Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Thankful this week.... that we did it- we held in the surprise that my inlaws were coming this WHOLE time. No more speaking in code. We can talk normally again...and we did it! That's an amazing feat especially since 1- we talk ALOT and 2- there are were alot of adults who almost forgot that little ears hear LOTS ;) But we did it :)

Thankful that ...today(yesterday: Monday) Hannah woke up from her nap, to Pepere peeking at her at the steps. She was stunned!! She plays hard to get from Pepere...and Uncle Dusty...and Uncle Mark... Daddy is the one man who captures her heart and we are 100% ok with that for MANY years :) :) :) But she was then wondering where her Memere was.... and then she found her ( they played hide & seek 1st) and ran to her. It was pure joy! She is now loving her time with Pepere too :)

Thankful that...Harrison walked home successfully alone, and was soo happy to be Mr Independent :)....
Harrison was in the  house with my mom and Ray... and I am hurrying him up to get in the truck ( where everyone waits, for our waterpark date) and he is getting his shoes on at the front door. He looks down. He looks up, and then Pepere is in the door way! Harrison's jaw literally dropped. It was a priceless moment that I love to relive in my brain :)

Thankful that we had the best staycation! Keylime Cove is a blast, and highly recommended place ( and I am super critical) It helped that we went on a school night, and we were the restaurants 2nd customers, at 7pm! We got an amazing massive suite, it was like a mini apartment, and we had a blast. The water park was soo fun. The arcades were super cool. They even  had a no carb supper option for us :) I

Thankful that my inlaws love our children so much. We haven't seen them since late August, yet the bonds of love are so strong. They are such wonderfully caring and supportive grandparents (and in laws!). We are blessed.

Thankful that my inlaws share our passion for the lost too and can join Matt & Kerwin at PGM tonight

Thankful that my pink boxing gloves came today!

Thankful that we are hosting a Vday bash for our church friends & get time to hang out

Thankful for the beginning of the 90 day challenge at Lifetime. Weigh in was Saturday morning. Weigh out is May 10. 10,000 is grand prize. I am in it to win it baby :) Ohh yeah AND a trip to Cabo!!

Thankful for love.  "Love is kind" 1 Corinthians 13:4" "Kindness means you go out of your way to love someone. People who are unlovable become prime candidates for your kindness." (Wisdom Builders Daily Devotionals)

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