Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Thankful for a SHORT work/school week! f.o.u.r days! {And since I didn't post this when I was supposed to, 1 day left & then break!}

Thankful for coworkers that make meetings way more fun with delish french press java.

Thankful for preservation. 
Harrison is experiencing some real life teen issues at his school. We have heard that the teen years are a bit daunting- and yet we are almost in them, and so far so good- minus the drugs and drama at school. The biggest issue when I was in middle school were kids sneaking to smoke cigarettes in the bathrooms... that was big then... but now it's bigger drugs... same place though! 
So when Harrison went to the restroom, he gets approached about drugs.
  This boy is so innocent that it killed us to hear the remarks the boy made to him, but we were so thankful it happened on a campus where Matt is, and where the admin and security staff are fast acting and supportive. It gave us very real dinner conversations, almost in code, to protect our other little innocent ears. 
We need to rise up together to pray for protection for our kids and for our students. The days at school will not get easier ... but our faith will be made stronger .... 
Help the teens in your area. 
Help the parents of those teens by praying and supporting and listening. 
Not judging- but support and listen and pray. Such real power in that.
 {T Minus 2 days and then big H will transfer back to his initial school here by home after the break-. Excited is an understatement.}

Thankful for the fun tubes at the pool. We love using the tourists tubes and then leaving them there for others to enjoy! Hannah Banana is such a fish!

 Thankful for a supportive admin team here at school that gives permission for fun parent involvement. I love love love making gingerbread houses- so my class gets to enjoy it too!!
13 out of 21 families came during the afternoon. It was so much fun!

Thankful for these amazing rainbows
 Thankful for being at the right place at the right time! We had no idea it was Santa night at our gym! But we worked out, pooled for a bit, and as we were leaving we saw the prep and decided to stay! It was so nice and festive! Our kids have never had pictures with Santa, so this was so fun that their 1st Santa pics happened in hawaii! And although we were 3rd in line with Hudson- the older 2 didn't want pictures with the big man, until...... they found out the elves provided real cool gifts after!
So we waited all over again with them..... and it was worth it....

 Thankful for Hudson's joy about Santa and the present. He was going to wait for Christmas, but then couldnt even wait 5 minutes to tear into it! Good thing he opened it then, although it was marked for a boy, it was a doll. Big Bro Harrison rescued and kindly asked for it to be traded.... and he got the BEST PRESENT ever..... a new train set.... seriously.... freak out... it was so so so so so wonderful! [And made us realize all those Santa bell ringers asking for donations outside every store are worth while donating too! The generosity of the Salvation Army was too much! We were so thankful!}

This 489 picture is very important ;) Matt and I play each other in a 2 minute football drill each time we visit the Gym's game room. We have both gotten close to "All Star" which is over 400. But NEVER 489!?!?!? Matt is getting closer to the "Hall of Fame" ;)

Thankful for Keith and Kate and their willingness to meet us for a later dinner out! It was so nice to hang out & our servers were so legit. These surfer dude servers just crack us up with their positive energy!

Thankful for sunny Saturdays & for the air pump at Koolina that makes our swan tube blow up so easy!

 Thankful for fun advent verse printables!
 Thankful for my aunt sending us fresh pine twigs, our house smells so wintery!
 Thankful for our friend Cheri giving us bunny ears - although this picture is blurry- it just shows joy and I love it.
 Thankful for the encouraging youth group our kids are a part of. We love hearing Hannah sing each month! She is not a big fan of the public attention, but she does her best!
 Thankful for these words of the song. Love it. Hadn't sung verse 2 before- but love it!

 Thankful for another braid style and that smiley boy in front ;)
 Thankful for Harrison's love of Koko. Sadly, Koko scared Hannah one day, so he is off her nice list. Hudson never did like Koko- so big bro to the rescue! But last night Koko dug into Harrison's hand, so who knows what Koko's fate will be! But for now, he gets snuggled.

Thankful for our school's awesome winter night! Sno-hana night. Bringing snow to our school family. So much work for the committee who ran it- but SO much fun! The trio next to the right is Hudson's teacher's kiddos.

Thankful for Hannah's caring & sharing heart. That cone-tree was demolished in 2.2 seconds :)

Monday, December 11, 2017


Thankful this week for....

Girl Scouts at our school with the sweetest leader... look at the fun craft... and her happy heart.

the amazing clouds and sunny rays.

 for beaches so close... we don't even change into swim gear ( waves are too high!) but digging in the sand, with ocean breeze and surfers in the distance, is the best way to spend our afternoons!

Fellowship Friday Gingerbread Style!
Because I just LOVE this time of year... and it seems like a great time of year to bring the neighbors together, creating a Fellowship Friday event at home with lots of sugar!
Beyond thankful that we live in the same community where I work..
It was a blur... but a fun festive sugar overloaded evening! (Photo credit to Kenji)

Glowstick group pic!

thankful for these boys. Such a good crew of middle schoolers. 
And thankful for Koko entertaining them!
thankful for our awesome cafeteria lady sharing ice with us for our STEM sensory activity! They loved understanding how ice changes form.

thankful for our sunsets.

thank you Target for making Hannah's cozy dreams come true!
thankful for fresh carrot juice, with one lemon too, as a great way to start our Saturday! The sugar detox had to happen!

thankful for our Saturday beach day!We went for big waves, then to no waves! Everyone was happy!

(Our no wave KoOlina beach!)

Thankful for some fun online verses and too much fun looking at letterfolk quotes! {Def have a Letter Folk board on my Santa list!}
Image result for christmas verseImage result for christmas verse

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The official countdown to Christmas Break is on! 8 school days left!!