Monday, February 3, 2014

I {Heart} February

Hooray for one of my favorite months! I tried to be better about capturing some moments in action... less words, more smiles, enjoy :) Disclaimer* You may go cross eyed looking at blurry pictures * (Sorry)

560: Thankful for fun, warm indoor play places- Lego Discovery Center in Schaumburg helped us live up Harrison's day off

561: Thankful for a fun SuperBowl afternoon yesterday... Hannah had a Princess and Playdough time, while we all were happily footballing. (Harrison below on Friday for Spirit Day)

Hudson's 1st Super Bowl!
 562: Thankful for friends & for a fun night watching Disney on Ice

 563: Thankful for our beautiful ballerina (Day 1 of pre-ballet happened on Friday & she had a blast. Completely adorable to see 8 girls, ages 3-5, in tutus, learning to dance.

564: Thankful for a wonderful weekend of spiritual food about Evangelism. We felt it was directed right at us. Right at our hearts. We enjoyed every second & wished it could have been a week long event!
565: Thankful that during this weekend, our two littles napped during the afternoon sessions BOTH days ( amazing right!?) so we (I) could be focused and  totally engaged.
566: Thankful that the speaker knew my birth mom & was able to tell a couple sweet memories of her. Made my day.
567: Thankful to my Aunt Jacki who continues to encourage us & help us spiritually & love on our kids with special treats, across the many miles
568: Thankful for my 1st boxing class today. Like a "real" boxing class. Was intense, but loved every second!
569: Thankful for my brother being a good car salesmen & selling us a new ride. Yay for seat heat & that new car smell.
570: Thankful for my mom who folded our 3 baskets FULL of clothes. I told her I was on laundry strike until Monday- and she surprised me. Loved it :)

I know that the Lord will bless you this week too.
Enjoy those blessings. They are perfect and good gifts from Above.
XO   {How many days until the official cutest, pinkest holiday!?}

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