Sunday, June 25, 2017

6.25.17 Washington Week II & IL Fun

Thankful this week...

➽for Madison's salvation. This sweet 8th grade grad, trusted Christ last week!

➽for new friendships in WA

➽the love and tenderness and prayerful support of dear friends

➽Harrison : How is this kid 12?!

➽Hannah continuing to learn scripture, thank you Hoys and your fun incentives of learning the verses and thank you Auntie Jack for the pink creative bible that has her coloring in verses

➽Hudson and Harrison's bonding time with Carson. How is our ring bearer now our babysitter? Love it!

➽for signed & notarized work documents, making my Hawaii teaching job #official

➽that we had an impromptu yard sale, which allowed us to meet some neighbors. And gave us chat time with our mail man. He had seen a box of tracts by our door, which we were too lazy to put in our trunk one day or maybe like a week ;), and he never had a chance to ask us if we were believers too. He is, and we shared our testimonies. How amazing ... just a few hours outside ... available... no agenda other than praying all our junk disappears, and that ... just being available... gives God the chance to work... and to allow for meaningful conversations... it really spoke to me... of course 1 month before we move we have these talks and develop relationships...but we pray we can bring this sense of stillness and availability with us to Waianae.

➽for a new summer read " The Meaning of Marriage" by Timothy Keller.... one of Matt's trailer mates in WA is engaged and was reading it... and many of the "aha" moments that spoke to Jay, were shared with Matt... which were shared with me and inspired me to read it.. although we have been married nearly 13 years- we need all the encouragement and tips and sound biblical advice to make ours the best, selfless, exciting, dedicated, fun  marriages ever! One of my fave parts so far is : the entire will of God for our lives- in two great commands- to love and live for God rather than ourselves and to love and put the needs of others ahead of our own {Matthew 22:37-40}, pg 63.

πŸ’ŸWashington Week II

 Jay enjoying lunch at our fave farm stand.
 Hannah the berry picker... Thank you Wolter and Tina for sharing those!

 Teen time, each night before the meeting
 Special cabin time with Reuben

 Their love of cheese balls must be because they're both July 22 birthdays :)
 Water park fun! Lake Chelan

 Tent meeting
 Hannah's fun VBS group
 How sweet are the Hale's?! Hawaiian themed dinner !

After meeting antics
 Lunch bunch

 These two ( and of course Hannah)... are so very very special. XO
 All packed up from Okanogan.... at the Seattle Port, ready to say Sea Ya Later to our white car.... We will meet again at the Honolulu port!

 Mod Pizza all to herself. Yum.
 A dream come true.  To enter a little girl's paradise... friends... dolls... toys galore... Thank you so much Kazen fam for lovin' on her so hard! She had SO much fun!

 Happy Birthday Quinn!
 Flower pics from my sweety!
 Exploring God's amazing creation! Ice Caves! Thank you tour guide Dennis!

Meanwhile.... back at  the Kazen ranch, Hannah was loving the mini water park set up!
 Oh Mr Phil. I love you! This guy, every year has had great blonde jokes for me... and how I missed his wit and humor this year!
 These texts come in at 1am my time... she is ready to be home and can't wait to board!

Airplane selfie! And THEY'RE HOME SAFE!!! Year 6 in the books. Thank you Lord. What a blessing for them to have gone and served. What a blessing for them to be home sweet home!

                                                                     Illinois Fun
 6-16: Donuts with Dad

 More Cooper and Hudsie baseball fun! πŸ’™
Happy Graduation Nathan!!

 Cars 3 Date {Love this movie!!}
 Loved the sermon from our visitor last Sunday... verse 29... Come... and verse 32 ... And when they were come... the wind ceased... Thank you Lord for the perfect sermon. At the perfect time.
 These clouds on Sunday were just too much!

 Thankful that my amazing dad celebrated another Father's Day with his Heavenly Father.
Although he was super hard to buy for, I loved the challenge & totally miss that & him... a ton.

 Add this to your summer read list!

 That Sunday, when naps didn't happen, we get some sensory time in the back during the service.

 Last week of School! Monday is our annual zoo trip! Love these kids!

 Shameless Graduation Day selfie
Thankful for this snuggle bug to hug hard after graduation

 Thank you Memere and Pepere for Harrison's birthday shopping moola!
 Harrison's biggest fans. XO
  Good bye birthdays with toys .....Enter all the latest and greatest gadgets!
Thank you Dusty and Mila! He will use it to Skype you often from Hawaii :)

 This is Harrison's first year here for the All Stars! Normally he misses the last 8-10 games of his season due to Washington adventures... this year he was picked to play on the All Stars.. which fell on his birthday! Way too much fun!
 Love how brave Cooper's mom Gina is. She comes to the field just for fun, even when her son doesn't play...  and thankfully we ran into her!
 Cooper and Hudsie had another 2 hour muddy fun date!

 Of course he passed out. Always does. 😴
 Harrison's fans joined us for birthday smoothies and apps at Joy Yee. So thankful for these teens. They could have been doing ANYTHING else on a  Friday night... yet they spent their time with us, to make big H feel like a million bucks. So crazy thankful. πŸ’•
We literally are on fumes.... we as in ME ... this mom is ready for a HUBBY and PRINCESS to return so very badly....So Dunkin is the 1st stop of our early Saturday... on our way to cheer on Tan man at Vball!!

 Thank you sweet neighbor Diana- she dropped off Lithuanian birthday delicacies for Harrison and us to enjoy.
 1st Playoff Game! Cubbies take a W! Thank you Auntie and our lucky charm Al!

 His baby blues. His long lashes. That toothless drooly grin. So much love for this little dude. πŸ’™
And again... baseball games... in the sun... with lots of food and muddy fun make for an exhausted Hudsie. πŸ’ž