Monday, February 11, 2013

The Small Blessings

Sometimes the biggest blessings seem so small and mundane.
After enjoying a few more pages in Ann Voskamp's book, it made me realize the small seemingly insignificant joys that surround us.
110- Kids singing Bible Songs while they are both in their own "worlds" riding her bike through t he house and one playing legos. Both enjoying "Jesus Loves Me"  & "Joshua Fought the Battle at Jericho". Precious.
111- 2 Early Release Days this week and No School Monday! Shorter weeks = more fam time!
112- Blue baby gear is slowly overtaking our house.
113- Healthy kicks and flips from our acrobat baby boy.
114-March plans almost done, so in case our precious bundle arrives earlier than anticipated, school work is ready for my awesome friend who is subbing.
115- Harrison's good choices at Children's Meetings tonight.
116- Hannah's hugs when we come in from work/school
117- Harrison's excitement for his 1st Flag Football practice tomorrow. The smile he shared today when he woke up, knowing he just had one more sleep until practice. The prayer he prayed before school today about that "if he isn't QB that he doesn't whine  & that all his new friends will like him & that he will be a good listener to his coach". Love him.
118- The children's obsession for their dad. Beautiful. Some days it is overwhelming and tear jerking. Their love for him is a complete obsession and I value this. Family  & Relationships are NUMERO UNO for us ( And Im sure they are for you too ) and when you see love in action... it is beautiful. When it is in action daily...hourly.. and for the weekends when we are all together... moment by moment... it is just a stop and take your breath away love.
119- My mother in law. Coming to our sitting rescue on Vday.... soo we can SHOP! :)
120-Nordstrom Rack  & Last Chance.

Piaw took our fam picture at Amanda & Shad's wedding in January :)

 Handsome Harrison Allen

 So thankful for a good friend who thought to share her finished massive puzzle with Hannah! She got it preserved and everything! Its amazing!

Toothless Wonder

We Love Legos!


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