Monday, July 6, 2015

*J u b i l a n t J u l y *

Happy Monday!!

The day after a long, holiday weekend seems like either a let down......
 {*when's the next fun festive holiday? Halloween and Thanksgiving!! Too far away! *} {Hobby Lobby reminded me today- pumpkins are out! We cant wait for football, but I want pool and sun time for a while before harvest happens}
...or the beginning of summer for real ;)

Ill go with the latter ...

I love the word Jubilant, worth 17 scrabble points, and means "feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph"

July will be a good, exciting, *hopefully* hot month. Let the summer memories be made!

10 things I am thankful for ...........
The illustrations in here captivate Harrison, and there's no better summer read, than the Bible

 Went thrift store hunting today- with one specific need- shoe organization... BOOM... brand new in box, 6.99, saved a few bucks from Target's retail & saved my poor Target Red Debit card from more abuse ;)

Love my 1st Lindsay Letter's piece of art from Hobby Lobby... @linday_letters {on instagram} love that it's from a Christmas song, but the message is year round solid, baby! Plus it was 3.40- plus it makes me hum Christmas songs in July ... win win win... and..... my attempt at a black and gold gallery wall is coming together! #winagain

Love this slow cooker!
{Monday's meal: whole chicken, cooked with water, garlic, jalapeños, celery & potatoes... plan to serve with Red pepper hummus & crunchy snap peas on the side...}

Since there is no sand in my back yard... or in our near future... this candle makes me think I am at Wingaersheek Beach... sprayed in tanning oil, embracing the waves & salt air... seriously if a 10 dollar Target candle does that, it's pretty remarkable ;)

Thankful for watching sweet Ava act out in the homeschool American Revolution play

Thankful for  family... Uncle Mark's Nike giftcard + Auntie Paula's nike discount = Venom Nikes for our almost 5th grader!

What a perfect way to start the day... left at 6:30 to grab fresh donuts for the flock on Sunday- and met 2 little deer almost crossing the road :)

The squinting is crazy, sorry kids,  but love that they toughed out the extreme brightness for their yearly Good Shepherd VBS pic :)

Thankful for Meijer... that store may be equally as dangerous as Target, especially now that I have their MPerks app...  these little signs make our small cooking area just a tad bit cuter :)

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