Monday, December 11, 2017


Thankful this week for....

Girl Scouts at our school with the sweetest leader... look at the fun craft... and her happy heart.

the amazing clouds and sunny rays.

 for beaches so close... we don't even change into swim gear ( waves are too high!) but digging in the sand, with ocean breeze and surfers in the distance, is the best way to spend our afternoons!

Fellowship Friday Gingerbread Style!
Because I just LOVE this time of year... and it seems like a great time of year to bring the neighbors together, creating a Fellowship Friday event at home with lots of sugar!
Beyond thankful that we live in the same community where I work..
It was a blur... but a fun festive sugar overloaded evening! (Photo credit to Kenji)

Glowstick group pic!

thankful for these boys. Such a good crew of middle schoolers. 
And thankful for Koko entertaining them!
thankful for our awesome cafeteria lady sharing ice with us for our STEM sensory activity! They loved understanding how ice changes form.

thankful for our sunsets.

thank you Target for making Hannah's cozy dreams come true!
thankful for fresh carrot juice, with one lemon too, as a great way to start our Saturday! The sugar detox had to happen!

thankful for our Saturday beach day!We went for big waves, then to no waves! Everyone was happy!

(Our no wave KoOlina beach!)

Thankful for some fun online verses and too much fun looking at letterfolk quotes! {Def have a Letter Folk board on my Santa list!}
Image result for christmas verseImage result for christmas verse

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The official countdown to Christmas Break is on! 8 school days left!!

Monday, December 4, 2017


 Love. This. Time. Of. Year.

Thankful .....
for encouragement from the believers in Okanogan. We love these people so crazy much and love getting happy mail & texts from them!

for Matty & big H enjoying their last week off. They found a new to us delish burger place. Check out the menu!! They loved it so much, we met Gaby, Raquel, Esther and Steph there later in the week! Our faves were the Lahaina & Volcano. Yum.

thankful for social media... and for finding the balance with it and using it to edify and build up. We are specific in who we follow and who we allow to follow us, and if you are new to Insta, or have been on for years... go follow People of The 2nd Chance... POTSC.... so many good reminders...

 So.... a new student entered my class 2 weeks ago. Her story is messy. My heart hurt reading her file.  I knew that God placed her in my class for a purpose. It makes her hard moments in my class easier to deal with, knowing that God wants her there, with me to be her school momma. Yes she tries my patience to a whole new level. Yes I get to do her hair into cute styles. Yes she is so smart  and lively and beautiful inside and out. Yes she is learning how to use an inside voice & socialize with kindness and respect ....and how to tell her inside voices that she is LOVED & accepted & valued. Pray for a family to adopt this girly. She needs a forever home.

Thankful for our fave escape. When school meetings end early, grab a suit and head to KoOlina. Their attitudes needed to get dunked away for good... and seriously that exact thing happens every time we are outside and poolside! Vitamin D stands for ....Delightful Kids.

Thankful that our crazy long day at school was successful. Knowing at 7am- that we are at school for 12 hours is dreadful. However, our team is so legit we have so much fun together & totally left for Starbucks! Holllla! And we got fed. That alone is amazingly helpful to everyone's mood ;)

{To boost Parent-School Engagement- Teachers along with the Parent Community Helper plan one night for the year to bring their grade level or whole school together. Our goal was to share our 2 top apps.... so Tech night happened... and it was a combo of Kinder and 1st. }

  Door Prizes... Every kiddo leaves happy!
 Auntie Rita
( the Parent Community Connector Extraordinaire !
 She just oozes love and positive vibes!)

Thankful for the positive behavior B2 has shown over the past month! Our ticket jar was full!
Pop Pop Pop Party Time!
Popcorn, Bubble Gum & Pop Se Ko on GoNoodle!

Thankful for our friends hanging with us on their last evening in Hawaii!! We wish they could stay longer, but that just means we will have to go to Hamilton soon to visit them!

Thankful for Daily Bread devotions....loved the reminder that broken people are made whole by God's love...

Our 1st Christmas Parade!
Harrison got to walk with the football team, and we got a spot by the hall. {We pulled in, thinking we had the perfect parking space ever, to see it blocked off! Long story short, that cute guy in the green is my student, and also a member of the church that gathers above ours! And their church had blocked off the whole lot for them! But.... thankfully he was kind to Mrs. Hebert and opened the cones up for us to park there! AND we met his Pastor and all the peeps at the church above us! It was such a fun parade! Another reminder that God puts JUST the right people in your path on a daily basis for HIS good and our good!} {Even when it doesn't seem like it!}

 Shaka right back at ya sweet Cop!

 At this point of the parade, Hudson loves his candy.  He is thankful and happy.
But then.... He was so offended that candy cane after candy cane was being dropped on him. Oh Hudsie.....

We loved seeing one of Hannah's teacher's aid!
 A moving library!! Love it!!

So.... we met 4 guys from Puerto Rico... they were super fun & willingly cheered for Big H! So much fun.

After the parade fun... we regrouped and rested by the shores of Makaha. We love this beach when we want to stay close to home. We loved watching the teen surf competition too! They are so brave and so talented! Harrison and Matty did a great job fighting those waves and the crazy current! The littles and I were not that adventurous! I love how when you play in the water it draws you instantly to others.... Harrison found a few locals to hang with all afternoon ... and Hannah was brave and walked over to a new friend too! These kids are so good at making new friends, and we are thankful!

Thankful that Uncle Keith showed up to hang out and give some local advice on surfing and football and balance!

Thankful that we found this great advent plan! Parkview is a church that Dusty and Mila attend- so it feels like we are staying connected in a whole new way ! Love it. 

Thankful for this great reminder verse...

Football Banquet! How fun to have it at Wet N Wild!