Monday, May 13, 2013


Multitude Monday yet again!

210- Thankful for a wonderful hubby who makes every day feel like Mother's Day ...but went over and above yesterday :)

211- Thankful for Soccer Camp this week and next to keep our little athlete Harrison active and energized!

212- Thankful that my aunt arrives tomorrow!!!!!!

213- Thankful that Hudson slept from 11-5!! and yes our monitor WAS on, very soft but still on, and DEF would have picked up his vocals... I checked on him too often, so tonight I will try and just sleep and rest knowing he IS alive and breathing!

214- Thankful to be on a single digit count down til Summer!

215- Thankful for unity about VBS with people we are working with

216- Thankful that we get to meet new friends and reconnect with old friends in June in WA!

217- Thankful for Hannah's massive balloon surprise she gave me yesterday

218- Thankful for AC!!! Our AZ summer temps are already in triples!!

219- Thankful for slow melt popsicles. GENIUS invention!!!

220- Thankful for YOU! Whoever you are reading this! Enjoy your day!! Thanks for reading!! Be encouraged and uplifted today!!
My fave verse that just got hung on my wall- whatever you do- do unto the LORD.

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