Monday, October 16, 2017


Thankful for Fall Break. We did nothing on the to do list except chill, go to dunks too many times & enjoyed together time.. and yes we might have had some splashes too ;)
 And thank you Hawaii for having funding so we get paid on our breaks. #Chicagotakenote ;)
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Thankful for Fellowship Friday Numero Uno. I love our open living room!

Thankful for exploring the Windward side of the island on Saturday.

Thankful for friends that reach out exactly when you need it & offer their kiddo to bbsit for free, so we could enjoy coffee, chats and a new to us Goodwill store and Habitat for Humanity shop!

Thankful for our brand new juicer, courtesy of Habitat for Humanity and their amazing discounts!

Thankful for my hubby's message on Sunday, regarding David. Encouraging and challenging. Image result for stories of david in the bible
The faith of David to run toward Goliath, was powerful. It really challenged my heart .... we all face different giants, but if we are believers - we have the same powerful God as David, and He will be our strength.

Thankful for Hudson's internal nap clock. Asleep like clockwork minutes into our afternoon ride.

Thankful that we got to see Matt's classroom and meet some students & co-workers during our break. Sadly our breaks are not the same time, as he has a year round schedule, but he is super excited for their month long holiday for ALL OF NOVEMBER! Holla!!!
{Friday was their movie day, so of course I had to suggest a great Social Studies movie ;) And... they loved it!.... Get it Elle, Get it girl...}

Thankful for beach time and these views... hasn't lost it's splendor yet!

This creepy eel - looks really cool up close, but not too close

Thankful for this. Sleepyheads that just wanted to watch our new to us Live PD cops show... but they could not even watch more than a few minutes. 

Thankful for my math class.... we switch kiddos during Math and Reading
 ( which is super refreshing- makes me love my homeroom crew even more! I hardly see them all morning!) 
And my math class has loved the simple centers ... this module is all about subtraction... so spiderweb counting boards and spoooky gems are a must

Thankful for timely ministry. Being on a literal island has us thirsty for the word.. and missing fall conferences... but so thankful for technology! Midland Park's Conference Ministry can be found here ......Good for the soul 

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Monday, October 9, 2017


Thankful that my beautiful B2 Buddies came to school so often in Sept and won this amazing ribbon for our door! We will proudly display it all month! Here's to hoping we win it often πŸ™Œ 

The creatures out here are many. Some are cool some are freaky. This one was cool and clearly too slow for our amazingly fast gecko catcher. 

Thankful for our new norms.
With Matt's new job, and Harrison going to that school, it means we are all up and out the door at the same time!
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 Thankful for this genius invention. Erase-able colorful pens. In varying thicknesses. Yes please.

Thankful that our little buddy is napping during their short nap time at school now, which means he is super happy to greet me after school but also the last to go to bed. He loves wondering out of his bedroom once the big H's are fast asleep - and then cuddles and zzz's happen for a few. Love that this was captured. He is normally not a snuggle bug- so this is cherished!

Thankful for Hannah date time. She is one spunky, sassy, soft hearted servant, and one on one time, especially centered around makeup, boba smoothies and shopping, makes for a special extended curfew school night date. 

Thankful for this goofball. Yes he is our oldest so too much gets expected from him, but he rises to it each and every time. We are trying to ease up on those expectations ... slightly... his latest and greatest was getting accepted into Kapolei's advanced classes. He is appreciating his commute dates with dad each day, but missing his football pals and fun recess activities from Waianae a lot. Always pros and cons to choices right?

Thankful for our fun breakfast at Aulani. Missed my Mom and Ray at the table for 7, had hoped the ticket fairy would provide super cheap tickets so we could celebrate Mimi's birthday Aloha style- but maybe Santa will ;) We were thankful Kate and Keith were able to fellowship with us for brunch & enjoy all the Aulani fun!
 {You will notice in the beautiful pics of everyone else- my right side is swollen. Abscess tooth decided to show up & make me extra humble😒 - medication came and swelling is subsiding but what woulda been a CUTE framer- had me like what!?}

Thankful for too big "slippers" ( all sandals are called that out here), tummy & tongue out &  dirt galore. This kiddo is all boy, and this pile of dirt that has sat untouched for months, has finally beckoned his trucks and shovels. (We are still hoping the dirt will be used for our front grass patch? But we are living on island time, so things may or may not happen when we think ;))

 Thankful for God's beauty .... His creation of picturesque sunsets is just too much.
 {And Yes Harrison your biceps are impressive too ;)}

Thankful for Hannah's 1st concert with her Patch the Pirate youth group

Thankful for Gracelaced... and thankful for my aunt who was laced with grace to send me this beautiful gift πŸ’—

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Image result for gracelaced quotes

Thankful for the sun showers we get here. It's so refreshing, and we love when it gets cloudy! That full rainbow in the sky was so perfect. {And that pouty Hudbud face was pricelessly captured too}

Thankful for 4 out of 5 chickens trusting us more... the 5th one is MIA now πŸ˜₯
they come right up to us when we go outside, ready for their oatmeal- 
 .....we want some eggs & we literally have no clue what we are doing - but a little DIY "coop" was made, and here we wait 😎 

Loving this verse. 

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Loving these pages. Love how  the whole book has been amazing- but then close to the end is focused on home life- the true place where grace is demonstrated or in my case, lacking so often. These pages have refreshed and encouraged me.
{The Grace Awakening, Charles Swindoll}