Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Monday in March

Tomorrow is APRIL FOOLS DAY.... Harrison has his trick gum ready for school & I need to put mustard in a few toothpaste tubes after bedtime... but then that's it... I hope you get some good laughs tomorrow :)

650- Thankful that we have health insurance

651- Thankful that the above health insurance covered Matt's urgent care visit today and that he now knows what has been keeping him bed ridden... Mono... :( Meds are here... lots of honey & tea & LOTS of rest.

652- Thankful that health insurance provides another physical exam for Hudson. He needed another one before surgery Thursday- he JUST had one the end of Feb, but that didn't cut it. Crazy docs!

653- Thankful that Uncle Dustin was around to celebrate Hudson's 1st Birthday. All these celebrations are super exciting now that we have Uncle with us too

654- Thankful for Headbandz - such a fun game for Family Game night

655- Thankful that we created a dedicated meal and game night. Monday nights and occasional Friday nights are eat at the table, all together, and then play together. Dustin's schedule is super crazy - but we get Mondays together!

656- Thankful that Hudson took his 2 shots today like a champ! Surgery should be a breeze?!! Pray please!!

657- Thankful that we had normal Spring temps today! In the 50s! Shorts! Flip flops! We over did it, all the true Chicago peeps were still bundled up!! Yuck. Go away sweaters!

658- Thankful that we get to see our neighbors - everyone hibernates here- but today all the boys got to ride bikes & play ball... exactly what Harrison loves!

659- Thankful that I get to be a Preschool Sunday School teacher... in May...Hannah is excited & I am too. Very. Curriculum & craft time! Yay for pintrest :)

660- Thankful for doors that closed. (A perfect older house was for sale, at the perfect price, blocks from school, so Harrison wouldn't change schools. It had A BUNCH of fix up projects - but I feel ready for that kinda stuff- and after being on the market ONE day, it sold!! I love the clarity that the Lord gives. Door totally shut. So praying about what to do for next school year.)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hudson's 1st Year

Today is March 27 & Hudson Frederick...Hudsey...Hudbud...Hudson Hornet... is O*N*E!

This year has not sped by like it felt the other two kiddo's 1st year did - partly because we were in motion ALOT &  I was home to savor each day & not working, like with Harrison & Hannah. So blessed to be able to reflect on his awesome year in our family!

He is such a sweety. Like...SUCH. Delicious chubby cheeks & such a new goofy scrunched up nose smile  XOXO

Hudson's 1st Year Included lots of awesome 1sts!

Easter Sunday at 3 days old
Mom's 30th Bday at 1 month old
Auntie Paula visiting in AZ
Mimi visiting in AZ
Airplane trip to WA state in June, at 3 months
Celebrating Harrison's 8th Bday
Camping time in WA in a trailer
Celebrating Hannah's 3rd Bday
Road trip from AZ to IL
Meeting Uncle Dustin
Road trip from IL to FL & back
World Series, with our team winning!! Go Red Sox
Sand in mouth
Road trip from IL to MA & back
Meeting Anita
Meeting Auntie Jacki & Uncle Glenn
Meeting lots of friends and family @ a funeral
Airplane ride to AZ
Bathroom game time on that above airplane ride ;)
Lots of sounds! Love his squeal when he is excited!
Lots of yummy foods: Avocado, Munchkins, Whole Milk, Apple Juice, Green Beans, Carrots, Applesauce, Pudding, Spaghettios, Spaghetti, Lasagna, Toast, Pizza, Cheese, French Fries, Sweet Potatoes, Gogurt
6 teeth ( with the cutest gap in the middle )
Mom's graduation
Playing with cousin Gracie
Meeting friends from AZ church, Sammy, Makayla & Grayson
Phx Zoo
5 steps on March 23, and a couple each day since. 3 steps today before nap

His name is very special - with lots of meaning, and we pray that he will live a meaningful life for the Lord. We pray that he will grow in "wisdom and stature" and will accept Christ at an early age.

**Hudson's Bubble Update- surgery scheduled for Thur April 3** Prayers super appreciated :) :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Multitude Monday: March 24th

Thankful this week that....

*I am a stay at home mom and was able to witness Hudson's 1st steps!!!! So so precious!

*It's Spring Break today! Harrison is home!! Pump It Up had Open Gym this morning; soo fun!!

*We were able to reconnect with old friends & had a fun night of food.. laughs... serious chats... and Blockus...(have you heard of that game? Its like a Tetris type board game :))

*Harrison had his Basketball Award Supper and game night

* my mom was able to come that night &  help, some days I wish I were an octopus! Moms need more hands :)

*Hudson has his final appt at the ENT this Friday- then his surgery will be scheduled in the near future. The results from the CT scan indicated it should be an "easy" operation... the recovery is the part I am most concerned about- a painful tongue for a week plus?!

*Hudson's birthday is THIS week!! Yay for Duff's Blue Suede Cake Mix! Circus is the theme. Party at the Park- with just fam...pray that the forecasted 52 degree temps stay! Hudson loves swings & bubbles & that's what his party will be about & then he will enjoy his Circus cupcakes with Blue Suede cake and Rainbow chip frosting. YUM.

*Drive thru dunks minutes from Church (This is suuper handy for many reasons- one is that during our afternoon service, the nursery is normally occupied with sleepers & the basement has sunday school classes- so where does a noisy crawler baby go?? In the car! Off to Dunks! And then we go back to meeting with a sleeping boy :)
 * For our kids love of Music! Papa would be soo proud of Harrison's "Ode to Joy" & Hannah's sweet attempts :)
 * For awesome deals at Savers- Ralph Lauren Onesies, 18 months: 2.99 and 3.99. (The Lord provides!! The changes of seasons here is new to us, this year, so needing sooo many different clothes for layers etc gets costly for little man who likes to dress in cute clothes & grows weekly! :)) Savers is amazing (some days!)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

48 hours in Arizona & lots of pics

Oh how we miss Arizona!! The weather and our friends & fam are very missed!

Thankful this week for....

 630- successfully flying on a red eye flight with 3 kids... Harrison & Hannah are a breeze now...but little Hudbud is a different story :)The flight was a big matter of prayer and I did not let go and let God like I should have... I was really anxious about how Hudson would do- since he is SUCH a scheduled amazing sleeper....and to wake him up at 10pm to fly?! (Soo here's how it went down- Disclaimer, Hudson is too happy sometimes - is that possible!?! :). He was soo curious with all the people on the plane at 11:50pm and would NOT settle down- babbling and smiling and drooling at our "neighbors". So off I went with little smiley man, who would not sleep, to play in the bathroom :) Genius!! To all you moms - get passed the germs and embrace the fact that the rest of the plane, which was full of zzz-ing passengers, got to ZZZZ !! Hudson loved the water. Which we wasted LOTS of... and lots of mirror time. The magic potion was apple juice! Strange but it worked- 2 ounces of juice later, and an hour of bathroom time later, he was OUT the rest of the flight until disembark time!! Phew. I was thankful to get a compliment too - they had no idea a baby was on the plane!! Exactly my goal :))

631- thankful to get neice time!! Gracie is soo cute and did a great job adjusting to having 5 people love on her :) Hannah and her acted like sisters, and shared & played really well.

632- thankful that so many of our close friends came and hung out with us! It was a super special night.

633- thankful to have a graduation ceremony done! It was really nice, and the guest speaker was a Comedian, and she rocked it! (Secretly though I was just really wanting to hit the pool and my fave store Last Chance)

634- Pool time! Sun time! Flip flops only time!

635- New Uggs from Dust

636- Nordstrom ties for Harrison for .97 a piece!!

637- thankful for our awesome Hill-Hebert Clan.... Here is an updated ALL TOGETHER pic. Praising God as I look at this pic again... to get us all here... together... in a happy God honoring way... is really a miracle. So so thankful.

638- Veggie Tales "The Fennel Frontier"- all about sharing

639- enjoying a massive purple frosting flower :)

640- thankful for a healthy baby boy for our friends!! He was born today!

Enjoy my photo dump :)
Party at my inlaws...zoo...graduation ceremony...