Monday, June 12, 2017

Mahalo Chi town

This week has us thankful for such an amazing 4 years in the windy city. ❤

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We are beyond excited for the next chapter of His story, in our lives, and would value your prayers love and support as we move our fab 5 to Oahu.
We are excited to just be saying YES to the Great Commission... Go into all the world
 * even pineapple paradise with sun and rainbows and flip flops 24/7/365*
 and preach teach and baptize...
With this  burden to help & serve, along with a burden to reset our family's pace, and enjoy our gift of life .....we pack up, just 2 suitcases each, ship our vehicles, and like my dear granny said "Go with God".

There are many unknowns that will await- but we leave those with our Heavenly Father who knows about every single one... and we ask that you will pray for us as we say tearful goodbyes to close work colleagues, my favorite group of little people here at Wadsworth, dear believers and our family...

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{ We will be living in Waianae, God willing }

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  1. So obviously I was a little behind on my blogs when I texted you! Totally missed this post. 😂 I feel like Hawaii holds a special place in our hearts....and I'll never forget when we all vacationed there together and had the best time. Hopefully that will happen again and you will be able to show us the work that is happening there! Many prayers for you!