Sunday, March 16, 2014

48 hours in Arizona & lots of pics

Oh how we miss Arizona!! The weather and our friends & fam are very missed!

Thankful this week for....

 630- successfully flying on a red eye flight with 3 kids... Harrison & Hannah are a breeze now...but little Hudbud is a different story :)The flight was a big matter of prayer and I did not let go and let God like I should have... I was really anxious about how Hudson would do- since he is SUCH a scheduled amazing sleeper....and to wake him up at 10pm to fly?! (Soo here's how it went down- Disclaimer, Hudson is too happy sometimes - is that possible!?! :). He was soo curious with all the people on the plane at 11:50pm and would NOT settle down- babbling and smiling and drooling at our "neighbors". So off I went with little smiley man, who would not sleep, to play in the bathroom :) Genius!! To all you moms - get passed the germs and embrace the fact that the rest of the plane, which was full of zzz-ing passengers, got to ZZZZ !! Hudson loved the water. Which we wasted LOTS of... and lots of mirror time. The magic potion was apple juice! Strange but it worked- 2 ounces of juice later, and an hour of bathroom time later, he was OUT the rest of the flight until disembark time!! Phew. I was thankful to get a compliment too - they had no idea a baby was on the plane!! Exactly my goal :))

631- thankful to get neice time!! Gracie is soo cute and did a great job adjusting to having 5 people love on her :) Hannah and her acted like sisters, and shared & played really well.

632- thankful that so many of our close friends came and hung out with us! It was a super special night.

633- thankful to have a graduation ceremony done! It was really nice, and the guest speaker was a Comedian, and she rocked it! (Secretly though I was just really wanting to hit the pool and my fave store Last Chance)

634- Pool time! Sun time! Flip flops only time!

635- New Uggs from Dust

636- Nordstrom ties for Harrison for .97 a piece!!

637- thankful for our awesome Hill-Hebert Clan.... Here is an updated ALL TOGETHER pic. Praising God as I look at this pic again... to get us all here... together... in a happy God honoring way... is really a miracle. So so thankful.

638- Veggie Tales "The Fennel Frontier"- all about sharing

639- enjoying a massive purple frosting flower :)

640- thankful for a healthy baby boy for our friends!! He was born today!

Enjoy my photo dump :)
Party at my inlaws...zoo...graduation ceremony...


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