Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Love XO

This week was amazing! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness... it cant wait til Monday!! :)
Thankful that...
690- Harrison & I were able to create a 100% recycled costume for his school's Earth Day Parade.

(After school he was like "Mom, I couldnt breathe or see" ) (oops! Nothing like forgetting eye cut outs & air holes! Yay for good friends at school to lead him around during the short parade :))

691-Every day when we drive thru Dunks for my a.m. coffee- there sits the pink take out thermos....  what did Harrison hide under his pillow for me on 4/24? The pink thermos :) Yay! Not sure who was more excited- him or I :)

692-My dream birthday .... it consisted of wishing for sharing kids, no tattling, nice words, hair appt & thrift store hoppin'. Crazy how  that wish list has evolved over the years! The things that make mom's happy huh?! :) I got most of the wishes... of course Hannah & Harrison have to have a little squabble .. or 2.. or 3 ... Here is one example of a silly squabble that starts nice and sweet and then turns very loud... which as I type it, sounds pretty cute, in the moment it's not that cute...Hannah says " Harrison I love you that's why I need to touch you ( as she is poking his face and rubbing his head). I need to marry you". This grosses Harrison SO BAD, and he gets super offended & embarrassed and then Hannah is super sad( and whiny) that Harrison ( her dude as she calls him) won't marry her... and how does one break that apart? Its truly adorable and crazy all at once :)

693-Ashley at Lifetime's Salon did a great job on keeping my length- but hacking the dead ends and helping me get volume. I adored the tea tree oil detangler and getting doused in Moroccan Oil hairspray after :) Yum.

694- Balloon Bouquet & Flowers ( My grandpa was the flower man at every birthday and my dad carried that legacy on  & we ALWAYS had flowers for every occasion it felt like! My mom did a great job continuing it yesterday ... I ADORE ADORE balloons - the more the merrier, and Matt has a serious fear of the helium ones- not mylar- still convinced there was childhood trauma but wont go there ;) ... he was super gracious and enjoyed our balloon bouquet too :))

695-  Cupcakes! Dust found a tasty bakery spot and spoiled me!

696- Birthday texts from all over!! I love my friends and family!! XO

697- An awesome hand made - too cute for words- bday card & letter from my aunt.

698- A Surprise Graduation party ( Ok  I dislike surprises, as in I use the H word ( hate) for them... so when we showed up for what was supposed to be a pizza date with a couple friends... and it was a full blown partay for yours truly... I almost didn't go in the door... I was floored! But as my friend Sara told me way back when at my surprise 25th birthday .... "dont be mad ( because I actually was really really annoyed with Matt at that event) just be thankful we all want to be here with you"... amen to that... so 6 years later, after her wise words, I smiled and fumed all at once ;) and was very very thankful for the celebration. 

699- Church rummage sales- scored that amazing Little Tikes Climber/Slide & the Baby station that Hannah's monkey is in. Yay for a mini play land in the backyard!

700- Thoughtful gifts
Dust found this pic of us, from way back! We were looking at a DQ Blizzard menu. If truth be told- when we need a sweet treat, a DQ blizzard does the trick :)

(300 left til I did my own version of 1,000 gifts!! Time to re-read that book & if you havent read that book by Ann VosKamp- make it a MUST DO asap! :))

Monday, April 21, 2014

Multitude Monday: 680-690

 Hi friends!
This post is coming from a gorgeous perfect Spring Day in IL!
Sun is shining- flowers are blooming & kids are napping :)

Thankful this week for :
680: A wonderful Easter Sunday ( It meant more this year because I did so much research and had studied it. I am going to work harder on studying more about the Lord during the week. It makes Sunday church time extra special. Daily devotion reading has taken me into Psalms now, which is awesome, but there is nothing like reading about the suffering of Christ.. in the New Testament ... His life... His really make His Love be fresh....)

681: Harrison's 2nd Baseball game was a success! They tied Last Year's Champs 9-9! All the parents were impressed & Harrison felt successful. It was a fun way to spend Saturday morning.

682: Wonderful friends
Kids had a jamma party w/breakfast for supper & adults had a yummy "real" meal.

683: Fun Easter Surprises

 684: Hannah our little chef... loves to get on her purple stool & help with every kitchen event. Adorable.
685: Zoo Date with Special Friends

686: New Pool liner is ordered so Mimi's pool will open within a month!

687: Thankful to have been chosen for the Chicago Marathon - but opted out this year.
688: Because... I have a job interview in a couple weeks ( or maybe even next- date isnt confirmed) for a teaching position abroad...

689: Thankful for our neon crew  & Uncle Dustin's 1st Easter with our kiddos

690: New Island-y smelling laundry detergent! Makes that mountain of clothes to put away seem enjoyable :) Hawaii is just 5 months away... but it smells like Hawaii in our room... yum!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Lacey Sturm "Mercy Tree": Encourging Youtube Song/Video XO

Here is a wonderfully encouraging song that our good friend shared with us.
It is too good not to share with you.

Enjoy XO

Lacey Sturm "Mercy Tree"

Monday, April 14, 2014

Multitude Monday 670-680

Happy Monday friends!

Thankful this week that.....

670: there are JUST *10 days* until there are balloons galore & Rainbow chip cupcakes & lots of pink ;)

671: Most importantly... 6 days until Easter... I have enjoyed teaching an older class SS- and I wanted to get the meaning behind Easter- did you know the word Easter is only found 1 time in the Bible? In Acts?
But soo much Easter-y talk has been going on I needed to know what- if  anything- the Bible says about it... and I came to a few conclusions- 1)Why didnt I search this earlier!? 2) Easter is "a christian celebration of the resurrection"(google), normally celebrated by a feast. 3)This week is called "Holy Week" by many, as yesterday "Palm Sunday" or the "Triumphal Entry" day started the Lord's timeline to the Cross of Calvary. 4) Passover DID really occur in Exodus, and this is tied in to Easter. Passover/Last Supper are very significant. And then the events leading to His death: arresting, scourging, crucifixion, death, burial, resurrection... My biggest issue is where do the chocolate bunnies and Peeps come in??!!
I love love love all holidays & I was blessed enough to marry a hubby who is NOT into holidays, but shares in seeing our kids enjoy them- and that is why I have come to research them against God's word. Matt's family did not celebrate ANY holidays... So from different readings & my own brain, the chicks & bunnies show new spring... resurrection seems like it was a Spring event, and the resurrection of our Lord gives us LIFE. So I get it :) Our children do  not get to believe in the Easter Bunny ( or Santa or the Tooth Fairy) but they get to understand the real meanings of events & of course get presents & plastic eggs & sugary treats & our childhood fave : jelly bean hunt!

672: a fun night with friends at their kiddo's christian choir concert. so neat to hear teens singing christian songs- AT SCHOOL- what a joy! Worth every dime of that tuition!

673- a fun opening day parade for PBO- Palos Baseball Organization- so many people, so much fun on a gorgeous "real" spring day!

674- an interesting 1st Baseball game ... 1 down, 15 left. This sport is not Harrison's strongest, and we all know it...not yet anyways...he has great determination & athletisicm, so he is working at it. It was humbling for us all & the Lord knew we needed it. Harrison is one lucky dude to have such a baseball loving uncle & athletic dad. They worked hard after the game ( He started as a pitcher!! Holy cow- the pressure was intense!! This mom needed to take a stroll with the kids during that inning). It was interesting. But he is 8. He has never played baseball. He has no clue of the rules- we all assumed he did- oops- so we are excited about the pitching coach we will meet this week. We were loving the fact that we could have a chat on the way home about relating to kids who aren't "good" at sports- as we listened to many post game basketball chats about certain kids on Harrison's team who "couldnt dribble or shoot or rebound etc"- it was hard to relate ....we are losing sight of the FUN aspect and are driven by competition- which is great too- but all in balance :) :)

675- baby news from a special friend

676- Toys R Us Giftcard for a late bday gift for Hudson!! Dustin's boss hooked our little man up. It was fun to shop- but this thrifty mama almost dyed at the "new" toy costs

677- tomorrow I will find out if I was chosen out of the new lottery registration system to run in the Chicago Marathon in October

678- Free Printables from Pintrest. My recent faves are children's verses.... to hang in colorful frames in the to-be-revamped preschool/kindergarten Sunday School class.

679- looking forward to a our fave sitter Sarah watching the H's this weekend. Pre Birthday date night! This week is packed, so I know it will draaaag on... but super excited.

680- excited to spend Saturday with fun, edifying christian friends. You know those supper dates with awesome friends, who you just "get", and you mesh perfectly with? Its been encouraging to us to have a couple special couples that all "get" each other...our kids play nicely & we get real talks...good laughs & matt's the chef- sooo yummy food :) :) 
This made us smile :) Car ride home after church yesterday. Hannah just told us "I'm NOT tired". Matt had to pry the Ring Pop outta her jaws, she was THAT tired.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thankful Thoughts: Monday 4-7

660- Thankful that Hudson's surgery went very well. Thankful that his recovery seems painless. The Dr prepared me for the worst, so my mind was not even able to comprehend how or what Hudbud could eat etc- but to God be the Glory- GREAT things He has done!

PS that wagon is adorable right? it's the top wish list item for Hannah's 4th bday :)

661- Thankful for friends and family who were taking care of Harrison & Hannah during the hospital time.

662- Thankful for Harrison's baseball adventures! This is a new sport for him, but he is  giving it 100%. The coach saw him at practice Thursday, and told Matt that Harrison should go home because he was scared of the ball, during batting practice, and he didn't want Harrison injured. Thankfully Harrison impressed him with his amazing arm and catching abilities, and is now one of the team's pitchers. Pray that Harrison will be brave during the games. Not sure I would be comfortable with a 9 year old whipping pitching a baseball at my face either? :)

663- Thankful for Whole Foods Chicken Noodle Soup

664- Thankful for a husband who loves to cook. Although he is still very weak and pretty sick from mono, he cooked up some amazing healthy chinese-ish food! Yay for an already cooked meal tonight.

665- Thankful for real spring days. Living in Arizona for all our kid's lives, we never got to be excited over the little stems that poke up or all the robins flying around. Seeing Spring happen is really cool!!Seeing Spring in the eyes of Hannah is really cool .... & loud :) She truly embraces "making a joyful noise".

666- Thankful for the "I'd Love To" Jar. Inspired by pintrest.  This is for our whole house- not just kids. We all need reminders to answer in kindness and it's really nice hearing "I'd love to" in response to the mundane activities. Pom pom's to the top = a special treat out all together.

667- Thankful to watch the Lord provide in simple ways.

668- Thankful for our cool new kitchen gadget! Matt ordered us a Ninja blender, in hopes of creating our own Jamba Juice drinks.It is really cool & not as noisy as our other glass blender. We add chia seeds to our drinks & feel healthy :) The kids LOVE the smoothies too- main goal- and we are hoping to hide more veggies in their drinks, Genius huh?

669- Thankful for the beginning days of yard sales. Had a fun mom daughter date with my mom at a local church rummage sale. Full of junk, but I did score 4 pair of shoes for Hannah, each a buck. One of  those shoes were BRAND NEW TOMS. Yes -that made my morning!! I will ebay those however. & this amazing toy! 75 cents!! Saw it brand new at Target - 24.99. Hudson has new pal. It is so so so cute to see him interact with the toy- while he can- Hannah is equally as entertained.

670- Thankful for Pandora- I know I have been  thankful for this amazing app/radio program before- but it's really cool to have the "B-I-B-L-E station" on while we drop Harrison off for school- we can jam out to kids praise songs for 5 minutes. When I know that's how he starts his day, it makes me smile. We are learning how hard it is to "not fit in". He has friends in the neighborhood now, yay and nay. Its great to be social. Its not great when these kids' parents don't parent. It's  hard to be the only 8  year old with a helmet during bike rides. Its hard to hear words like "stupid" and "jerk" (although I am glad that's the extent of the naughty words ...for now). It's hard to have to stop playing and come in and get ready for church. It's hard not to play violent video games. The saying " everyone else is doing it" has been said OFTEN lately, and we are sooo over it. But I get it. I too didnt fit in. I too had to stop playing on meeting days to nap after school- in broad daylight- prime play time time! But life goes on & today...20 years later, I am THANKFUL for that upbringing & I know Harrison will be thankful later on too :) After playtime with his pals, I asked him what he enjoyed. I love love love picking his brain. He  told me that their grandpa is mean ( he isn't- but just isn't super patient), and that he doesn't fit in. I asked him why- he's like "they are all catholic ( no clue if he knows what this religion is about?). They don't believe in God. They say bad words." I told him- GOOD- you should NOT fit in. If you did fit in, something is seriously wrong. Not sure if that was the right time to do a little "you are not of this world" sermon, but I did , and he just stared at me, and I think it sunk in. He is in 3rd grade. The sooner he understands that he will not fit in, the better ( I think??).  Please pray for us as we parent our children in a world that is losing the respect for Christ & for Godly characteristics.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Surgery updates .... Headed home :)

Hudson is in the OR now & we pray for the doctors to have wisdom.
He was super happy for the first chunk if time from 515-630am- then he was pretty antsy . The care at Christ hospital has been excellent.

As I wait for dr to come thru the doors to the waiting room - I'm reading- love Isaiah! Learned something new : "Isaiah is like a miniature bible with 39 chapters - like 39 Old Testament books- about judgement and immorality and the final 27 chapters - like the 27 New Testament books- declare a message of hope- the messiah is coming!!"AKJV

Verse I've enjoyed so far and know you will too
"I will greatly rejoice in The Lord; my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation..."  Isaiah 61:10

Update will happen when there's more news :)

Surgery is complete. Excited to see little man as soon as he wakes up! Dr Marra our ENT - said the cyst was bigger than it looked and bigger than scan showed ( we knew this as his whole tongue seemed super thick) it was deep but is now out & Hudson has stitches under his tongue. Sounds like fun! :( He wants us to stay overnight... at least. Thankful that there is a children's hospital attached here! Thankful for the " village" we have helping with Hannah and Harrison.
Reasons for staying include observation of tongue to make sure swelling is controlled - pain management and eating. Feeding tube is option but last resort. Prayers super appreciated!!:)

Ok sooo fluid Iv is disconnected . Hudson has chugged.  4  - 8 oz bottles ... The dr was impressed... He has been super happy thanks to meds :) he is almost asleep :) yay for our awesome nurse who keeps me stocked w diet Pepsi and ice & chicken noodle soup:) the children's wing is full so we are waiting in an adult area but I have my own bathroom- bonus!!:)

**Today is April 4th ... 20 days til someone is 31!!!!:):)
Hudson did fab! He slept w pain meds from 10-4. Woke up during vital check and played til 5... Oh so fun :) ... Then slept 5-730. Dr Marra came in at 730- checked him out and was amazed!! Our Creator is amazing to have made our mouths with such fast healing properties!!
Hudson is in normal clothes although the little gown was adorable :)
 A couple lessons I learned during this time : always make time to visit people in the hospital.... My mom and Ray popped by last night and although their stay was short~ it was a huge boost!! Also ~ donate new toys to hospitals. I brought one book and Hudson's lambie- but nada else!! Thanks to child life who stocked us w toys to play with and a new toy to keep :):) and always bring my Moroccan oil hairspray... Never used or smelled it ?! It's pretty delightful :):)

Matt and Hannah are headed here w dunks :)
Mickey is on and Hudson was distracted so the IV is out & we are soooo ready to scoot :)
Thank you VERy much for praying!!!
Pic update once home:)