Monday, January 27, 2014

Multitude Monday Strikes again!

Even in the frigid temps- we are thankful for many blessings.
Happy last week of January :)

551- Thankful for no school today and tomorrow for Harrison: too cold!

552- Thankful for spiritual role models
553- Thankful for Dustin's upcoming baptism in 2 weeks
554- Thankful for my in laws surprising our kids and coming here in 2 weeks
555- Thankful for a caring husband....
556 ... who surprised me with Aveda stuff!! Hannah got the curly productsBe Curly™ Shampoo and I got the  blue malva lineBlue Malva Shampoo... love love love fancy hair products :)
557 Thankful for a helpful uncle who got his dealership to support Harrison's Souper Bowl Canned Food Drive.... 312 cans later :)
558 Thankful for Hudson's ENT appt in 2 days. Looking forward to hearing about how to solve the ranula issue
559 Thankful for Hannah's bursts of energy throughout the day and her musically inclined self to sing Jesus Loves Me in every store
560- Thankful for the things we take for granted every day... electricity...heat...heat in our car... hot showers...warm filling meals... in our frigid blasts- we really feel for the homeless... and pray that they get filled with an everlasting warmth...

Prayer Warriors Unite for our little friend Browyn.... follow her story here :
Pray for her family tonight. In a very very special way. XO

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