Monday, February 25, 2013


Thankful this week....
131- for a new (to us) RED suburban! Red is not either of our fave colors, but the Lord def laid a great vehicle in our laps, and the color... red... will work great & keep us safe on the roads. If you don't see us coming, seriously you need some optical help :) We can now ride 8 safely, no more babies after baby boy lol, but at least we can host some friends any time!! :)

132- to attend our 1st Rodeo!

133- that Harrison did a great job in the Sunday School performance this past Sunday & that Hannah just needs to hit her 3rd bday before she too can join the fun. ( This was a H.A.R.D year for her to realize she could not go up on stage with the other kiddos)

134- Pintrest at work! Finally the ban for our school district for "fun" websites has been lifted

135- a great burger party with friends

136-  just 2 more weeks of my crazy intense and oh so complicated Stats class

137- Crossfit! Matt is our guinea pig and will go hard core with this fitness program first and if he survives to tell about it, I will join postpartum.

138- Paleo Diet- to go with the intense workout,we need to clean up our diet. Our food intake is junky and not helpful to our muscles etc, sooo pantry clean out here we come! Any ideas for healthy yet fun kid snacks are welcome :) We are saying so long to sugar...flour... basically anything tasty :( But hoping it transforms us all!

139- 1st football game of the season for Harrison is this Friday!! We are all EXCITED!

140- a new library pass! Why has it taken this long to discover this fab resource!?

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