Saturday, May 4, 2013


Thankful for :

201- Weekends!

202- friendships that last through solid and shaky times xo

203- our neighborhood- love love love running by the pretty lake & watching ducks cross the road

204- Crist Family's Song "Lift up the Cross"
"Lift up the cross...share the good news of salvation...multitudes long to know there is hope for their souls...give of your best..fervently seeking the kingdom...overall else..know Christ & Make HIM known." What a powerful challenge to know Christ & Make Him Known every day.

205- 13 1/2 days left until Summer Break!

206- Hudson is now officially a big boy & sleeps far away, in his own room! Last night...brace yourselves... he slept for 5 hours!! I didnt... because I wasnt sure what was wrong with him for sleeping so well & was making sure from 2.5 hrs on he was still alive :) Now that I know he can do it, he will (hopefully!!) from now on :) No sleep training needed!! Praise the Lord.

207- Zoo Dates W Fam

208- Matt's amazing breakfast creation: Choc Whey Protein Powder, Ice, Almond Butter, Vanilla Carbmaster Milk from Fry's, Fresh Strawberries...Blend...Enjoy and be full.. and almost no bad carbs!( an almost carb-less breakfast is my challenge for all of May- any ideas?? Post to my comments! (
And ps I am soo over eggs and the eggy smell our kitchen gets with hardboiled!!:))

209- Blogs

210- Folded Laundry...that was done & folded by someone besides me :) Bliss.

What blessings did you enjoy this week?

See you soon Baboon


Last Football Game :(

 Zachary & Ryan came to cheer! :)

Matching Chevron for Hannah & Hudson thanks to crafty Mimi!

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