Monday, February 25, 2013


Thankful this week....
131- for a new (to us) RED suburban! Red is not either of our fave colors, but the Lord def laid a great vehicle in our laps, and the color... red... will work great & keep us safe on the roads. If you don't see us coming, seriously you need some optical help :) We can now ride 8 safely, no more babies after baby boy lol, but at least we can host some friends any time!! :)

132- to attend our 1st Rodeo!

133- that Harrison did a great job in the Sunday School performance this past Sunday & that Hannah just needs to hit her 3rd bday before she too can join the fun. ( This was a H.A.R.D year for her to realize she could not go up on stage with the other kiddos)

134- Pintrest at work! Finally the ban for our school district for "fun" websites has been lifted

135- a great burger party with friends

136-  just 2 more weeks of my crazy intense and oh so complicated Stats class

137- Crossfit! Matt is our guinea pig and will go hard core with this fitness program first and if he survives to tell about it, I will join postpartum.

138- Paleo Diet- to go with the intense workout,we need to clean up our diet. Our food intake is junky and not helpful to our muscles etc, sooo pantry clean out here we come! Any ideas for healthy yet fun kid snacks are welcome :) We are saying so long to sugar...flour... basically anything tasty :( But hoping it transforms us all!

139- 1st football game of the season for Harrison is this Friday!! We are all EXCITED!

140- a new library pass! Why has it taken this long to discover this fab resource!?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Thankful thoughts for this week.. a few days past Monday :)
120- Hannah's new love of the phrase "No Thanks"- We are trying to have her use it at the right times and not when it's bedtime or eating time or clean up time. :)

121- President's Day Family Excursion! We now know NOT to ever go back to the "amazing, has been around for 25 yrs" Renasissance Festival, 2 hours away, but we did enjoy the L.O.N.G ride there together as a family & people watching once there! There is a world of Hobbit people and fairy lovers, beyond the realm that we EVER imagined!! Wowzers!

122- Surprise gift boxes from my aunt & uncle back East! Below are some pictures that capture the kids' anticipation & excitement.

123- Thankful that despite a CRAZY..BUSY...SICK week last week from Wed- Saturday, we are all now healthy and rejuvenated. Maybe we need to visit the crazy Hobbit & Fairyland more often!? :)

124- Good friends to test drive new vehicles with my hubby. (We both know ZERO about father in law is a car sales man- which is super helpful, but we arent in the market for a minivan ...yet... we are hoping for a Suburban or Expedition or Excursion...and our good friend from church sacrificed his whole Sunday afternoon to drive around to give us the low down on vehicles)

125- to piggyback on that, we are thankful that my dad's fast great looking BMW is still driving 247,500 miles later :) But AC -less, and to think of our 3 bambinos in there in the warm spring = child abuse!

126- a very clear sign from work that a move is in our future come end of May... we have friends & family in too many places- so narrowing the state to move is hard, but we think we will be saying farewell to the Grand Canyon State during the heat stroke time :)

127- homeschool thoughts. thankful for convictions from a Godly husband, and for God working in my heart to even think about having the patience and perserverence to teach my own kiddos. Why can I teach 24 strange kids? Yet the thought of my own is pretty daunting!?
The verses about training up a child in the way he should go, and about children learning scriptures at a young age have been convicting us to do more for HIM.

128- Harrison memorized his verses!! He and Hannah are loving their new Sugar Creek movies. We continue to try and tough them out( acting is ummm not there lol) but the morals are, and they love them!

129- No more Cable TV! As of this Friday, we are unplugged! DVD's or Hulu will be our new entertainment should we need or want or find time for it.

130- BOB! Bob - our stroller- bright orange Jogger, which now can be used as travel system, because.....Britax bought BOB- so we have our BOB/Britax matching carseat for our sweety when he is ready to come :)

Enjoy some photos :)
Enjoy the Lord & all He can & will do for you.
 Happy Valentine's Day XO

 We love quiet time & 3D puzzles!

 Our crazy Renaissance Festival fairy :)

Happy Hannah!

 Jousting Harrison!

 Harrison's 2nd Flag Football Practice

 Hannah & her new friend Sophia stay entertained during practice by digging cakes and volcanoes

 And now... the moment they have been waiting for...

 ( still waiting for their surprises from my Auntie Jacki & Uncle Glenn! & notice our new baby girl in the car seat :) )


 MONKEYS! Hannah's fave animal ever!!
SHARKS! Harrison's fave animal ever!!
 Enjoying their new treasures

 Me at 34 1/2 weeks

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Small Blessings

Sometimes the biggest blessings seem so small and mundane.
After enjoying a few more pages in Ann Voskamp's book, it made me realize the small seemingly insignificant joys that surround us.
110- Kids singing Bible Songs while they are both in their own "worlds" riding her bike through t he house and one playing legos. Both enjoying "Jesus Loves Me"  & "Joshua Fought the Battle at Jericho". Precious.
111- 2 Early Release Days this week and No School Monday! Shorter weeks = more fam time!
112- Blue baby gear is slowly overtaking our house.
113- Healthy kicks and flips from our acrobat baby boy.
114-March plans almost done, so in case our precious bundle arrives earlier than anticipated, school work is ready for my awesome friend who is subbing.
115- Harrison's good choices at Children's Meetings tonight.
116- Hannah's hugs when we come in from work/school
117- Harrison's excitement for his 1st Flag Football practice tomorrow. The smile he shared today when he woke up, knowing he just had one more sleep until practice. The prayer he prayed before school today about that "if he isn't QB that he doesn't whine  & that all his new friends will like him & that he will be a good listener to his coach". Love him.
118- The children's obsession for their dad. Beautiful. Some days it is overwhelming and tear jerking. Their love for him is a complete obsession and I value this. Family  & Relationships are NUMERO UNO for us ( And Im sure they are for you too ) and when you see love in action... it is beautiful. When it is in action daily...hourly.. and for the weekends when we are all together... moment by moment... it is just a stop and take your breath away love.
119- My mother in law. Coming to our sitting rescue on Vday.... soo we can SHOP! :)
120-Nordstrom Rack  & Last Chance.

Piaw took our fam picture at Amanda & Shad's wedding in January :)

 Handsome Harrison Allen

 So thankful for a good friend who thought to share her finished massive puzzle with Hannah! She got it preserved and everything! Its amazing!

Toothless Wonder

We Love Legos!


Monday, February 4, 2013

Multitude Monday

101... Japanese candy sent from amazing friends in Chicago! What a super special treat and our kids LOVE getting mail addressed to them :)

102... Making new friends in our neighborhood. Harrison had the best weekend with a new pal!

103... Watching God continue to lead us as we expect big changes over the summer

104... Baby boy Hebert.... We can not wait to meet this active boy! His crib is ready and many clothes have been bought and washed and await his arrival!!

105... Cheese balls...yes the orange crunchy messy kind. The joy they bring to our kids is fun :)

106... Matt's business trip... He gets to visit Atlanta..stay in a posh place just for a couple days but those days which I dread already...will be a mom/son date time. Hannah gets sleepover time with Memere and Pepere...I love spending one on one time with our kiddos. Harrison is growing TOO fast so I realllllly treasure our moments together!

107... Mommy/princess dates at the nail salon and AJs! Her nails are light pink and sparkly. Ohh Hannah.

108... Singing children's bible songs together

109... English laundry shirts!

110... Good friends who not only had us over for a yummy meal but care so much for our kiddos that they got them special drinks and dessert.

The list could go on this week it seems! What blessings. Simple. Some small. But all acts of Gods grace. I hope you enjoyed some too! If not ... Go crunch some cheese balls and you will see a small glimpse of joy ;)