Sunday, May 19, 2013

gratitude 220-230 & pink pic!

220- Box of goodies from my sweet aunt & uncle in MA! xo One of those goodies included an Ann Voskamp daily calendar!! So so awesome. Yesterdays inspiration: "When my soul doth magnify my time doth magnify..... I am thank-full I am time-full"

221- Awesome week with another aunt from MA!

222- Sleep! Hudson has slept between 6-8 hours for the past 4 nights. I think it could now be the new norm & we are really enjoying it!

223- FINAL countdown at school! 3 1/2 days!

224- Unexpected packages in the mail! Thanks Iowa friends! xo

225- Yet another confirmation of God's will. Seeing His stamp of approval on plans is so so encouraging.

226- Smiles & Shrieks!

227- Body Shop: Grapefruit Body Wash. Ever try it?? Your entire house will be infused with the deliciously fresh odor!

228- Nike running clothes

229- 99 cent iced coffees at Dunkin- for the WHOLE summer apparently!!! Score!!

230- Silent, cool mornings. Perfect for a run...devotions...hymns & coffee.

**Please pray for my friend who lost her cousin in a devastating accident. He was a Phx Firefighter- and was pinned between 2 emergency vehicles during a fire, while the vehicles were repositioning. He was only 23 :( He was just married 6 months :(  Pray that the Lord will comfort his dear wife. So so sad.

Enjoy the small blessings this week. Enjoy Sunday worship time and remember like Ann V said : be thank-full, be time-full. Us mama's need to remember this :)


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