Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Happy 2014!
This first blog post of the New Year is a reflection on being a mom- the nitty gritty & the joy that comes with the territory :)

Last night, we were dressed in cute fun outfits, ready to head out the door at 730, to have a fun night filled with Christian fellowship & FOOD :)  (Our last meal filled with carbs, dairy and sugar!!)
We arrive- Matt & Harrison were meeting the littles and I there, as they had been skating all day ...
Literally two minutes upon arrival, Hudson projectile vomits EVERYWHERE. Over and over and over. Okay, so my jacket is soaked- his outfit is soaked, our guests rug and towels are smelly, yet we press on. Change of clothes for little man. Some soap & we are good. For another ten minutes. Then repeat. Then we hang out in the sink for a few. Then I tried one more time - to hang out- be social, as one can be with a 1/2 nakey baby-as he was happy & smiley....(so I figured, and still do think it was just his new food for the day of "mango/pear/spinach" blend) but then 3rd time = strike out. Back in the snow, in the truck, go home.

Once home- remember I am now solo - with a tired princess and a pukey baby, sans my hunny and my Harrison- ideal? Not really...but happy that Hudson could puke away at our house if need be (thankfully that didnt happen- he slept awesome and is A-Ok today :)) Hudson is in bed. Hannah is in bed. I am cleaning and thankful for time to actually clean without distraction (Weird huh!) Then I hear this small voice- "Mooommmm- Can you cuggle me with my pink soft blanket"?  Of course I can. There will be days when I will wish she still had that blanket and still said cuggle instead of snuggle and still wants mom! So- cleaning put to the side. New Years Eve ball drop put to the side ( Oh how I dream to be in Times Square some NYE!!). Precious snuggle moments with Princess Hannah. I hope she reads this someday & realizes all the times we say I love you- we couldn't even capture the love we have for her or the boys.

Then today, its commitment day- 1/1/14- GYM time HARD CORE. Butttttt am I at the gym with our fam? Nope!! Hudson needed an earlier nap, so in bed he went, and this mama is here- enjoying a vacuumed room/clean closet/clean kitchen & snow falling. For a little bit this morning, I had a pity me party. I need to hit the gym hard - we have big fitness goals for 2014 and this is THE year, those goals WILL happen. So it kinda was a NEED not a want today. So I was annoyed. But then that annoyance faded- when I remembered my focus verse "Whatever you do to the least of  these- you do for me" Not like Hudson is the least of these is ANY way- but whatever I do for anyone, basically, is done for the Lord, if done with a PURE, RIGHT, HAPPY heart. So my heart was changed. The Lord knew that I needed quiet time... He knew that I would be home today. He knew my heart would be changed. He knew that it would bring Him honor." 1 Chronicles 16:8 Give thanks unto the Lord"

So moms- for all those times that you self-lessly took back seat to your kids or your hubby or to whomever-for  the countless loads of laundry that you wash-fold-put away - repeat...all the times you swiffer the floor, just to have to it walked on with snowy boots- know that the Lord knew and knows. The joy in the small things is where He wants us. He wants us dependent on Him- not on ourselves. Stay encouraged. He will give you the encouragement needed. This parenting job is the BEST job ever and the HARDEST job.
 Isaiah 50:7 (CEV)

But the Lord God keeps me
    from being disgraced.
So I refuse to give up,
because I know
    God will never let me down.

 The eternal rewards will be amazing. The children we are blessed with are the Lords, not ours! Stick with it...with a happy heart- bringing Glory to God- even in those pity me moments - that we share :) :)

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  1. Thanks for the encouragement Alison! You're a fantastic mom - your kids are blessed! Praying for many blessings for your family in 2014. Love to you all. xo