Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Thankful this week for:  540-Mimi arriving home safely from a week in the Mexican sun! She is so dark!
 541- "cuggles" with Mimi
 542- Best way to beat the winter blues- Mommy Daughter Pedi date! Sweet little thing can't even reach the water in the pedi tub! This nail place- Annabelle's Nails- is our new fave spot. The guy who did her nails was a grampa, and was so sweet & gentle. While she was waiting for my mani to dry, the lady went next door and got her pink ice cream. Seriously pampered :)
 543: Matchy matchy toes :)
 544: Hudson's bedding arrived!
 545- Hudson's play space - best- safest way to let him have freedom.
 546- Matchy matchy brothers :) Excited to discover Oshkosh's website has big boy sizes for Harrison!
 547- Heart nails
 548: Naps during Sunday church
 549: Motivation

550: 1st Game!

And one of the best things that happened this week were two answered prayers....super personal, but I hope it can be an encouragement to keep praying no matter what you are going through. "100% of the prayers we dont pray wont get answered" Mark Batterson
 My brother is meeting with our leaders at church to talk about baptism ( Sunday: Dustin and a guy from church were talking about his desire for baptism... but Dustin was like " I need billboards from God" " I need big signs". Ministry came- Matt got up, had NO idea that Dustin just had that conversation, but baptism was on his heart! Dustin was like - There's my sign! God is SO good with His timing and His Plan!) Another answer from prayer was a simple project I had a heart to do for our Hall- with an updated prayer board.... Matt & I have been collecting recent pic of missionary families etc for our home & hall - praying when you can visualize the family helps me :)- so I have been working on this. Sunday- someone came up to me and asked if there would be any chance I would be up for the task of updating the prayer board. Really!?!?! Matt & I were blown away. We need these encouraging moments in our life right now. It seems that God is really "back paying" for some famine that we have gone through and we are so so so excited to see God work.  I hope this encourages you as well- even if you are in a famine right now- God is right there.

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