Monday, March 10, 2014

Final Countdown!!

THANKFUL... yes with ALL caps...

 A 4 day countdown to graduation!! Super extra special- not only done with Masters- but one regret I had when my dad was alive, and honestly I am super blessed that I can not think of other regrets with him- (soo thankful for our relationship!). I didn't walk in my graduation ceremony  from DePaul... we had moved to AZ and I was 8 months preg with Harrison & couldn't fly back to IL to walk in the ceremony. My dad was bummed. Very. I just blew it off like no biggie- but now- being the one paying for school & being more "into" my education & seeing what a big deal IT WAS for Matt's undergrad graduation.... makes me view school differently - and there would be nothing preventing ALL of us from going to AZ for grad now... so I am thankful that he can see me walk in graduation from Heaven :)

thankful for this little bundle of smiles, drool, mom and dad combo of spunk and adorable almost red hair. Watching his personality develop and his likes and dislikes are interesting. He does not like to have dirty hands. He does not like to sit still, unless he is exhausted. He is on the go with a smile and drool from the get go. His hair is getting long and has a little curl to it. So so cute. He  likes to be fed his smooshy foods like avacado or banana, not gettin' all messy with it- but he is ok with smooshing frosting from a donut?  He is very vocal & says lots of sounds. Today Hannah had her fingers too close to his mouth- and in they went. She just finished a candy cane...and said that he liked the candy cane juice :) I'm sure he did. GROSS. :)

 Thankful for a super duper deal on this adorable Mr Coffee Keurig Brewer
Little people shoes are too precious right?! Thankful that Hudson is almost walking and will have a need to wear cute little shoes

 Thankful for a fun spin on lunch... carb less meals are blah sometimes... but these mini romaine heads at Costco saved the day - yay for Avocado with Tuna!
 Thankful for a silly sister who is cracking this cutie up!
 Thankful for the kids gym time! When I workout, they do too, and this is them on the car ride home :)
 Thankful for a craft fair date with my mom. Scored adorable bows for Hannah and Gracie, and some homemade baked sale goodies. So old school to have homemade goods right? The money went to the Music Department, which made my mom super happy :) The SMore Cupcakes, had a layer of graham cracker crumbs- TOTALLY amazing!!!

Thankful to watch Hudson interact with his "twin friend" in the mirror. This age is so so fun!!
Thankful for KIWI- such a random power fruit- the fuzzy skin grosses me out to peel- BUT they are packed with health."Since kiwi contains a variety of flavonoids and carotenoids that have demonstrated antioxidant activity, these phytonutrients in kiwi may be responsible for DNA protection. The protective properties of kiwi have been demonstrated in a study with 6- and 7-year-old children in northern and central Italy. The more kiwi or citrus fruit these children consumed, the less likely they were to have respiratory-related health problems including wheezing, shortness of breath, or night coughing."

Have fab week!!
I hope to see some of you AZ friends this week :)
Seeing temps in the 80s back there is making us really excited :)


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