Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 591- Thankful for Hudson's love of his siblings. Hannah is a little mama to him during our time together. When Harrison is home, he delights in playing with big bro too. This little bundle is sooo fun and soo smiley and soo vocal :)
 592- Thankful for a Saturday morning date with Dad- Harrison had a bday party to go to, so Hannah got some hang out time alone .... super special memories doing simple things :)
 593- Thankful for crazy sleep positions :) These silly kids!!
594- thankful for answered prayers....matts brother mark gets full custody of his daughter Gracie on thursday !! 
595-thankful that Hudson is "fiesty and strong " according to the nurse team that tried to do some tests on him... Dislike that we have get him retested though... look at that sweet little gown he had to wear! I was just glad to see a smile- he went through too many pokes for a little guy!
596-thankful to have an upcoming movie date w sweet friends
597- thankful for whole wheat spaghettios (is it horrible that our kids love and request them?! At least they are the whole wheat kind:))
 598- 16 days til AZ!!!
599- thankful for our bbsitter sarah!! 
600- thankful for uncle dusty who woke up early on his day off to get H off to school and back ...and to DQ and to toys R Us ;)....so I could support close friends at a funeral

This week we have seen and watched Gods hand move. The custody battle is just another glimpse into Gods perfect timing!!
We heard recently of two other friends hit w leukemia....prayer warriors unite for Mr Hull and little Josiah Dyck


Monday, February 17, 2014

Thankful Thoughts 580-590

580-Numero uno this week was yesterday!! My brother obeyed the Lord's command and was baptized!
Matt spoke at it, which was beautiful & tears of joy were shed. We believe that my dad saw the whole thing and rejoiced greatly. "Isaiah 25:1 O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things"

581- Thankful for special Memere & Pepere time

582- Thankful for my mom's friend Ray who is a super handy man and has fixed endless things around the house. He and the kids have a beautiful bond & we are thankful for his care but most of all he has a Love for God, which he shares with our family, and its very sweet.

583-  Neon orange tootsies make the crazy snowy days seem warmer

584- Temps forecasted this week in the 40s- Heatwave, which meant today my kids were coat-less but oops it started snowing, so leaving the gym we got a few evil eyes!

585- Matt's awesome company that is pure genius & changed Take Your Child to Work day from April (when it's a school day, to today, which is a holiday)

586- Valentine's love at our mini party with fun friends

587- Aveda Valentine treats from my Cupid

588- 25 days until we arrive in sunny AZ and 26 days until I graduate

589- Thankful that this Thursday we get to know the extent of Hudson's "ranula"

590- Thankful that our incentive chart for Hannah (fingers crossed) may be working. She is a non sleeper at nights & a roamer & hungry at all hours (easy as a newborn- hard as a 3 1/2 yr old??) ( and yes we know a possible cure could be to limit naps- but that seems totally not cool for this mama :)) So she gets a happy face for each night she stays in her bed or in her room( she loves "camping" so we make her a sleeping bag area sometimes)....and a happy face each day at nap. We just need 8 more happy faces and then..... Princess Scooter is hers!!! (Those 8 happy faces could take just 4 days or 4 months- yikes! Pray for us ;)) If you have sleep tricks- lmk!

Random photo "dump" :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Thankful this week.... that we did it- we held in the surprise that my inlaws were coming this WHOLE time. No more speaking in code. We can talk normally again...and we did it! That's an amazing feat especially since 1- we talk ALOT and 2- there are were alot of adults who almost forgot that little ears hear LOTS ;) But we did it :)

Thankful that ...today(yesterday: Monday) Hannah woke up from her nap, to Pepere peeking at her at the steps. She was stunned!! She plays hard to get from Pepere...and Uncle Dusty...and Uncle Mark... Daddy is the one man who captures her heart and we are 100% ok with that for MANY years :) :) :) But she was then wondering where her Memere was.... and then she found her ( they played hide & seek 1st) and ran to her. It was pure joy! She is now loving her time with Pepere too :)

Thankful that...Harrison walked home successfully alone, and was soo happy to be Mr Independent :)....
Harrison was in the  house with my mom and Ray... and I am hurrying him up to get in the truck ( where everyone waits, for our waterpark date) and he is getting his shoes on at the front door. He looks down. He looks up, and then Pepere is in the door way! Harrison's jaw literally dropped. It was a priceless moment that I love to relive in my brain :)

Thankful that we had the best staycation! Keylime Cove is a blast, and highly recommended place ( and I am super critical) It helped that we went on a school night, and we were the restaurants 2nd customers, at 7pm! We got an amazing massive suite, it was like a mini apartment, and we had a blast. The water park was soo fun. The arcades were super cool. They even  had a no carb supper option for us :) I

Thankful that my inlaws love our children so much. We haven't seen them since late August, yet the bonds of love are so strong. They are such wonderfully caring and supportive grandparents (and in laws!). We are blessed.

Thankful that my inlaws share our passion for the lost too and can join Matt & Kerwin at PGM tonight

Thankful that my pink boxing gloves came today!

Thankful that we are hosting a Vday bash for our church friends & get time to hang out

Thankful for the beginning of the 90 day challenge at Lifetime. Weigh in was Saturday morning. Weigh out is May 10. 10,000 is grand prize. I am in it to win it baby :) Ohh yeah AND a trip to Cabo!!

Thankful for love.  "Love is kind" 1 Corinthians 13:4" "Kindness means you go out of your way to love someone. People who are unlovable become prime candidates for your kindness." (Wisdom Builders Daily Devotionals)

Monday, February 3, 2014

I {Heart} February

Hooray for one of my favorite months! I tried to be better about capturing some moments in action... less words, more smiles, enjoy :) Disclaimer* You may go cross eyed looking at blurry pictures * (Sorry)

560: Thankful for fun, warm indoor play places- Lego Discovery Center in Schaumburg helped us live up Harrison's day off

561: Thankful for a fun SuperBowl afternoon yesterday... Hannah had a Princess and Playdough time, while we all were happily footballing. (Harrison below on Friday for Spirit Day)

Hudson's 1st Super Bowl!
 562: Thankful for friends & for a fun night watching Disney on Ice

 563: Thankful for our beautiful ballerina (Day 1 of pre-ballet happened on Friday & she had a blast. Completely adorable to see 8 girls, ages 3-5, in tutus, learning to dance.

564: Thankful for a wonderful weekend of spiritual food about Evangelism. We felt it was directed right at us. Right at our hearts. We enjoyed every second & wished it could have been a week long event!
565: Thankful that during this weekend, our two littles napped during the afternoon sessions BOTH days ( amazing right!?) so we (I) could be focused and  totally engaged.
566: Thankful that the speaker knew my birth mom & was able to tell a couple sweet memories of her. Made my day.
567: Thankful to my Aunt Jacki who continues to encourage us & help us spiritually & love on our kids with special treats, across the many miles
568: Thankful for my 1st boxing class today. Like a "real" boxing class. Was intense, but loved every second!
569: Thankful for my brother being a good car salesmen & selling us a new ride. Yay for seat heat & that new car smell.
570: Thankful for my mom who folded our 3 baskets FULL of clothes. I told her I was on laundry strike until Monday- and she surprised me. Loved it :)

I know that the Lord will bless you this week too.
Enjoy those blessings. They are perfect and good gifts from Above.
XO   {How many days until the official cutest, pinkest holiday!?}