimalist on Numero 11, 6 and 3 :)
2) Organization:
The party was 1/2 inside, 1/2 outside, with corny yet kinda cute carnival games :) Here is an example of the name tags- I loved this idea- the teacher in me had to make sure every activity was visited, and then punched :)

3) Giving
 Love how our friends, {Family of 13} thought to get little buddy a present too :)

4) VBS finale
 This is my "Yay another round of night VBS is in the books and Hudsie can go to bed at normal time" face :) It was our kid's 3rd VBS session, and we really enjoyed it, but it is a huge time commitment each day.

4) Trying to live out Romans 15: 1

5) Sweet Betty.
Huge heart. Made the BEST tacos. Always a smile on her face.
 Now she is ready to go Home ... pray for peace during these hard days and for Pa Tenorio, as he is seriously the MOST dedicated, loving, faithful husband. That part about "sickness and health"... that vow is so easy to say at 20, but now when sickness has plagued Betty for years... leaving Oswaldo home bound much of the time... he means it.. he's there every minute by her side... beautiful couple.. beautiful example..

 6) Yay for a fun birthday gift, Hedbandz Disney, being put to good use. The kids loved that Pa had Ariel :) :)

{Sorry for the blur... but that's Hudson for ya... always jumping or running... or flat out... t*w*o!!!}
7) Today - Monday 7/27- marked Hannah's 1st Dental visit, without me next to her, as a big f-I-v-e year old! She didn't scream, instead she told the hygienist the toothpaste disgusting. Yay for  using your words, sweet girl :)


Stainless Steel Cold Cup - Pink, 16 fl oz 
8) Love my mug is on the left... Although my heart REALLY REALLY wants to drink water from the AH-MAZINGLY bright pink Starbucks cup (19.95!!), this was my Dollar Tree find, and I am enjoying drinking my lemon water ... 4 -6 of these babies a day.. Do you drink enough? I always feel thirsty, so having this nearby on our humid days is super helpful :)

9) Reminders

Party Photo Craze : Photo Credit to my dear to be sis

The start of her official birthday DAY... July 22.

10) Hannah Reese Connie Hebert.
Our 5 year old, who got a good Birthday surprise at Texas Roadhouse
{I might have been that crazy mom who called around about places that still hoot and holler for birthdays... and we found the perfect place... Saddled her up and pretty much yelled her birthday wish of being a cowgirl ... to the enduring crowd :)}
Thankful for her heart. Thankful for her ability to ask for forgiveness... pretty fast. Thankful that she has a tremendous love for Hudson. ( She adores Harrison too, but shows it in very different ways ;))  Thankful for her creativity. Thankful for her love of learning new things & her courage in new situations. Thankful that she is working hard at using her words when she gets frustrated. Thankful that she takes solid naps. Thankful for her joy. Thankful that she still wants to snuggle when she wakes up. Thankful that she is healthy. Thankful for her voice- she is our song bird! Thankful for her love of God, and for "his son Christ dying".