Monday, February 4, 2013

Multitude Monday

101... Japanese candy sent from amazing friends in Chicago! What a super special treat and our kids LOVE getting mail addressed to them :)

102... Making new friends in our neighborhood. Harrison had the best weekend with a new pal!

103... Watching God continue to lead us as we expect big changes over the summer

104... Baby boy Hebert.... We can not wait to meet this active boy! His crib is ready and many clothes have been bought and washed and await his arrival!!

105... Cheese balls...yes the orange crunchy messy kind. The joy they bring to our kids is fun :)

106... Matt's business trip... He gets to visit Atlanta..stay in a posh place just for a couple days but those days which I dread already...will be a mom/son date time. Hannah gets sleepover time with Memere and Pepere...I love spending one on one time with our kiddos. Harrison is growing TOO fast so I realllllly treasure our moments together!

107... Mommy/princess dates at the nail salon and AJs! Her nails are light pink and sparkly. Ohh Hannah.

108... Singing children's bible songs together

109... English laundry shirts!

110... Good friends who not only had us over for a yummy meal but care so much for our kiddos that they got them special drinks and dessert.

The list could go on this week it seems! What blessings. Simple. Some small. But all acts of Gods grace. I hope you enjoyed some too! If not ... Go crunch some cheese balls and you will see a small glimpse of joy ;)

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