Thursday, April 3, 2014

Surgery updates .... Headed home :)

Hudson is in the OR now & we pray for the doctors to have wisdom.
He was super happy for the first chunk if time from 515-630am- then he was pretty antsy . The care at Christ hospital has been excellent.

As I wait for dr to come thru the doors to the waiting room - I'm reading- love Isaiah! Learned something new : "Isaiah is like a miniature bible with 39 chapters - like 39 Old Testament books- about judgement and immorality and the final 27 chapters - like the 27 New Testament books- declare a message of hope- the messiah is coming!!"AKJV

Verse I've enjoyed so far and know you will too
"I will greatly rejoice in The Lord; my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation..."  Isaiah 61:10

Update will happen when there's more news :)

Surgery is complete. Excited to see little man as soon as he wakes up! Dr Marra our ENT - said the cyst was bigger than it looked and bigger than scan showed ( we knew this as his whole tongue seemed super thick) it was deep but is now out & Hudson has stitches under his tongue. Sounds like fun! :( He wants us to stay overnight... at least. Thankful that there is a children's hospital attached here! Thankful for the " village" we have helping with Hannah and Harrison.
Reasons for staying include observation of tongue to make sure swelling is controlled - pain management and eating. Feeding tube is option but last resort. Prayers super appreciated!!:)

Ok sooo fluid Iv is disconnected . Hudson has chugged.  4  - 8 oz bottles ... The dr was impressed... He has been super happy thanks to meds :) he is almost asleep :) yay for our awesome nurse who keeps me stocked w diet Pepsi and ice & chicken noodle soup:) the children's wing is full so we are waiting in an adult area but I have my own bathroom- bonus!!:)

**Today is April 4th ... 20 days til someone is 31!!!!:):)
Hudson did fab! He slept w pain meds from 10-4. Woke up during vital check and played til 5... Oh so fun :) ... Then slept 5-730. Dr Marra came in at 730- checked him out and was amazed!! Our Creator is amazing to have made our mouths with such fast healing properties!!
Hudson is in normal clothes although the little gown was adorable :)
 A couple lessons I learned during this time : always make time to visit people in the hospital.... My mom and Ray popped by last night and although their stay was short~ it was a huge boost!! Also ~ donate new toys to hospitals. I brought one book and Hudson's lambie- but nada else!! Thanks to child life who stocked us w toys to play with and a new toy to keep :):) and always bring my Moroccan oil hairspray... Never used or smelled it ?! It's pretty delightful :):)

Matt and Hannah are headed here w dunks :)
Mickey is on and Hudson was distracted so the IV is out & we are soooo ready to scoot :)
Thank you VERy much for praying!!!
Pic update once home:)


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