Monday, March 27, 2017


Thankful this week....

for Harrison rocking his performance for Declamation.
We are so blessed by so many fantastic programs offered in Harrison's school- one of which is new to us- called Declamation. Apparently it's like a speech contest in different forms... poetry, prose, humor etc... Harrison and his friend Owen stay after school every Tuesday for this program, and have been talking about it for months.. I was S.O totally excited and impressed to see this in action!!
 {It was very strange putting mascara on him haha!! and buying his get up! But soooooo fun!}

They were competing in the Humorous Duet - as EW! the Jimmy Fallon skit. Harrison was Jimmy's character and Owen was Ariana Grande.
So the parents go in and watch all the performers... in a small music room .... there were 10 acts... the duets had to walk in to a SILENT room... with all these eyes on them.. to say that I was literally shaking as I was videoing was a true statement... they all did SUCH a crazy brave thing.. Harrison and Owen were literally perfect, although they did not leave with a trophy... we were bumming for sure... their costumes were on point.. they will need to work on articulation next time ( although in the real skit artic is not there!)

 for Mimi buying skittles :) and treating us to dinner! It was LATE- we had no idea it was a 3 hour long event.... but never the less we were starving... Buona Beef to the rescue! ( and yes we made Harrison change 1st :))

for adorable pics of my adorable nephew... can not even wait to snuggle this smiley man at Hudsie's party tonight!!

Thankful for PGM's banana bonanza!! Look at this delivery!?! Employees were asked to take whatever they could as the bananas would go bad too fast... sooo Matt took and shared 4 boxes with my school! Sending home bunches of bananas made my heart so happy... these kiddos need healthy snack options... and we need frozen bananas for smoothies ;)

that we rebooted as a family... you know when your computer runs slowly, and there are error screens and issues... and that ever so amazing reboot technique that just solves everything... yeah that... the reboot that we needed was very real... and it was very helpful... and yes usually food helps too :) Mexican and Ice Cream :) and our sushi date this weekend was SO GOOD!

that Harrison got honor roll for his 3rd Quarter

that Hannah made good growth in her areas ( so fun that still in 1st grade they use a different letter system, so she gets P's, CD's and B's, and so we aren't as hard on her yet ... but seeing those P's makes our hearts very happy.. and the comments from the teacher about her compassion for others... that is where it's at... my parents were very lenient with us on grades growing up... as long as 2 things happened- all in for effort and all in for positive attitude...  so when I see that come across in our parenting ...I smile... but truth be told I am harder on big H and will be really sad if there are C's on that final report card!)

for a SUCCESSFUL PLEASANT HAIR CUT TIME!! All the happy faces inserted here!!
 Gooo Hudson!!!

that we had a blast at Monster Trucks!

 Thank you kind Venom truck driver for signing Hudson's Hat during the Pit Party!

Happy 4th Birthday Hudsie!

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Happy f.o.u.r.t.h. birthday Hudson Frederick!!

This has been such a packed full year for little buddy!

He has learned so much in school this year and we are sooo thankful for the many kind hearts who help us on this journey...

 just a few hours old.... 
 to this :) 

and so here he is ... our big buddy... at 4 wears size 6/7..
loves  eating  squeeze applesauce, cheese sticks, chicken on stick from Double Dragon & all things sweet, does not like touching his food to eat it so we are creative in how he feeds himself...

loves loves loves all things transportation, especially daddy's fast race car... he loves loves loves "my hannah" and "harreeson"...
 He is working so hard with Miss Julie on eating new foods and learning new sounds... he is loving his Preschool experience SO MUCH... and at bedtime prays for "my best friends owen, zachary, noah and cooper".
He is so excited for his volcano birthday cake... he was very specific... and I love that.. I love that he knows EXACTLY what he wants...

He has a huge heart and we love hearing him ask " Mom you ok?" Or "My Hannah you ok?" I love that he is learning about "happy hearts" and being kind...  He is a melter and better be because he kills me on sooo many levels ;)
He loves doing things his very very particular way. He loves to count to 20.
He sleeps with every single toy he can fit in his bed... seriously though I go when he is asleep and put all his toys away off his bed because who wants to roll over to a hard sharp tonka truck?
He loves to "read" and loves the Lego Brick Bible, My Love For You ( ADORABLE book!!!), any of Hannah's library books & our dollar store Jesus board book.

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He is a creative genius and can build a sick lego tower!
He is fascinated by Hank the Octopus in Dory, Mr Moon in Sing & Maui and Volcanoes in Moana.

Image result for hank the octopusImage result for mr moon in SINGImage result for maui in moana

We are so in love with this crazy amazing Hudbud and can't wait to see what erupts in year 4!
We lava you SO SO SO much Mr. Volcano man!

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Monday, March 20, 2017


Thankful this week...

for an awesome team at work to help on unexpected slippery snow days....

for an awesome morning at home with hudson on this snowy day, as nothing was stopping hannah from going to school and big H went to work with dad :)

 Remember the awesome purchase of this ping pong table from an earlier post? The guys love this outlet... and Matt loves the competition...

Thankful for how crafty this girly is. I love seeing her grow up... reflecting back to her earlier days... and this momma at her wits end for having no idea how to handle the spunk and sass... and wow... at almost 7 .. she is just a lovebug...  Love her love of learning. Love her love of artsy stuff. Love that she enjoys studying ... with shaving cream....  who wouldn't right? Squishing beautiful shaving cream is so fun!
 Trying to ace her spelling list... word 1: low... perfect... :)

 Happy Pi Day ( 3.14)

Thankful for the amazing morning sunrises... yes this cold is really irritating my flip flop feet... but that sun... wow... just a ball of glowing goodness...

Thankful for how our mornings begin... remember the days of worksheets for morning work? I saidsa·yo·na·ra to those a while back... and i love love love watching the kids play together for the 1st little bit... I feel that these kiddos get no play time at home with others... the tablet or screen is their only fun... so here ipads are locked up until centers... and the morning is just to  use magnatiles, Duplo, little Legos, Lego people, Lego animals, artsy stuff and rainbow blocks... to build, create, play, share, talk, laugh and problem solve ( and boy when they leave here they W.I.L.L. be problem solvers using our WORDS not hands, fists or feet... sigh....) 
Image result for learn a lot during play                                                                                                          

 ( this was my 3D shape assessment... love love love not grading paper stuff... which sadly gets trashed before it goes home anyways... and these pictures are worth so much more... that joy is precious.. this boy has just bloomed this year... and not only am I proud of him  I am thankful for the peace that is now in our class too ;) 

Thankful for good memories... Love that this popped up on Dusty's feed from a few  years ago! Wishing we all were going out in late April for another ceremony... but not this time.....

Thankful for festive mornings!! Props to daddy for making sure all the kids wore their festive attire and had green snacks!!

Room 108 will party all day!! but 1st... GoNoodle ( if you have not experienced Go Noodle... download it tooday !!) SO. MUCH. FUN

Thankful for that random lunch break to a new to me grocery store... where these adorable clover plants just called my name

Thankful for Hannah K's sweet mom for this pic at school

Holla!! Chocolate Lucky Charms!? Yes please!

Friday Fellowship with Marshall and their 2 cutie pies!

 Ok so we made Rainbows in a jar for dessert... sorting 3 big bags of skittles kept these giggling leprechauns veryyyy busy :)

 This face!! Could eat her up.

 This face... could eat him up too but he was just being nice ... inside he was like mommmmm really!!? Let me just eat the pile of skittles! 

 Thankful for joining Sams Club! We are loyal Costco freaks... but Sam's has a crazy 7am perk... and of course that early shopping time is ever so worth another membership... and check out the new pool floats that we hope Mimi gets :)

Thankful for patience to stick with a Pintrest supper idea :)

Thankful for a fun Girl Scout outing

Thankful for marriage encouragement... Ann Voskamp's blog posts are sooo good.....

Enjoy your 1st week of spring, ya'll!