Monday, May 27, 2013


Thankful this week for...
230- School being out!

231- Smiles & Coos from Hudson

232- Friends

233- Healthy Hannah. Just 2 years ago today, we were rushing Hannah to the ER at Children's because her breathing was labored. 9 days later and after 400ml of "gunk" removed from her lung, she was good as new :) A Memorial Day that we truly will never forget.

234- Officer Raetz & Firefighter Harper- both sacrificed their young lives as they served the people of Arizona. The funerals were this week. Pray for their families.

235- Harrison earning "Most Improved" at Soccer Camp.

236- Time to be home to organize and be a domestic diva

237- Double Points time if you use your Nordstrom Debit card!! ( Yes Debit, not Credit!- Genius way to shop- money comes directly from checking, so no interest, and double points until tomorrow- after so many points a Nordstrom Giftcard arrives in the mail! Score!)

238- Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue

239- Finding my heart rate monitor! I love this thing and I have run without it for months and now I can calorie track my runs.

240- Scotty Procopio- my younger 2nd cousin who was killed in action in Faluja(sp?!) in April of '05. Today is the 5K & 10K run to honor him in MA. Thankful for his sacrifice. Thankful for his love for the USA
 Hannah 2 years ago, Memorial Day. SO thankful she has not had ANY other major health issues since.

  Hudson :)
 Hudson & Memere

 The procession for Bradley Harper. Pictures do not do it justice. There were over 100 fire trucks all in a row, simply moving.

 Ready to support Officer Raetz's family as they were heading down our main road after the service.

 Our sweet neighbors, Mia & Sophia.



. May we pray for those who serve us currently and thank a service man or woman today, on Memorial Day 2013.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

gratitude 220-230 & pink pic!

220- Box of goodies from my sweet aunt & uncle in MA! xo One of those goodies included an Ann Voskamp daily calendar!! So so awesome. Yesterdays inspiration: "When my soul doth magnify my time doth magnify..... I am thank-full I am time-full"

221- Awesome week with another aunt from MA!

222- Sleep! Hudson has slept between 6-8 hours for the past 4 nights. I think it could now be the new norm & we are really enjoying it!

223- FINAL countdown at school! 3 1/2 days!

224- Unexpected packages in the mail! Thanks Iowa friends! xo

225- Yet another confirmation of God's will. Seeing His stamp of approval on plans is so so encouraging.

226- Smiles & Shrieks!

227- Body Shop: Grapefruit Body Wash. Ever try it?? Your entire house will be infused with the deliciously fresh odor!

228- Nike running clothes

229- 99 cent iced coffees at Dunkin- for the WHOLE summer apparently!!! Score!!

230- Silent, cool mornings. Perfect for a run...devotions...hymns & coffee.

**Please pray for my friend who lost her cousin in a devastating accident. He was a Phx Firefighter- and was pinned between 2 emergency vehicles during a fire, while the vehicles were repositioning. He was only 23 :( He was just married 6 months :(  Pray that the Lord will comfort his dear wife. So so sad.

Enjoy the small blessings this week. Enjoy Sunday worship time and remember like Ann V said : be thank-full, be time-full. Us mama's need to remember this :)


Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Hudson on Mother's Day

7 weeks today (5-15) and slept 7 hours last night! 6 hours the night before! All in his crib too! So proud of our little man, no crying either. Praying this is not a fluke, but a continual blessing :)

Monday, May 13, 2013


Multitude Monday yet again!

210- Thankful for a wonderful hubby who makes every day feel like Mother's Day ...but went over and above yesterday :)

211- Thankful for Soccer Camp this week and next to keep our little athlete Harrison active and energized!

212- Thankful that my aunt arrives tomorrow!!!!!!

213- Thankful that Hudson slept from 11-5!! and yes our monitor WAS on, very soft but still on, and DEF would have picked up his vocals... I checked on him too often, so tonight I will try and just sleep and rest knowing he IS alive and breathing!

214- Thankful to be on a single digit count down til Summer!

215- Thankful for unity about VBS with people we are working with

216- Thankful that we get to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends in June in WA!

217- Thankful for Hannah's massive balloon surprise she gave me yesterday

218- Thankful for AC!!! Our AZ summer temps are already in triples!!

219- Thankful for slow melt popsicles. GENIUS invention!!!

220- Thankful for YOU! Whoever you are reading this! Enjoy your day!! Thanks for reading!! Be encouraged and uplifted today!!
My fave verse that just got hung on my wall- whatever you do- do unto the LORD.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Thankful for :

201- Weekends!

202- friendships that last through solid and shaky times xo

203- our neighborhood- love love love running by the pretty lake & watching ducks cross the road

204- Crist Family's Song "Lift up the Cross"
"Lift up the cross...share the good news of salvation...multitudes long to know there is hope for their souls...give of your best..fervently seeking the kingdom...overall else..know Christ & Make HIM known." What a powerful challenge to know Christ & Make Him Known every day.

205- 13 1/2 days left until Summer Break!

206- Hudson is now officially a big boy & sleeps far away, in his own room! Last night...brace yourselves... he slept for 5 hours!! I didnt... because I wasnt sure what was wrong with him for sleeping so well & was making sure from 2.5 hrs on he was still alive :) Now that I know he can do it, he will (hopefully!!) from now on :) No sleep training needed!! Praise the Lord.

207- Zoo Dates W Fam

208- Matt's amazing breakfast creation: Choc Whey Protein Powder, Ice, Almond Butter, Vanilla Carbmaster Milk from Fry's, Fresh Strawberries...Blend...Enjoy and be full.. and almost no bad carbs!( an almost carb-less breakfast is my challenge for all of May- any ideas?? Post to my comments! (
And ps I am soo over eggs and the eggy smell our kitchen gets with hardboiled!!:))

209- Blogs

210- Folded Laundry...that was done & folded by someone besides me :) Bliss.

What blessings did you enjoy this week?

See you soon Baboon


Last Football Game :(

 Zachary & Ryan came to cheer! :)

Matching Chevron for Hannah & Hudson thanks to crafty Mimi!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

8 Reasons Kids Learn Best At Home

8 Reasons Kids Learn Best At Home
Wanted to share this encouraging and insightful article I found today.
As we embrace the changes that will come in 2013- and as we have decided to homeschool Harrison, this article was perfect :)