Monday, January 6, 2014

520-530 & Photos!

Happy Monday!

520: Thankful on this -13 degree day, for a warm cozy home

521: Thankful for encouraging notes and texts. I love my friends & family. Seriously. LOVE.

522: Thankful for Harrison getting an extra day off today! These schools out here dont play games with crazy temps. No school bc of Wind Chill. If only AZ did that with Heat Advisory??

523: Thankful for creativity in action ( See below :))

Hannah's ProjectHarrison's Lego & Paint project
524: Thankful for SNOW MUCH FUN :) If it is going to be cold, it better snow.... and yes - snow happened in full force all day yesterday.

  Love our upcycled Xmas tree? The trash men thought it was a real tree. Next week we will lay it down instead :)
525: Staycation! Love visiting new hotels- especially in the city!



 526: Thankful for sticking with healthy eating for almost a week! ( It is HARD during staycations, and NFL games!!)

527: Thankful for my new found app : Mapmyrun

528: Thankful to have applied for my IL teaching license- pray for possible preschool opportunities in the Fall. My heart is totally in it! I have all the supplies! Just need a couple more doors to be opened.

529: Thankful that Harrison has his 1st Basketball practice this week. The location couldnt be better. It's at his school. Perfect day. Perfect times. (We knew none of it when we signed up!)

530: Thankful for God's help to stick with my reading plan. I really want to read the Bible straight through this year. I always have tried and then got side tracked. So far so good & I really am appreciating more stories and links because of the continuity. If you want to have a bible study group- email or text me. I am almost done with Exodus :)

*Prayer warriors*
Please pray for my inlaws and my brother in law Mark. They fly tomorrow to MI. Court date for custody of Mark's daughter is on Wednesday. We are praying God's will is done & we would love your prayers for the same. Gracie is a doll. She will be 3 this August. She has had to go through WAY too much for a toddler. We want stability & normalcy for her.  We want what is best for her & I  know that my mother in law has been given help from God to be a Proverbs 31 mom & Memere. She will really impact Gracie's life for God's glory- so we are praying slightly biased.





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